Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Blog Hiatus

Hello Drama Lovers, this is going to be my last post for a while. Dramatic Musings is goin on a little hiatus. On accounts that my sister's akad nikah (wedding registration) is this Friday. So its like a mini wedding. Mini wedding that would involve about 200 people...and all to my house..........uurrrghhh.......

See in the Malay culture we have the akad nikah ceremony and then we have the actual wedding ceremony like the next day or the day after. But seeing that my family is a bunch of rebels, we're not doing like that. My sister is only going to have her nikah ceremony this Friday and the actual ceremony in November. On accounts that her fiance is in the process of getting a job abroad so they need to be legally married to get the spousal visa and all. Its too much to explain. So they will have the ceremony in November, after they come back from the 6 months trial period with the company.

In any event, we're having a little pre-wedding/after akad nikah dinner on this coming Friday. And when I say little, I mean we're expecting bout 200 people. Relatives, close friends, cliques and its only 200 after we cut off so many people. I have a huge family. Mom has 8 sibling and some of them already reached the 3 generations mark, Dad has 5 siblings and same story. My relatives alone has brought up the number of guests to about 80ish. This is not including the groom's side. And friends. I'm only allowed to invite 3 friends. Eeeevil. The other day I drove Mom to MPK coz we need to get the permit to close the road. Yes, we are closing the road since there's gonna be five canopies erected for the guests. Almost as long as the road itself. And no, the Constantly Dramatic One is not exaggerating. I wish I am but I'm not. You have no idea how stressed my family is now.

So its this Friday. There is so much left to do. Wedding jitters. Unfinished stuff. My outfit looks like crap. So many things can go wrong on that day. We are going fill up the house with fresh flowers, like all over the place. Plus candles. I'm afraid that someone would knock over the candles and burn down the place. I told my mom to stock up on fire extinguishers. But we don't have any. I'm nervous.

This is the first wedding in my family. HUGE DEAL. I'm shitting bricks right now. The catering might fucked up. More people would show up than expected. My sister's beautiful wedding dress goes into wardrobe malfunction. My bastard cousins hitting on my smokin hot friends. Kids would knock over the candles and burn down my house hence I would would be homeless after the wedding. I trip down the stairs, landed on my face, suffer through internal bleeding and die. Possible case scenarios.

Sooooooo nerve wrecking. Soooooooo very nerve wrecking. Uuuurrrrrgghhhh.

Will be back on next Monday.
With nikah photos.

Fo sho'.

P/S: Is it me or the Internet have been incredibly shitty lately?

Love is her dress

Okay before anything else, did you guys saw the Oscars last night? I saw the live telecast at 10am Malaysian time. I'm not gonna make any comments about the show other than the fact that I'm thankful Keira Knightley wasn't there, I hate her snooty face but I luuuurrrrvvvve, lurrrrrrrrrrrrrveeeeeeeeeee this dress. Best Actress winner Marion Cotillard is also the best dressed. Check it!

So exquisite. So different. So Old Hollywood Glam. I love love love luuurrrrrrrrveeeeee!!!! Damn, I wish I could wear this for my sister's wedding. I will wear it all the time. To class, to the gym, when I go frolicking around in the sun. Everywhere. And then at night I take it off, hang it on its shrine and worship its fabulousness.

I would totally do that. Seriously.

Monday, February 25, 2008

I'm sorry. Is this an audition for 'Showgirls' that I do not know of?

Nipple Slut has got nothing on you. Seriously.

Bitch, what the hell was that? Its a public speaking presentation. Not a fucking stripping audition for
Showgirls. See, I checked the course outline that it says this week we are all supposed to go in front of the class and give a presentation. There was never a mention of stripping in the course outline.Right, ..........stripping. In class.

What in the blue fucking hell is up with that?

I remember you mentioned once to me that you dress like this, so that one day when you get married only your husband would get to truly appreciate the glory that is your body. Maybe in the middle of sex he will just start singing 'Your Body is A Wonderland' because you kept it hidden for so long and he is the only one that could ever, in your entire lifetime gets to appreciate it. Kudos. I give you one point for dedication and another for being a hopeless romantic. I wish I am but I'm waaay too cynical about that. Plus I also secretly pity my future husband seeing that a whole lot of people have seen my boobies. I like to wear lowcut tops okay?

So anyways moving on..... was it really necessary for you to strip down from that to this:

(Albeit, the model look waaaay hotter than you and less vulgar.)

in front of the whole fucking class? You are talking about male/female interactions, what the hell was up with the stripping? You want to grab attention. You did bitch. But guess what, no one was listening to a word you were saying. I thought Nipple Slut was bad, you huney is the Queen of Hypocrisy. At least Nipple Slut never hides the fact or talk about undressing only for her husband. She is skanky and she never hides that. At least she is honest and that is something you are clearly confused about.

