Monday, December 31, 2007

This looks like a good beginning...

I'm back from China. That was what the hiatus was all about. I went to China.

So now I have been to Tia Na Men Square, the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, climbed the Great Wall of China in five layers of clothing because its friggin winter in Beijing and bought a shitload of Beijing Olympics 2008 memorabilia so that I can lie to people that I have been to the Olympics later on....the Constantly Dramatic One is now home. Back in Malaysia. Where icy wind is not blowing in my face and I don't have to step out of the house concerned about the fact whether or not my five layers of clothing is enough to keep me warm.

...and now I'm sick.

I'm having a fever and throwing up and since today is New Year's Eve and I'm puking all over the place I have opted to stay home and sleep while the rest of the hip people celebrates and party the night away.

2008 is indeed starting out with a bang.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Christmas

Blog Hiatus

A very Happy Christmas to everyone!

See ya'll next year!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Chicago in pictures: Part 1

I finally dragged my ass to upload the photos. So here you go, the first batch of my Chicago trip. I took bout 700 photos all together (2GB memory card people, 2GB) so count yourselves lucky I am only putting up 54 of them. Feel free to comment on my non-talent when it comes to photo taking.

The Constantly Dramatic One sucks donkey balls when it comes to taking pictures...and uploading them.

Mom and dad, Gate 43, LAX to Chicago.

My brother, you know..the one behind the white dude.

Speeches after speeches, felt like I was going to die out of boredom.

Ahhh, family portrait (minus 2 daughters).

We rented this apartment in Chicago coz its cheaper as compared to staying in a hotel. My parents stayed here the whole time we were there while I crashed at my brother's place coz he got wireless.

The Chicago Tribune headquaters near Michigan Avenue.

Michigan Avenue at night. This place is awesome. Basically Chicago's answer to LA's Rodeo Drive.

John Hancock building (on the right) day view. Also on Michigan Avenue.

The John Hancock building night view. You can't see the top of it coz it was all foggy. Pretty creepy, made me think of The Twilight Zone.

Still Michigan Avenue. I think this is a really cool picture. Notice that everything else was out of focus but "The Westin"? Talent bitches, I has them.

The drive towards Chicago downtown (or was it uptown...I dunno). Foggy and cold and so different from home.

The Drake Hotel. Build in the 1920s. Two of my idols have both had suites in them. And when I say idols, I mean Al Capone and Marilyn Monroe. I did not get to check out the world famous lobby but to be near it is better than nothing.

View of the Drake Hotel from the outside.

Victoria's Secret on Michigan Avenue.

VS's revolving door. WHEN THE HELL IS VS GONNA BRANCH TO MALAYSIA? Malaysian women are deprived of your awesomeness. Please come soon, please. And don't forget to bring lots of pretty, silky bras in my size.

Even the fitting room was awesome. A small screen embedded into the mirror featuring the VS angels cat walking down the runway. Shortly after this, a salesgirl came in and started groping me to make sure what my cup size is. Usually I would have huge afflictions against getting groped but seeing that I was in a VS fitting room...I didn't really mind.

Again: VS come to Malaysia already. We Malaysian women and I'm sure the men too are deprived of you.

My brother's place. I wasn't kidding when I say its messy.

The building are pretty much art deco. Made me really happy.

Dude, the parking fare in Chicago is insane. I bitch about having to pay a RM3 per hour parking but goddamn, look at these rates. Made me thankful that I only have to pay RM3 instead of 22.....

My second batch of photos would be of the Chicago Art Institute, Navy Pier, WICKED on Broadway in Chicago and other stuff we did there. I hope I have already bored you to death now.

Please do come again.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dramatically brilliant

I have been tagged by Kerp who openly said "people under the age of 25 are a bunch of idiots". Uh huh. He did. Get the pitchforks and track him down. MWAHAHAHAHAHA! But he did and now he tagged the Constantly Dramatic One to try and make up for that. But to tell you the truth...I agree with him. They mostly are stupid. Except for me. I am dramatically brilliant.

1. Name one person who made you laugh last night.
My dad.

2. What were you doing at 0800?
Facebook stalking.

3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
Late breakfast with Mom and Dad.

4. What happened to you in 2006?
A lot of things. Entered the ultra bitchy world of private college...nothing I cannot handle though. I am after all a Convent girl. Went to Turkey, went for a hot air balloon ride, went to watch my first musical and dance on stage in front of over 1000 people. No bad eh?

