Monday, May 14, 2007

Like WTF?

Today I am going to start a new...section in my blog. One might say. Its when I blog about ridiculous shit that I have heard in the news. And each of these stories will all have the same title: Like WTF?

Yes, my vocab is amazing.

I know.

Now the first story I will talk about is the news regarding hair thieves in Myanmar. Uh huh. Hair thieves. Its not enough that the world have to cope with money-thieves, identity-thieves, car-thieves, corpse-thieves (yeah there are such things), people thieves (otherwise known as kidnappers but I'm following the '-thieves' thread so bear with me), now we have hair thieves.

Apparently long haired women in Myanmar now have to watch out because there's a bunch of bastards going around and cutting their hair. According to the article published in , these hair cost $300 to $400 when it weighs 3.2pounds (that's 1.6kg). They attacked these women when they are shopping, when they're in the train, anywhere really where they have access to these long haired women. Victims reported that they didn't even realise that their hair have been cut until much later which bring me to the conclusion that the people who are doing this isn't just a bunch of bastards, but a bunch of sly bastards.

You know its sad enough that these days when you go out you gotta be really careful. Always paranoid that you gonna encounter a snatch thief around the corner. Or the guy who's staring at you in the train is a pervert and the fact that he's staring at you with a stupid grin on his face while his hand is conveniently hidden under the newspaper, on his lap, is Not good. If you don't get what I'm saying then stop reading. Clearly you are at the wrong blog. Then of course the stories that you hear about women being pushed inside their own cars and then drove to some God-forsaken place and gang raped. Now this...Bladi hair thieves.

Its just sooo sad what the world is coming to. Even hair is stolen from you. Its pissing me off. But it saddens me more. The world have gone mad. Its no longer safe. The days of rainbows and butterflies and flower power where everyone love each other have come and gone. Or perhaps that just existed in the Hippies deluded reality. They were high on weed back in the 60ties so you might never know...

All I know is that I'm growing my hair now and if anyone try to steal it, I will pepper-spray them. Not in their eyes. On their balls.

Coz its sure as hell burn there as well.


Hse elf said...

they are that desperate till they wanna steal hair? damn. why dun they grow their own hair n sell it?
n oh yea, ur scary.

Fluffy Bunny said...

Let's start a ring of ball thieves!