You huney, has lost it all today. You might think that you were being radical and sexy, I have news for you. There is a thin line between sexy and plain out trailer trash skanky. You have crossed that line and you are so far out that the line is a dot to you. I might go around in my miniskirts and sometimes my bra strap pokes through my top but I never stripped in front of the entire class or walk around in religious robes proclaiming that only my yet non-existing husband can look at my body.

Hypocrisy is ugly and come to think of of it, so are you.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Pornography? Here?

Apparently some dumbass from Ireland stumbled upon my blog. Apparently that dumbass also thought that Malaysia is a Middle Eastern country. Apparently this dumbass has added my page on Stumble Upon under the Pornography category.

Like WTF?

First off if you wanna categorize this blog, it should go into Bitchy Rantings, not pornography. Dramatic Musings is not a sex blog. I would like it to be but unfortunately for you and even more so for me, the Constantly Dramatic One is sexually deprived. It comes with being single. And Muslim.

Pornography? What the fuck is up with that?

Second of, Malaysia is not a Middle Eastern country you stupid piece of shit. Just because our main religion is Islam does not make us a Middle Eastern country. It's a South East Asian country. We are talking whole different continents here. I'm sure that in you backass country they actually teach Geography. Or maybe they don't. Seeing that all you Irish ever do is get shitfaced and get your collective fugly asses kick in bar brawls.

See generalization. I am generalizing that all Irish are a bunch of useless drunks that gets into fights all the time because they are a bunch of uncivilized alcoholics.Just like the way you generalizes that we are a Middle Eastern country. And all of you lot, including your women look like this:

Generalizations is an annoying bitch ain't it?
You Irish dumb fuck.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Boobies. I has them.

The other day as the Constantly Dramatic One was sitting with friends on Level 4, talking shit, cursing the slow internet connection and stared in wonder at the laptop's screen after finding out that the damn college administration had banned Facebook from being accessed when something fascinating happened. A chick walked past. Now there's nothing that amazing about her. She just another random chick that happened to walk by. But the thing about this particular chick is that perhaps she is having some kind of problem in the undergarment department. I'm thinking she have not got the right bra for her.

Her breast wasn’t that big and she wasn't walking to attract attention but she was nonetheless walking. And with every step her breasts bounced. And with every bounce almost all the male eyes in the room was on her. On her breasts. It was like some kind of a ping pong game and they were just fascinated by her breasts. And I was fascinated by them. Here was this chick, minding her own business, wearing a polo top and jeans and she hold all the male attention in the room. Just coz her breasts bounced.

So I look down to my breast and I was like "Hello lumps of fat on my chest, what is this power that you have that have got the men all so fascinated?" Of course my breasts couldn't reply so I sat there for about a minute or so just staring at my own breasts trying to figure it out. I bet it was fucking weird if anyone saw me do that. And then out of sheer curiosity I turned to my guy friend Ali who was sitting next to me and asked him point blank "Hey, how come men are so fascinated by breasts?"


"How come men are so fascinated by breasts?"

He blinked. I stared. He mumbled something I couldn't comprehend.

"So.....how come?"

"I dunno, maybe because we don't have them?"

"I don't have a penis, I don't stare at some random guy's penis all the time."

"Uhhhh.....well I dunno!"

"Okay.............. why?"

"Uhhhhh....fuck. How do I explain this to you? Uhhhhh....hhhmmm....uhhh...."

"So you dunno why you do it?"

"I know. I just need to tone it down for you."

Tone it down for me? Tone it down for me? Holy crap. I bet it's vulgar.

Fortunately for him we were interrupted by a bunch of our friends joining us. This matter wasn't finished though. Today we were having a cafe to help raise money for the victims of snowstorm in China when the matter came up again. And now it wasn't like one on one. A bunch of us were sitting together when Ali said "Hey, CD why don't you ask the guys what you asked me the other day?!" Like in front of the whole fucking group. There was like six guys and they wanna know what is it that I wanted to know coz Ali was being a bitch and making it sound so lewd and they were all staring at me.......... so I asked.

The reaction was hillariously funny. Ali started grinning like a fucking idiot, Jatin got all shy, Sathya had a deer in a headlights kinda look on his face, 3kc started giggling, Cheesecakeerian was observing like a detached scientist and Tinesh on my right exclaimed "Oh crap." loudly. And then Tinesh came up with "Because they are covered up all the time!" to which Cheesecakeerian replied "But some girls just walk around without covering them!" Then Jatin open his mouth, trying to explain, but no words came out. He just kept on opening his mouth and closing them, unintentionally doing a brilliant impression of a dying goldfish.