5. What was the last thing you said out loud?
"Nanti sekejap lagi adik kemaslah Mak!"

6. How many beverages did you have today?
Water, coffee (2 cups), milk and pink lemonade.

7. What colour is your hairbrush?
Which hairbrush? I have 3.

8. What was the last thing you paid for?
The dry cleaning for my coat.

9. Where were you last night?
My aunt's place for
Raya Haji.

10. What colour is your front door?

11. Where do you keep your change?
My Nine West purse.

12. What's the weather like today?
Hot and humid which is much better than dying of cold.

13. What's the best ice-cream flavour?
Peppermint chocolate chip from New Zealand Natural.

14. What excites you?
Men in uniform.

15. Do you want to cut your hair?
No growing it into the length of the Vidal Sassoon classic bob and dying it either purple or maroon next year.

16. Are you over the age of 25?
No. But I am not an idiot...contrary to what some people might think. The Constantly Dramatic One is dramatically brilliant.

17. Do you talk a lot?
Clearly, you do not know me.

18. Do you watch the O.C?
No. I hate it with a vengeance. I loathe the actresses and their 0 percent body fat bodies and their thighs that do not jiggle when they walk. Skinny anorexic bitches.

19. Do you know anyone named Steven?
Yes. A total bore. He doesn't read my blog so I can say that.

20. Do you make your own words?
ALLLLL the time.

21. Are you a jealous person?
Nope. I just get even.

22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'A'.

23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'K'.

24. Who's the first person on your received call list?

25. What does the last text message you received say?
"Woman, did you take my MAC lip gloss? I can't find it."

26. Do you chew on the straw?

27. Do you have curly hair?
No. Wavy-ish.

28. What's the next place you're going to?
Lavanya Bridal to get my eyebrows threaded. Indian bridals are the best at threading.

29. Who's the rudest person in your life?
Munkao. We share a love/hate thing.

30. What was the last thing you ate?
Nasi Himpit

31. Will you get married in the future?
Not before the age of 31 and only once I own my own place, car and a career I could be proud of.

32. What was the best movie you've seen in past 2 weeks?
Stardust . Watched it 3 times in a row on my flight home. Charlie Cox is indeed a fox.

33. Is there anyone you like right now?
Please refer to number 32.

34. When was the last time you did the dishes?
In Chicago. I stayed at my brother's place and it was kinda messy. So I did his dishes, made up his bed and straightened his place up a bit because it was irritating me.

35. Are you currently depressed?
No not currently. But I could later in the day. Its call mood swings.

36. Did you cry today?
No. But pop in 'Singin in the Rain' in the DVD player and watch the waterworks go overtime.

37. Why did you answer and post this?
Because Kerp would say I am a bad sport if I don't. Kan Kerp kan...? =p

38. Tag 5 people who would do this.
Son Son
The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch

Friday, December 21, 2007

Facebook & Family MUST NOT mix

Ok, brother's girfriend wants to add me as a friend on Facebook. This is not good. I have....incriminating photos in there that must never be seen by any of my family member's eyes.

She adds me --> she knows what I do --> she tells my brother =
The Constantly Dramatic One is screwed.

I cannot not add her coz I know her and get along well with her but if I add her...Oh God. Limited profile is no good either. this is how screwed feels like...

Under my non-existing Christmas tree

Christmas is around the corner and every time I think Christmas, I think that Hugh Grant movie Love Actually. Now that's one of the ultimate feel-good-movie there ever was. I never receive a Christmas gift which is no surprise coz I don't celebrate Christmas. That doesn't stop the Constantly Dramatic One from loving the holiday seasons though. There's just something in the air. So with that thought in mind I present to you the Constantly Dramatic One's wish list. Notice I did not specify which gift list...could easily double up as...*cough* birthday list *cough*. Ahem.

Things I would like to find under my non-existing Christmas tree:

Miss Dior Platform Pump
Doesn't' this just remind you of those heels Barbie used to wear from back in the day when we still play with dolls?

"Rock the Boat" dress that I have been wanting for over a year now. A WHOLE YEAR. From

The 10th Kingdom miniseries

Boston Legal (Season 1-3)

The Great American Pin-Up

So...hint hint....

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Pop culture psychology

"I've always believed that readers choose favourite characters who either remind them of themselves or who act as they wish they could."
Kazuya Minekura

I was soo crazy about the Harry Potter series back in the day that I was...well there was no better word for this - Obsessive. Its a good thing that I wasn't living in the UK or I bet you my ass I would have definitely been one of those insane fans that stalk their idol. Dude, I would have totally stalked JK Rowling. Seriously. I would. I even Google Earth her house. I kid you not.

Anyway my favourite character out of the series wasn't Harry or Hermione but Ron Weasley .

