Wednesday, January 17, 2007

traffic jams....

For my first blog ever, i will bitch about the thing that get on my nerves the most and that is TRAFFIC JAMS (besides those bimbo girls who currently are overflowding in my college but thats another story for another day).

If there's one thing that could dampen your spirit before you even start the day, its getting stuck in traffic. Morning traffic. the BIGGEST bitch of them all. ARRGHHH!! i can't stand morning traffic, because of it you have to the leave the house like 45 mins earlier than you should coz if you dont then screwed lah. late for class and your lovely lecturer gona make you pay for it. And no sir im not talking about you, im talking about someone else. Your class are awesome. Please give me an A. =D

Then there's the going home traffic which is just plain beautiful. Add in a couple of road accidents which all the drivers using the Highway JUST HAD TO slow down their cars to gawk, and it become amazing. Yes, thats right. The going home traffic is amazing. One of the great wonders of the world. I mean really, with all the time i spent there, i could actually, by genius calculation actually make the trip around the world twice. Yup, with all the time that i spent on the Highway. Simply amazing, dont you think?