And then Ali the He-Bitch was like "We dunno!! How come you like ass so much?!" Fucking loud okay. Fucking loud. There were people walking by, the he-Bitch.

"I dunno!"

"Well we dunno why we like breasts either!"

"Hey I asked first!"

"Doesn't matter who asked first! It's the same answer.We dunno, and you don't either."

So now, this whole question has become like that stupid Chicken and Egg question. Which came first? The chicken or the egg? No one can really answer it. But damn, I am curious okay. What is the deal with breasts? What?! So dear Drama Lovers, maybe you can come up with your two cent. For pure scientific purposes of course. Satisfy my curiosity. Breasts are just lumps of fat on a woman's chest. They can produce milk given the circumstance but other than that, they are just lumps of fat. What is the big deal? Seriously.

And oh my ass fascination? Yeah, I totally have an explanation for that but I won't. Because even after toning it down, it ain't that kind of blog.....

Monday, February 18, 2008

You made a what now?

So today I was in college right.... I mean that's what I do, the Constantly Dramatic One is a college student. I was dressed like a college student, I was carrying college books, I was thinking of my assignments when I received a text message from a friend saying that they all hanging out at the study area. Basically the study area is the 4th level of the building where students go to chill in between classes. Plus it's fully air-conditioned and has wireless. Good times.

When I got this message I was at level 1 meaning I have to climb the damn stairs to get to level 4. Usually I opt for an illegal ride on the emergency elevator but today, today I was channeling 80es Jane Fonda and I wanna feel the muscle burn. Yes, I will. I will feel it burn as I drag my giant ass all the way from the 1st floor to the 4th floor. Feel it CD, feeeeeel it buuuurrrrn.

By the time I got to third floor I was basically huffing and puffing and there were too many goddamn stairs. I was cursing it under my breath when I heard a thud and there was a cry from some chick. Apparently some chick has fallen on her ass. Yeah, okay. Funny shit but it happens. I bet her ass is hurting but I was too preoccupied with the pain in my kidney when I heard what she said next:
"Ouch! I made a boo boo!"..............................................................................................................................................................................


What in the fucking blue hell bitch?!!! You made a boo boo? I almost trip up the stairs listening to your impressive vocab! I almost made my own boo boo. Are you seriously fucking with me? Excuse me? You made a boo boo? What the fuck?!!

Okay let's recap. Bimbo landed on her ass. Bimbo hurt her ass. And then she proclaimed to her friends that she made a boo boo?...............................Excuse me? I am in college aren't I? Where there is actually a grade point average to be qualified to enroll? And you said you made a boo boo? Whhhhaaaaaaaaat?!!! Seriously listening to those words coming out of your mouth has lower my IQ by 78%. I am amazed that I could even type this shit out right now.

I look at you and I'm thinking you're what? 19? 20? That means you are old enough to have your reproductive organs to be working. That means you are old enough to actually expend your vocab while you were living your life in the past 18 or 19 years or so. I mean, this is just guessing work but I'm gonna make an educated guess that in the past 18 or 19 years or so that you would have pick up something to read. Like a cereal box.

Seriously. What kind of piece of shit remark is that? "I made a boo boo." I understand that you might be embarrassed seeing that you landed on your ass in front of people. I understand that you feel the need to cover that embarrassment. Unfortunately your need to cover your embarrassment is that for you to act cute. And for you to act cute is for you to use babyish words like that. Sweetie, I got news for you. Once you hit the 10 year old mark, using the phrase "I made a boo boo" is no longer cute. It just makes you seem retarded. While we're on the topic, did you Father drop you on your head when you were a baby coz that would explain things.

And also it wont pissed me off to the core knowing that the girls that I share my tertiary education with are a bunch of weaklings that like playing it dumb to get guys attention. So you fell down, it’s embarrassing. I get it. Pick yourself back up, says it hurts and then hold your head up high. Don't be a fucking retard by using dumbass words like that.

Today I am embarrassed to be a woman. You know why? Because of you. Because of your need to act helpless and cute when shit like this happen. Feminism is set back by decades by bimbos like you who likes to play dumb. And while we're at it, lemme guess your role model is Jessica Simpson right?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stuff in my bag

I stole thing tag from Evie ages ago, we're talking way before the Chinese New Year and I still haven't got to it. On accounts that I am lazy. Plain and simple. The tag states that I need to list down six items in my bag - I say screw that. I wanna put up everything on the net coz on top of being constantly dramatic I am also an exhibitionist. But you know that already so here goes!