The reason why I loved Ron so much was because I saw so much of me in him. Back in the day I was jealous, sarcastic, hotheaded and I was always stuck in someone else's shadow. I can always relate with Ron and how he felt about needing to prove himself to his family. Everything that Ron did would never be something new, one of his brothers would have done it before him and done it better too. Its the curse of the youngest child. Always coming second and living in someone else's shadow. And I can relate to that. I can still relate to that but now that I am a little bit older and becoming my own person. I no longer feel like I am living in anyone else's shadow...well, not as much as last time anyway.

And then came the angry phase. The everyone-hates-me-nobody-loves-me phase. Its called being a teenager. Enters Carmen Lowell of Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. Angry, bitter, dramatic and all around pissed off. Goddamn. I was her.

This woman threw a rock through her dad's window. I threw a paper weight across the room and shattered my mirror (not one of my proudest moment mind you) but you see the similarity? She hurt herself, so did I. She planned to run away from home, so did I. And the only thing that holds her together wasn't her family but the friends she had. The similarity was so close that my friends who read the book would tell me that when they read it, the can't get my face out when they think of Carmen.

These days I don't really see myself in any of the books I read (ok maybe with the exception of Becky Bloomwood) but lately people who are close to me have been saying that a certain TV character is reminding them of the Constantly Dramatic One. Intriguing. Who?

Wilhelmina Slater of Ugly Betty.

Amusing how the Constantly Dramatic One managed to come all the way from finding similarity with a sidekick to having similarities with a scary leading villain. I don't think I am Wilhemina though but waaaay too many people have pointed it out. So for the benefit of a doubt, I say maybe a little bit. When I am pissed off. And being bitchy. And sometimes...the Constantly Dramatic One can be a little bit.....uuhh...scary. At times. I stress - at times.

But if you asked, I rather be Amanda
. She is sooooo deliciously bitchy.

Seriously, I would build a shrine and worship this woman.

Selamat Hari Raya Haji

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha to every Muslim in the world.

Which reminds me... I have yet to replace the days I missed fasting during Ramadhan. Chech.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

So...its still in LAX

This luggage thing is bugging me more than I want to admit it.

MAS did called me and said that they found my luggage. Its in LAX still. They were also kind enough to mention that seeing that its holiday seasons and things are hectic, many luggage were left out and MAS airline alone have four contena of luggage in LAX waiting to be transferred. My luggage are there somewhere...along with my CK jeans. This is bullshit. At least I am thankful that they actually found the whereabouts of my luggage. That's better than nothing. Now its just a matter of sending them back to Malaysia.

I am thankful. I will not bitch. I will not bitch about how incompetent they are. I will not bitch about how ridiculously disorganized they are. I will not bitch about how stupid they are. I will not bitch. I am thankful. I will not bitch.

Stupid fucking bastards.

Monday, December 17, 2007

the Forest of Lost Luggage

There are many things that I wanna blog about regarding Chicago. I was thinking about what I was gonna blog about on my 14 hours flight from LAX to Taipei...that is until I got tipsy on white wine at 10,599 meters above sea level - after only two of those measly tiny glass that they serve you on board. Pathetica. But now what's with my luggage and all my other worldly precious belongings are missing, the Constantly Dramatic One does not have the heart to impart her misadventures and revelations while spending time in a foreign land.

I should be thankful that I reached Malaysia safe and sound and that my plane did not crashed. When one is suspended in air, one is constantly aware of one's mortality. And I should stop being upset...after all those are just things...but dammit!! I have two pairs of CK jeans in there that makes my butt look so good that people would discuss my butt in hushed tones, argue amongst themselves regarding the splendor that is my butt and finally agree that yes, Indeed my butt should be put alongside Beyonce's and J.Lo's butts in the Great Butts Hall of Fame...But now with my luggage one would discuss the awesomeness of my butt in hushed tones, no one would argue amongst themselves regarding the splendour that is my butt and there goes my shot at being featured alongside Beyonce and J.Lo in the Great Butts Hall of Fame....

Also the other stuff we bought for my sister for her wedding. Her 'hantaran'. Hantaran is a sort of dowry for Malay wedding and it comes in gifts. Of course part of those hantaran are the Nine West shoes and the Coach bags I mentioned. Also the Victoria's Secret perfumes I bought as souvenirs for my close girlfriends are in the those bags. And now, my girls have nothing from Chicago. This sucks donkey balls.

Maybe there is a lesson to be learn here.

Maybe this is God's way of telling me not to curse so much and that I must not consume any alcohol seeing that I am Muslim and we must not drink at all. Or maybe there was someone who smuggled cocaine into my bag at the airport to be transferred into Malaysia and its a good thing that I did not get my luggage coz once customs finds the cocaine in my luggage I will be sentenced to mandatory hanging....Mayyyybe...or maybe this is just my way of justifying things and trying to erase the guilt I felt and the absolute crushed look on my sister's face when I told her that both of the luggage containing her hantaran stuff are missing. Maybe.

Positive thinking wants me to believe that I will get my luggage sometime soon. Realistic thinking knows that my luggage have ended up in the Forest of Lost Luggage. *cue pic*

And there's nothing much that could be done...

Sunday, December 16, 2007 summation...

Trip was fun.

Chicago have a thriving arts and culture scene, it was awesome. Seen 3 actual,
DADA movement pieces. Stood in the same room with Monet's Water Lilies. Went to watch WICKED# on Broadway in Chicago - dreams do come true. Buried the hatchet with my brother. Touched snow for the first time in my life. Got mistaken for a Mexican 'chica' twice. Now owns my very own Varga Girls imitation pin ups. Took flight home alone but all 3 of my connecting flight was delayed so a 21 hour journey home became 28. Insane experience. Got back to Malaysia, fucking airport lost both of my luggage that contains 6 pairs of Nine West shoes, Coach handbags, Victoria's Secret lingerie and my cupcakes underwear. Threw a bitch fit in KLIA lost and found office thus intimidated airport people.

Tired and jet lag. Will go to sleep now.

The Constantly Dramatic One is back. Bitches.


Called the airport, still no sign. Though I do not know whether its a good thing or not that the rest of the NINE people who were on the same flight with me who also lost their luggage have not gotten their luggage as is that a bad thing? Or a good thing? I'm not sure. What I am sure of is that I wanna go to KLIA and burn down every MAS airplane there is.

Yes. I have anger issue. You do too if the damn airline lose your luggage.

Also, I dunno how this is possible but apparently I have put on weight within the span of 10 days I was there. Duuuude...I put on weight. Fuck. I'm fatter now than I already was. This is bullshit. I am hitting the gym tomorrow.

Now if you are my friend and you know me outside of the blog sphere and if we do meet up later on, please do not point out that I have gain weight because such comments are unappreciated and unwanted. And yes, I'm talking to you Trix.

Thursday, December 06, 2007


Blog Hiatus

The Constantly Dramatic One is off on vacation in Chicago.

Blogging will resume in two weeks time as I return back to Malaysia on the 16th. Then flying off again to Beijing this time on the 24th. So there shall be blogging in between.

But just in case I got too tired (read: lazy) I would like to wish everyone an advanced

Happy Christmas!

But before that, this is a little parting gift for ya'll.

His name is Michael Fassbender. I will touch him...intimately. All over. And willingly let him do the same to me...and now with that image in your head, the Constantly Dramatic One would like to wish you an advanced

Happy New Year!!

See you in 2008.

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Lately Dramatic Musings have been getting more traffic than usual, like seriously MORE than usual. We are talking by three digits grouping here instead of the usual one. So that made me wonder: like what is going on? I mean yes, blogging is all bout fulfilling one's narcissistic need but when the traffic flow come from nowhere and in abundance; some questions have to be asked... and answered.

Now apparently the Constantly Dramatic One's bitchy outburst regarding some politicians bashing her precious alma mater have been posted and linked and circulated on the net. Which is pretty amusing really. Apparently a lot of people are thinking that that is one hell of a piece and that I have written and that I am now the mouthpiece for this issue.


Saying that however and putting aside that I am a Drama Queen, I think that this is getting out of hand. People, people... the Constantly Dramatic One appreciates the attention and the comments and most especially the traffic but seriously, I have to stress that this is getting out of hand. Understand that the post that was written was just me bitching about things I have found to be annoying and insulting to me. Now if you just would just skulk around my blog you would find similar posts, in the same tone about something or another that irritates me.

I bitch a lot. That's how I roll.

Now, I want to take this moment to point out that, that particular blog post, you know...the one that bring all ya'll here... That is just me, expressing my views and disdain towards something that I found repulsive. Its just that. Opinions. And its great that people are agreeing (some are criticizing, but hey its not like I am holding out for universal popularity) with me on this matter but the linking and the posting and the whole circulating-round-the-web thing has got to stop because its getting creepy. Seriously.

Thank you to everyone who have came my way and found pleasure in what I have written hence simultaneously stroking my ego. Thank you to them who have found what I have written amusing enough to be linked and posted elsewhere - a little bit more traffic is always good. But now I have to ask ya'll to stop coz seriously, this is getting out of hand. And creepy.