I took a pic of the stuff in my bag for your reading pleasure.
Dedication, I has it.

Item the 1st:
My orange Braun Buffel purse. To tell you the truth I don't really like it but Mom got it for me coz she thinks its funky being orange in colour and made out of leather. So now I lug around a purse that made out of a dead cow. It is very good though because its big I get to put in a whole lot of stuff in it and trust me, I have waaaaay too many discount cards. Its bright in colour so I don't lost it in the depths of the huge bags that I like so much. And its made out of leather so its tough. My mom is Mrs. Practicality.

Item the 2nd:
My ancient cell phone + extra battery (just in case). My phone is a Samsung SGH E 600C. When I bought it 4 years ago it was RM1,200....its probably around RM400 now. The only cool factor it has is that that it has a phonecam other than that - nothing. No mp3, no Bluetooth, nothing. But I have no intentions of replacing it. Its still in good condition and I'm not one of those gadget freaks that constantly need to update their phones. As long as I can call and text I'm good.... coz you see, the Constantly Dramatic One is old skool like that.

Item the 3rd:
Car keys. Self explanatory.

Item the 4th:
Sunglasses and well, glasses. Sunglasses are a must to shade my eyes while driving plus I can't drive without glasses anyways because I am nearsighted. I am so screwed if I forget to bring my glasses. Once I had to drive home without my glasses and that was without a doubt one of the scariest experience of my life.

Item the 5th:
Lipstick casing. I always have my lipbalm and whichever lipstick that I'm using in the case. Then I will have a lipgloss that matches the colour of the lipstick along with me. So my lipstick application steps are:
1) lipbalm to moisten the lips
2) put on the lipstick
3) the last step is to put the gloss in the middle of the upper and middle of the lips for that extra glamorous look.

Item the 6th:
Pepper spray. To spray any guy who wants to mess with me in the balls. Yes. In. The. Balls.
Because it's sure as hell burns there as well.

Item the 7th:
Umbrella. This is a necessity because the college I go to only have open air car park. The umbrella is truly needed to protect my precious skin from the burning sun and to ensure that I do not get screwed if it starts raining.

Item the 8th:
Notebook. To jot down random thoughts throughout the day, make a list, pass notes in the class etc. Plus the cover is cute.

Item the 9th:
Current reading material.

So there you, stuff in my bag. And I'm sorry Evie to dissapoint but unfortunately I don't have a kitchen sink in my bag.And yes, that's my bedsheet you're looking at. It has hearts on it. I know. Pathethica. I'm not tagging anyone, feel free to steal it if you want too.

Friday, February 15, 2008

OMG!!! Its an air raid!

I am so contemplating to call the cops right now. Seriously. The goddamn cops. But last time I checked, the Constantly Dramatic One is not a citizen of the Unites States of A, I am Malaysian and here we just don't call the cops on each other. That's just not how we roll but goddamn I want to.

I had what like the loveliest sleep for a long time when I was woken up of what sounds like things blowing up. I woke up in panic because currently I am reading The Diary of
Anne Frank and I think it entered my subconscious because I swear to God that I thought I was in Holocaust Germany and we are having a goddamn air raid. Well.....it wasn't. It turns out that some kids down the street decided to finish off the fireworks from Chinese New Year. They decided to start playing it at exactly midnight. Dude, when you are dreaming that you are Anne Frank living in hiding and terror from being sent to the gas chamber - trust me on this - you will be shitting your pants waking up to the sound of things blowing up.

So now they're still blowing shit up. It is so goddamn noisy. But I think this is another part of the Lunar New Year celebration that I am too ignorant to know of. Maybe its Chap Goh Meh today? I dunno. All I know that its noisy and I am so damn sleepy. And its Thursday night for fuck's sake! If it's Friday night its still okay. I have places to go to tomorrow bitches. Important things to do.

I'm going to go watch smokin hot Clive Owen in Elizabeth: The Golden Age and that is important okay. It has been ages since I salivates after Clive. Its a fucking 11am show and I want to watch his sexy ass in period costume. This shit is important. What if I couldn't wake up and NOT be able to catch the show? Then to whom am I supposed to have my lewd thoughts directed to if not Clive's sexy ass in period costume?
Huh huh huh??????!!!!!