I cannot stress how creepy it is.

Now I shall bid you adieu, but before that let the Constantly Dramatic One points out that one scathingly bitchy blog post is not going to change the world. It does however, makes a good read.

Anything bitchy always is.

Monday, December 03, 2007



Sunday, December 02, 2007

Of joy and sadness

My Dad likes to say that the first time he met Mom, it was love at first sight. She was waiting at the bus stop and he was on his motorcycle waiting for the light to turn green when he saw her. "And that's when I saw your Mom, in her tight kebaya, looking pissed off and bothered under the sun. She looked beautiful."

My Dad then proceed to wait across the street everyday from the bus stop so that he can have a look at Mom. I pointed out that this was in fact an act of stalking and he was in fact, stalking her. He said he wasn't stalking but being romantic. I say stalking. He maintains on romantic. We got into an argument. He threatened not to give me any more money for shoes.

The Constantly Dramatic One agrees that it is indeed romantic.

It was a week before he had the guts to ask her out. It was a whole month before she finally agree on going out with him. It was a year later that they were married. And this month, on Dec 6th 2007 its going to be 27 years since all that.

My parents received a whole lot of opposition when they were starting out. Mainly because Dad was engaged to another girl when he met Mom. To be fair it was family arranged, and to be fair the girl he was engaged to also had a beau of her own. In any event my Mom was seen as a troublemaker by Dad's family and his whole family hated...actually they still do hate her but that's another story for another day.

They almost didn't make it my Mom and Dad...Dad was so desperate he suggested that they should elope but that didn't happened because before they could do anything about it, the girl my Dad was engaged to eloped with HER beau. Kinda solve the problem for my parents. Lots of drama right? Now you people know why I'm so dramatic. Totally runs in the family people.

Anyways what I'm trying to say is that after all these years my parents are still together and going strong. I like the way how Dad calls Mom from the office just to hear her voice everyday for the last 27 years. I admire the fact that Mom won't eat alone no matter how hungry she is, she will wait for him to come home from work to have dinner with him. I love how they still go to the same A&W they used to have dates on some Sundays. It makes me smile how they still hold each other's hands when they're out together.

So why am I talking about this? It could possibly be because their anniversary is coming up also could possibly be the fact that my older sister just told me that she is getting married next year.

On one hand I am happy for her but on another I am sad because my older sister is leaving me. I'm all very mixed up now. Instead of joy, I am overwhelmed with sadness. Weddings are not supposed to be sad especially when your sister comes home all glowing with happiness and telling you that you are the first person in the whole world to know that she's engaged. She wants you to be the first person to know coz that's how important you are to her. No, this is supposed to be the occasion to be remembered and celebrated and shared. Look at Mom and Dad, 27 years now so yeah, this could work....but yet...

I am worried. What if the guy she is marrying turns out to be a huge jerk? What happens if he starts hitting her and my sister ends up becoming a statistic? There are sooo many possibilities here, both good and bad. I prefer to pay attention to the bad so that I can go ahead resenting the guy for taking my sister away from me....childish? I know....... But on the other hand she could end up with a guy who loves her the way Dad loves Mom. She could end up with the type of marriage our parents have. Or she could not. But what she will definitely be is some one's wife and someone else's sister in law.

No longer exclusively my sister anymore.

In any event, putting aside whatever it is my emotional conflict over this... I hope she finds the kind of joy my parents found in their marriage in her own. I really do.

Saturday, December 01, 2007



That gorgeous creature you're looking at is my friend, Sharin. In these parts of the blog sphere you might know her as Cheesecakeerian. As it turns out she has been chosen as the top 25 gorgeous women by one of Malaysia's esteemed fashion and lifestyle magazine FEMALE (the other top 25 are obviously guys). But to be the number one MOST GORGEOUS FEMALE in Malaysia, she needs your vote. So this is what you gotta/need/have to/must do:

Option 1: By mail

Buy the actual copy of the magazine and there will be a pull-out of 50 GORGEOUS PEOPLE 2007 (as shown above). Its only RM8 people. Very cheap. In the pull-out there will be a form telling you how to mail your vote. Just follow the instructions and you'll do just fine.

Option 2: Online voting.

Go to and vote.

Sharin is contestant number 37 and this option would be particularly great for those of you living abroad.

Option 3: SMS

Type: FM<>50G<>YOUR NAME<>YOUR IC NUMBER<>CONTESTANT NUMBER (In this case type 37)<>SLOGAN (why you think she should win...Sharin said its completely ok to BS so I say go crazy, and the <> thingie is for space, don't actually type that in) and send this to 33668.

Each sms will cost RM1.

Now if you wanna know more about who Sharin is... or as we know her here, Cheesecakeerian just check out her blog. She is linked to mine, just click on 'Cheesecakeerian'. Also if you're on Facebook, just click on the title of this post and it will take you to the Facebook group TEAM SHARIN has created for her. So what are you waiting for? Join the group and VOTE!

Every vote counts!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Final exam.
Shit scared.
No more posting.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kidney for sale

You know how people have something in their lives, some memories that they have that defined a moment in time of their lives? Yeah...I have that.

Mine is the Spice Girls. Scoff all you want at that but the Spice Girls was defining factor in the Constantly Dramatic One's childhood. Ahhh...any of you who was around back when they were huge could remember how Spice Mania took over the world. The girls was all over, you can't turn on the radio, TV, newspaper and even billboards without seeing or hearing them. They were huge and I think that not a single band has come close doing what the girls did back in the 90es. This is a fact. If you disagree than I am sorry for you.

Because you are wrong.

Back in the day all the girls had a character of their own. Posh, Ginger, Baby, Sporty and Scary. Who did you think connected the most with the soul of this 12 year old?.....No....Any takers?

Before the Constantly Dramatic One becomes all dramatic, before she found a footing in the world...the Constantly Dramatic One was Scary Spice. Fuck yeah. Scary was all about the attitude, the big hair, the tongue piercing. Damn, she was my Idol. Saying and doing everything that I want but can't. I had a whole wall devoted to her, well the rest of the walls of course had all the other girls but one wall, the one with the Best lighting, that was only for Scary. She was special. My other half.

Back in the day.

I bet you have heard of the Spice Girls reunion tour kicking off on Dec 2nd, this coming Sunday in Canada. The 12 year old in me is crying out in utter sadness of not being able to see them. I would do anything to get a front row ticket to any of their gigs. Seriously.

I have 2 working kidneys, I do not drink or smoke. I do however consume an ungodly amount of coffee. What I'm trying to say here is that I would trade my left kidney for a Spice Girls reunion tour front row ticket. People, I am not kidding here. I am dead serious. Any takers? Know anyone that would be interested? Let them know and contact me.

Anyways, Spice previewed their revamp single at Victoria Secret's fashion show the other day. Check it out. It has everything that the Constantly Dramatic One loves: Vintage glamour, great music and damn man, memories. I remember the days I used to go to friends house after school to practice the routine to this song. Ahhh...good times.

And yes, I have watched the video above 12 times and realise that I still know EVERY word to the song and I can still be a backup dancer to this song...Wow, all those years dancing around in front of the TV to their video clips finally paid off coz I got to type that line up there.

Now if you have forgotten, or maybe have never know how Spice Girls were back in the day, the following commercial would refresh your memory of their cosmic fame in the 90es.

And now another commercial for Tesco with the Spice of today.

Cool right? Different too. From girls to hot smokin
MILFs. I especially love Victoria's part and Geri definitely the best actor. And for some reason or another Mel C is all ladylike now. This is the chick that used to do high kicks and cartwheels in every show people. I wonder if she will do it still....Emma, looking lovely and not annoying at all. She used to irritate the hell out of me coz of her "Oooooouuu look at me! Look at me! I'm sooo cute" attitude. Blow me. Guess she grown up. And Mel B? Nothing scary bout her, just classy now.

They're all women now.

Spice, now and then.

They have made the transition from girls to women.

Just as the Constantly Dramatic One have done.


The kidney offer still stands.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Game. Set. Match.

Term finals starting on the 1st and ending for me on the 4th. Then term break until Jan 14th NEXT YEAR.

Let the good times roll.

Though I am stressing for the finals and I can't seem to go on sleeping for more then like 2 hours or so without waking up and sleepwalking to my book, my exam stress is pretty much under control. Scared shitless, getting migraines and lost of appetite but nonetheless, exam stress is pretty much under control. Hey, its not like I'm puking all over the place now am I?

Anyways it had been a....tame term. Yeah nothing exciting happened really. Made a new friend I can really click with, discovered 3 people in college I really care about, them he-bitches that made my life hell in the previous term have left, and the bitches that I hate that are still around are leaving next year. Good clean term. Nothing out of the ordinary. Tame. Normal. Mundane....Kinda boring. Kinda sucks ass but yeah, ok. Whatever.