Update (Feb 16th 2008)

I have been told that the fireworks wasn't some pesky kids needing a good spanking. It was actually the religious/cultural affair for the Hokkien community who celebrates their Chinese New Year on the ninth day of the Lunar Year, also known as the Pai Ti Kong. The Constantly Dramatic One apologizes if I had made any kind or unintented racist remark out of my ignorant, dramatic ass. My bad. On that note if you still pissed off about this than well, you know my email.......

Thursday, February 14, 2008

At least I'm not dead......

"One February evening in North Chicago, seven well-dressed men were found riddled with bullets inside the S.M.C Cartage Co. garage. They had been lined up against a wall, with their backs to their executioners and shot to death. With the exception of Dr. Reinhardt H. Schwimmer these men were mobsters working under the leadership of gangster and bootlegger, "Bugs" Moran. Within a few seconds, while staring at a bare brick wall, these seven men had become a part of Valentine's Day history: the St. Valentine's Day Massacre."

Nothing like a little crime history to put things into perspective................

Happy Valentine's Day everybody.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Extreme dependency

It doesn't make sense. Seriously. It doesn't.

I woke up at 4am to study and I procrastinate like fuck and did the actual studying only when the clock chimes 7.20 ish in the morning. Let it be known across the globe that the Constantly Dramatic One is a Master Procrastinator. So when I woke up at 4am I had a cup of coffee of which I wasted on procrastinating and then before I started studying I made myself another one, then I made another one at 9ish. So that's 3 cups of coffee, black no sugar no milk coz that's the way I like it, before its even noon. And the next thing I know I woken up to the sound of the phone's beeping coz there's a text massage from Cheesecakeerian asking if I'm already in college. This was round 10ish. The quiz was qt 12 so I didn't miss anything.


How the hell did I managed to fall asleep after 3 cups of coffee? It makes no sense!!

Ohmygawd, maybe I have become like one of those people who drinks so much coffee and now it has no affect whatsoever on them. I have grown immune to coffee! The horror! What the fuck? How am I supposed to get anything done without coffee? I need it. I cannot function with it. I mean, I mean, I mean....oh shit. This is freaky.

3 cups and I'm still sleepy? Fuccccckkk.....

You know maybe I should throw out the coffee grounds. Yeah. Maybe it's a bad batch. Yeah......I'm gonna get a new batch. Strong one. Strong and bold. One cup can guarantee me like 36 hours without sleep. Yeah.......I mean, c'mon, seriously, I mean this is freaky. No shopping I can still cope with but an existence without coffee is just fucking pushing it.

For future references.....

Note to self for future references:

When you come back from class from an extremely tiring day in college with the knowledge that you NEED to study because you have a 10% quiz tomorrow- which you haven't even started to study yet...do not say to yourself "Oh, its okay. I just go to sleep first and wakes up at like 4am to study."

Bitch, it never gonna happen.

On that note it is 4am and I am not studying. I'm blogging. This will not end well.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Magazine cover? Moi?

Check out what I found!! I stumbled upon this site while I was just mucking about in my natural habitat. By natural habitat I mean cyberspace. Seriously this is fun and for now its free because it's not famous....yet.

So since they let me put my mug on the cover of fake magazines so I'm gona shamelessly promote them on Dramatic Musings, as a token of my appreciation.

My display pic is Vogue material. Oh so glamorous.

Another Vogue worthy cover, this was taken when my sister and I went on our Turkey trip at the end of 2006.

Spot me! I was lying on the deflated hot air balloon. Oh yeah, the Constantly Dramatic One been on a hot air balloon ride. I mentioned that before right? This was in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Life. And a pic of my ass. Niiiicceeeee....

Hey this really could pass as a Cosmopolitan cover.

My pin up girl belongs on this one.

And so does this one!! Love how her face fits nicely in the "O".

So go to MagMyPic and have fun too....Hey, its not everyday we can appear on magazine covers.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Jim Carrey should not have nude scenes

I just watched the movie The Number 23.

I don't get why so many people criticize it for being crap. It's not that bad. It tries to be clever but in the end it all falls apart. The first half was good, the second half of the movie felt rushed and contrive. Also its kinda disturbing that it involves a whole lot of sex scenes. Jim Carrey sex scenes. You read that right.

Jim Carrey. Sex scenes.

When you seen Jim Carrey's ass thrusting out a couple of times, trust me on this; you will lose faith in humanity. My fucking eyes hurt.

But I'm not here to talk about the movie. Or the fact that the Constantly Dramatic One is now scarred for life from seeing Jim Carrey's white skinny ass in multiple sex scenes, I'm here to talk about the ending.........At the end of the movie you see the Bible reading from Numbers 23:32 .........

"Be sure that your sins will find you out."

I guess I'm fucked then for I have sin.
And seen Jim Carrey's ass. Multiple times.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Year of the Rat

First of Happy Chinese New Year everybody!!! And since this is after all the year of the rat I therefore present to you the cutest rat I have ever laid eyes on......

Isn't he just a cutie?

Now lets see the characteristics of Rat people:

"Being the first sign of the Chinese zodiacs, rats are leaders, pioneers and conquerors. They are charming, passionate, charismatic, practical and hardworking. Rat people are endowed with great leadership skills and are the most highly organized, meticulous, and systematic of the twelve signs. Intelligent and cunning at the same time, rats are highly ambitious and strong-willed people who are keen and unapologetic promoters of their own agendas, which often include money and power. They are energetic and versatile and can usually find their way around obstacles, and adapt to various environments easily. A rat's natural charm and sharp demeanor make it an appealing friend for almost anyone, but rats are usually highly exclusive and selective when choosing friends and so often have only a few very close friends whom they trust."
(Thank you Elfie for letting me be a friend).

On that note, I can crush any Rat people with no problems whatsoever. You know why? Coz the Constantly Dramatic One is a Tiger. Not just a Tiger, but a Fire Tiger. And that's just how we Tigers roll.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

China in pictures: Part the 2nd

As promised- the second batch of China pics. I'm totally doing the whole photo blogger thing these days. The first batch was mostly in Shanghai and this other place called Suzhou .This batch however were all taken in Beijing.

This was the part of the trip that I was most excited for. We took the train from Suzhou to Beijing. The journey took 14 hours but it was a whole lot of fun. We had our own rooms and although it wasn't that fancy but it was an experience. Now if you read this blog long enough, you know how the Constantly Dramatic One has a weakness for classic, black & white movies and in those movies they usually have scenes in trains and for me it was like a throw back to the Hollywood Golden Era to be there.

The whole time I was in the train I kept checking if somehow Cary Grant just happened to be on board as well. He wasn't. On accounts that we were in China and that minor thing of him being already dead. Though I kept on checking if he was on board but I swear to God if I did saw him on board I would most definitely shit my pants.

What you're looking at is a pic of our bunker. Its messy coz well, it's my bunker.

The view from my bunker. Sis slept on top and I kept on kicking the top mattress just so I could piss her off. It was very comfortable sleeping in the train because it was rocking all the way and you felt like you're a baby sleeping in the cradle all over again.

This was the best part. When you slide the door closed, there's a huge a mirror behind it. The mirror is exactly opposite the window. Whatever view of the outside scenery was reflected on the mirror so that was cool and beautiful at the same time.

They had a mini restaurant on board but it was all over-priced. Not surprising of course. And it was quite irritating that they stocked up more on the alcohol than mineral water.

This view of the restaurant. All the time I was in the train all I could think of was that particular scene in North by Northwest. You know, the part when Cary Grant's character Roger O. Thornhill said to Eva Saint Marie's character Eve: “The moment I meet an attractive woman I have to start pretending I have no desire to make love to her”. To which she replied “What makes you think you have to conceal it?"

I adore that movie.

This Trolley Lady was another irritating thing on the train. The only thing she was selling was bacon or ham or any variation of a dead pig. I'm hungry and I don't do bacon ok?

Say it with me "Variety".

The first place that we visited as soon as we reached Beijing was the Summer Palace. It has some very interesting history regarding a Dowager Empress called the Dragon Lady who ruled China with an iron fist.

These are poems and stories about the Dragon Lady drew on the floor of one of the courtyard of the Summer Palace. Apparently it's an art form of some kind and as soon as it dries off the people would draw it again on the floor. Another story, another poem but all about the Summer Palace and the Dragon Lady.

This was the longest hallway in the whole of Summer Palace. As you can see there are paintings on the beams and on each beam there is different painting hence a different story.

People in Old China had waaaaaay too much time on their hands if you ask me.

We went to see the Pandas! Goddamn pandas were cute but so damn lazy. All they do is sleep all day long. I was ooohing and ahhhing coz they were so cute but when I stood there for 15mins and still no movement, yeah that's when I got irritated and wanted to drop kick every panda there was.

No wonder they're facing extinction....lazy mofos.

Whenever I think of my ass, I think of this panda's ass and it makes me feel a bit better. My ass has got nuthin on that panda's ass okay?

These umbrellas were too cute. I wanted to get one but then I realise that I am no longer 6 years old. Or retarded.

Men playing Xiangqi by the roadside. Yet another scene that could easily be in a copy of National Geographic.

We went to see a Kung Fu/Gymnastic show. It fell below expectations.