Then the 2nd last week of the term rolled in and here comes You and your Sidekick zeroing in on the Constantly Dramatic One. The plot thickens. Bitchiness baits were lowered waiting for the Constantly Dramatic One to bite. Icy glares exchanged. Snide smiles directed. Underhanded comments abound. Ahhh....

Game. Set. Match.

Welcome to Girl World.
Only the bitchiest survive.

But thing is huney, I didn't bite did I?
Coz your timing is lousy. Loooousy.

Why woman? Why the 2nd last week of the term? Why? Why can't you be all bitchy to me in the middle of the damn term? When I was bored out of mind and all emo bout becoming an
adult and all that? Why? I would have welcome your bitchiness as an amusing distraction but now seeing that it is the last week, I am not gonna play that game with you. 3 days to go? I know you're good in this game and so am I, but seriously, even with you and me combine we can't create enough drama in 3 days time. Lousy timing.

Boo, you whore.

But maybe...maybe if we would to end up in another class next term and you still feel threatened by my presence onto your existence and if I have nothing else to do with my time, then yes, I'll bite. The game have been set anyways... and one player is already in. Up to me if I wanna play this with you but if I do then that means I actually have to pay attention to you and acknowledge your...

So the only question left...
are your worthy of my time and attention?

..........................I think you are.

Game. Set. Match. 2008.

See you there.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Oh no bitch, you DID NOT just say that about my school!

This is going to be a semi-political post that might or might not get me thrown into ISA but I am willing to take the risk because I am pissed off. Indeed, I am.

I have long given up in reading the newspapers and watching the news because in Malaysia, democracy is just a charade and the media is a political propaganda tool. There's nothing more to elaborate there. To keep myself updated what I do is I peruse through these political blogs and read about the news written by bloggers with credibility. Today I stumbled across
this over at Malaysians says the darnest things! and it pissed the hell out of me.

Apparently in the Parliament, some exceedingly brilliant gentleman, the representative of Parit Sulong (where?) have nothing to do with his time and nothing to do in his community that he had to point out that mission schools in Malaysia, such as Convent, La Salle and Methodist have crosses and statues representing the Christian faith in them. These crosses and statues must be demolished.

Well no shit Sherlock.
Its called mission schools. Built by the British back when they invaded Malaya.

Also he pointed out that these schools have strong Christian influences and apparently sing "church songs" during school assembly.(FYI: Those are hymns, not songs).
And shock and horror!!- apparently Malay-Muslim parents send their children to these school as well!! What is the world coming to?!!

Then his sidekick, an even more incredible genius of a man, the representative from Sri Gading (bitch, again - from where?) have to butt in and mentioned that apparently "a father have alerted him that these missionary schools are not close during Raya". Raya is Eid Mubarak; as in the main festival celebrated by Muslims.
Bear in mind, Malaysia is an Islamic nation.

Not close during Raya? Right....

Ok listen up geniuses, I am a Malay woman. A Muslim-Malay woman and my parents sent me to be educated in SRK. Convent Klang and then, oh nooo they didn't stop there. They then sent me to my high school: SMK. Convent Klang. That's right bitch, I'm a Convent girl. A Muslim-Malay woman educated the Convent way.

When I went there, there was never a moment where we were made to sing...what did you called it again...right "church songs" during assembly. We did read prayers but it was the Islamic prayer that we read weekly at the assembly while the other students who weren't Muslims stood in silence of respect to it. Did they other students have parents alerting the Parliament members about how the have to stand in silence when the Muslims were saying their prayers? No.
Perhaps its a little thing called religious sensitivity or maybe because they were shit scared of idiots like you who are in the Parliament talking about Islamic supremacy.

This is a pic of SRK. Convent Klang. As off 2007 the school is 79 years old making it 29 years older than Malaysia. If you look at the top part of this pic, you can see two mosque domes behind the cross. This pic could easily be used to show the tolerance of religions in Malaysia. How ironic.

Also calling into the demolishing of the crosses and Christianity artifacts. Where I went to school, we no longer have a church in it. The church have been converted into the hall and where the altar where the people used to pray, a stage have built over it. There were no crosses at all though on the walls where they used to hang, one can see the outline of Jesus Christ. When the school was repainted, all that gone missing. So what is there to demolish? We do have a giant cross in front of the school but it never bothered us. It is a part of the British/Malaya heritage, it is a part of Malaysian history. Demolish that? Demolish a part of our country's history just because you are an uneducated prick that have no religious tolerance?

Fuck you.

You are not above history.