Don't get me wrong, the Kung Fu and the whole Gymnastic show was amazing. They can do some amazing shit but the outfit that they wore? Ghey. Like check out this one. This by far was one of the manlier ones. Totally made a mockery of the art of Kung Fu.

This was the opening scene to a dream sequence in the show; damn smoke was all over the place. Because my sister and I was sitting right in front of the stage we were like "Oh fuck. The smoke gonna drown us.We're gonna die suffocating in the place! Oh God!" Of course we didn't, but we like the dramatic connotation that comes with the statement.

Bitching, moaning and being constantly dramatic keeps us young.

Kung Fu = Manly. Blue tunic = Ghey.

What were they trying to sell here really? I wanna know.

We went to a Jade factory/outlet. It was one of the most boring-est shit I have to endure in my entire life. Here you can see the process of carving a jade stone into something else.

The end result.

Beautiful and it has some Feng Shui properties to it but most importantly an opportunity for the Constantly Dramatic One to camwhore. No matter where we go in life, we must never forget about our priorities. And my priority is to camwhore whenever possible.

We went to the Great Wall of China right after the Jade Factory. On the day that we climbed it the wind was blowing so hard that you would actually sway around because of its intensity. On this day, the authorities banned children and extremely skinny people from climbing the Wall because there are cases when people actually get blown off the wall and plunged to their deaths.

I know it sounds funny as fuck but I am not making this up. The wind was so horrible on that day that not only was it already a bitch to climb the stairs in five layers of clothing but everytime the wind blew everyone have to literally stop, duck and take cover.

This is the view of the Great Wall of China, mid way to the First Tower (aka 1st checkpoint). It was such a bitch climbing the Wall. First of all I went there during winter so yes, five layers of clothing and bear in mind that the Wall is ancient. The steps are not like modern day staircases; these were made of stones and by hand. The steps were not equal in size. Some were too high, some were too low, some were lopsided but generally the whole thing was uneven. Coupled with the wind and the fact that you kept on having to take cover, it wasn't a fun day for me.

This pic was taken from the Third Tower (aka 3rd checkpoint). It was a big deal for us to get to the third tower because people usually just reached the 1st checkpoint and turned back but Sis and I bitched and moaned our way to the third one. This was the furthest we can go coz after that we were too exhausted to climb any further up.

The whole time I was climbing the Wall, my hand and my legs were shaking like crazy. My sister thought it was coz of the cold but truth is I was scared shitless. Heights and the Constantly Dramatic One do not go together. But I figured it's not like I climb the Great Wall of China for fun everyday you know. Its now or never so I climbed and I swear the moment I saw the view and how high I was up from the third tower, my heart almost jumped out of my throat.

The climb down was worst than the climb up. The climb up was tiring but the climb down.....well you can see how high up you really were. I took longer to climb down then I did climbing up. I was also praying to God to not let me embarrassed myself on the Great Wall by shitting my pants. God was listening.

And oh btw, Ancient Chinese Mythology states that "He who climbed the Great Wall is a warrior". So bitch, I am a warrior.

Drama Warrior.

The weirdest shit happened to me on Tiananmen Square. I was running around taking photos when I heard someone calling out my name. My actual name. Scared the Bejesus out of me. I was like "WTF?!! Which China person is stalking me?!". And then it turns out it was a friend of mine from college. How cool is that? Bumping into your friend in a completely different country? And on Tiananmen Square no less.

One of the many courtyards in the Forbidden City. Ancient Chinese Legend states that the Royal Treasure of the Chinese Dynasty is buried underneath one of the courtyards of the Forbidden City. But since the China Government have forbidden that any digging work being made in the City, the legend remains a legend.

Here we are in front of one the courtyards that they used to shoot the Last Emperor movie. The lady in the red hat is my tour guide. She's Mongolian and she could speak five languages fluently - including Malay. Woman speaks Malay like a real Malay, it was very impressive.

The Bird Nest Stadium of what is going to be Beijing's official stadium for the upcoming Olympics.

Told you my ass has got nuthin on the panda's ass.

My sister thought it would be funny to take this pic. Yes, I was hugging the blanket but that's just because I was too lazy to ask for an extra pillow. It's not like I have blanket issues or anything like that.

And that's it. The whole China trip in a nutshell.

Monday, February 04, 2008

China in pictures: Part the 1st

I totally took my own sweet time putting up the China pictures. I know. I'm awesome like that but seeing that I have a one week holiday what's with the Chinese New Year and all and have a loooooot of time on my hand, I finally decided to drag my sexay ass to upload the photos both on my blog and Facebook. One month after I got back from China.

Other than being Constantly Dramatic, I am also constantly procrastinating. Not a good trait mind you, but a trait nonetheless. Out of the 1,231 pics I took in China (I kid you not), I decided to post up only 70 of them. The operative word here being only.

My parents did not went on the trip with us, it was just my sister as I. We used to travel as a family a lot but ever since my brother left, my parents just dont want to travel anymore so they book my sister and I into these tours so that at least "the kids can still see the world". At the end of 2006, Sis and I went to Turkey and at the end of 2007 we went to China.

This is a pic of my mom giving me "the look" coz I was irritating her with the camera. This pic is hillarious coz I caught her right in the moment. Everytime she gives you that look, you know you gonna be in deep shit. I have been told that I have the same look -but even more fierce- everytime before I throw a bitch fit.

Since no one have yet presented me with a photo evidence such as this, I refuse to believe that the claim is true. You bitches.

Our flight was actually at 12.55am but it was delayed for like three hours so that was a bitch. This pic was taken around 2ish in the morning and it show the airport's employees cleaning the the roof of the checking in booth. It was fascinating. And oh look at how empty our airport is. Its 2 in the morning, there still should be people around and stuff seeing that this is an airport. But no, no sign of life.

Hey Badawi, say it with me: E-C-O-N-O-M-Y. Improve it.

Sis and fiancee mucking around. He waited with us till 3 in the morning.

China! This scene looks like it comes out from one of Jackie Chan's movie where he runs down the street and gets entangled in one of the clothes line. I'm not saying there is such a movie but its a possible scenerio.

The Santa Clauses in China cracked us up coz all of them seemed to OD on the make up. I mean check out the make up on this one. We bet this particular Santa was chanelling the Chinese Opera.

I like how this bicycle was there, leaning againts the tree by the roadside. Its the kind of scene that you do see in National Geographic.

Sis sitting for our potrait. We got our likeness drawn on a fan. That was cool.

Ok something was clearly wrong with this dude's eyesight. I am waaaaay hotter then that. Okay?


A view of market place we went to in Shanghai.

They took us to a place specializing in pearls. Chinese pearls. I was so excited because I adore pearls. I'm girly like that.

Who knew that something so pretty could come from something as foul smelling as this? I clearly didn't.

This guy was making omellete by the roadside. Now coming from Malaysia this kind of scene should not be at all strange for the Constantly Dramatic One, but what amuses the hell out of me was what the guy was wearing.........

Its a roadside hun, not a hotel.

This is cool, you just have to push a button....

And an electronic hand would flag a cab down for you.

A view of the world famous Shanghai skyline from the river bank. To tell you the truth I did not like Shanghai. I personally think that the city has an identity crisis. If you take a ferry ride down the river and look at the buildings that they build to signify Shanghai, it's very kitsch. They used too many lights and it does not look beautiful or classy but instead cheap and tardy.

What's perplexing is that the building are not oriental in architechture but Western. So you go to China but you're looking at Western architechture and this is what the China people is proud of? Its sad. Turning your back on your culture's identity just to appeal to the masses.
Look at Thailand, now they are proud of their heritage. But hey who am I to say anything? I'm no cultural expert. All I know is that Shanghai isnt beautiful, just kitsch.

We went to a place called the Number One Road or something where they have all these shopping places lined up. It looks classy and all but nothing I have not seen before. They have these really cute vehicles that the police drive around in.

Then we went to a silk factory. The ladies here are making a Selimut Cinta (Love Blanket). Apprently when its cold outside, the blanket will become really warm and vice versa. Its usually given as gifts to newlyweds hence the name.

This was one of the many old palaces that we went to. I lost track after one. They all look the same to me.

They have lots of these cave formations where the concubines used to play in. Hey, I'm not making this up. That's what the tour guide said.

On our way out, we saw some men fishing by the small river that runs by the palace and it was fascinating. They fished for these small fishes and then they threw in on land, like right by their motorcyles. I am not a nature's person so this is my first seeing something like this.

Look at the contrast between the tiny fish and the tyre in this pic.

This is again, another pic right out of National Geographic.

Yet another palace. I forgot which one.

Seemed like a good idea to pose like this.

We decided to climb this really high pagoda. I was all excited to climb it and then when I reached the 3rd floor out of the 7th, I realized that I am afraid of height so yeah....it wasnt that fun after that.

This is the first batch of China pics. We did not had as much fun in China as we did in Turkey or Chicago but hey, the fact that we are able to travel and see different countries and experiance different cultures is a gift in itself. However boring it is.

Shall be back with part 2.