And then about the 'Raya' comment....Dude, that shit is not just stupid. It is BEYOND stupid, I don't even have a word to comment on that because seriously, you have created a whole new level of stupidity here. What kind of BS is that, that the school is not closed during Raya? You think that there would be no heavy media coverage of that if that ever happened? Stop talking mindless shit. It is embarrassing. If anything at all, Convent gave more holidays. We get day off during Good Friday while the other kids go to their non-mission school. You don't hear no one complaining because who would say no to a day off?

Oh look ma! Christian architecture! Tear down the school now!

These mission schools, Convent, La Salle and so on and so forth are not just schools. They are historical landmarks that have been around before Malaysia achieved her independence, back when she was Malaya instead of Malaysia. The fact that they have Christian identity is undeniable because the title itself is 'mission schools'. Demolishing them or trying to hide their identity is stupid because the very act itself is telling us to turn our back on history. The fact that so-called Parliament members have to make up stories to make these schools as if it is out there to convert students are false and unfounded. Further more it is also offensive and hurtful for those who have been in those walls and know such accusations are false.

The Constantly Dramatic One is all about school pride after all.

Religion is a set of beliefs. You choose what to believe. Just because you think your religion is better than other peoples' does not give you the right to condemn and push your religion onto them.

Last time I checked, we promote this country to the outside world as a country where people of different races live harmoniously and without conflict. Last time I checked, we are a country that is proud of our religious diversity and sensitivity. Last time I checked, this country wasn't run by a bunch of idiots with the Taliban-mentality.

But we all know that's all bullshit right?

UPDATE (DEC 4th 2007)


Update (Feb 23rd 2008)

If your cyberspace handle happens to be Omooney, please go here.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Random rantings

Cops have to stop doing roadblocks all the damn time. People have places to be at. You goddamn sons of bitches.

Having sex with your own mother isn't cool. It wasn't cool when I read it in old Roman/Greek history/mythology. And it still ain't cool when you put it in a play, no matter how much you rationalize it. Get that
Neil LaBute?

I have to hit the gym more often seeing that I have the energy of a koala.

I might have a problem. Am overspending. Is borderline shopaholic. Need help.

Final exams next week. Know nothing. So fucked.

People have to start feeding me cupcakes.

You have been fake numbered

I fake numbered a guy the other day.

I gave him my number but changed the last digit to something else.

When I got home, I gave the number a call. Out of curiosity.

A girl answered the phone.

I feel guilty now.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

8 Random things regarding the Constantly Dramatic One

I have been tagged by both Cheesecakerian and 3kc. Awesome, I never been tagged before...which is kinda sad. But anyways I am supposed to list down 8 random things about myself. So here goes:

1) I cannot function without coffee. I can't.I go through at least 3 cups of coffee everyday. I am not a coffee elitist, I do not just drink the ones from Starbucks only, I drink the 70 cent ones from Mamak too. I do not discriminate when it comes to coffee. I have a dream. One day I would be rich enough to travel the world and sample coffee from every corner of the world.

2) I find men in uniform incredibly, incredibly sexy. Especially firefighters. Military comes next. Every time, anything war related or fire was mentioned on the news, the first thing that crossed my mind is "That's hawt." Recently in the news they mentioned that Turkey is going into war or something and all I could think off is how sexy the soldiers going to look in their uniforms..I'm ashamed of myself. People are dying and that's all I could think off.

By the way, this dude is a Turkish soldier with the Turkish Air Force. I went for hot air balloon ride conducted by the Turkish Air Force when I went to Turkey last year. This guy...smokin hot. He got an ass made of granite. I could tell...*drool*

3) I am obsessed with Benefit cosmetics.

4) For some reason or another Black & White movies make me feel all nostalgic. Which is strange because I am too young to experienced The Hollywood Golden Era but yet I yearn for it. Movies these days...they are not like the ones they make back in the day...

5) When I was a kid I was bullied a lot. And it wasn't until I was 9 that I had a proper friend. Back then I used to cry into my stuffed toys and cling on to my books because they are the only friends I have. The only ones that do not call me by horrid names. Now things are better and no one bullies me anymore. But I still sleep with stuffed toys and treat my books really well. It hurts me if anyone do anything harmful to them because before the world accepted me, stuffed toys and books were my only friends.

6) I have roadrage.

7) I own 41 designer perfumes and 27 pairs of shoes. I am working diligently in increasing those numbers.

8) I cry for stupid ridiculous stuff. I cry for Hallmark commercials. Chinese New Year commercials. Raya commercials. Christmas specials. I'm so fucking sappy, I could slap myself.

I am tagging Elfie, Sticks, Gypsy, Lalat, Son Son, Ninja Walrus and whoever else that wanna do this. Go crazy.