Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Blood on the Streets

Perhaps you guys, well those that have been putting up with my bullshit for more then 2 seconds now, must have realized that the Constantly Dramatic One have never really mentioned the part of Australia that I am currently calling my temporary home. This is cause I like being somewhat semi-mysterious....but more then anything else the though of being stalked scared the shit outta me. Jeysus, don't get me started on that particular episode of my life that involves an ex-boyfriend, actually being stalked and an almost police case. Just bad business all round.

That shit still gimme the creeps. There's nothing cool bout being stalked yo.

However, some shit is however, is really too cool to not share with y'all. With that said, I am currently studying in Brisbane. Brisbane, compared to KL is like a fucking kampung okay. My head and my heart hurts when I arrived here. I was like "Duuuuude, I gave up KL for this? The fuuuuccckkk....." But hey I have grown to like it now. Even love Brissy a bit. So it was last Sunday that I did a bit of stalking of my own.

I stalked zombies. In Brisbane.
In daylight. 

It was so cool. You don't get shit like this in Malaysia. It has something to do with charity and Halloween. You can read all about it here. Check out the cool photos. Some are mine, others are stolen from friends over FB.

A family of zombies. I really like the kid, she was so gamed being a zombie.

Took a pic with this chick where she was biting my neck. Hahaha!

One of the coolest makeup  I saw all day.

This bitch scared the crap out of me.

This dude, really, has no hand. I know this cause he goes to my uni and sometimes we ended up on the same bus. Brownie points for creativity.

Such a cool mom. And the baby makes a good zombie accessory.

Then the zombies all went towards the blood bank....durn durn duuuurrrnnn.......

Leaving a trail of blood behind

And at the ATM, cause apprently zombies need to take out money to buy brains too. Heh.

And here's a badly shot video, taken by yours truly. It was quite a sight watching so many zombies waiting for the light to change and cross the street. 

And come next year, I am sooooo gonna be a zombie too! But a pretty pin-up one.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Finland: A selective pictorial

Remember the days when I used to blog more then once every other week?.....Yeah me neither. Remember the days when I put up pictures of myself? Yeah...no longer. Anyways, these are a few pictures taken from my Finland trip in June. 

I can't put up the most awesome, magnificent, breathtaking photos of the whole trip cause I'm in them....hence why those pictures are awesome, magnificent and breathtaking. Ahem. These are however, the less awesome pics. Hope you guys like it, cause it been a while since I put up any photos.

The transit at Amsterdam, where a crazy, old supposedly a "nun" stalked my giant ass.

Here you can see a cruise ship passing by the Suomellina Sea Fortress, a historical site.  It's really cool seeing the ship passing by right next to you. Notice the people on the island waving at the people on the cruise. Kinda funny.

As the ship leaving the island.


Random views of the town of Altoo.

I really like this picture. Really European.

This ride rotates you 360 as it goes up and down. My boobs hurt like a mofo in this.

More rides that made my boobs hurt.

Some kid that keeps on getting into my shot so I ended up taking a photo of it. That's right. It........Bring it on bitches.

Random pictures of downtown Helsinki.

A very touristy spot.

The famous Helsinki Fish Market. The reason why this photo was taken was cause dude on the boat was fucking cute. I got all sexcited.

The parliament house. I think. Not too sure. But its sure is pretty.

Angels and Demons. The translation still cracks me up.

There are of course more pictures. When I feel like it, I'll blog about this time when I walk around naked in public. In Finland.  True story. I bet you guys would wanna know about that.  Hehe. 

Till then my young pedawans......

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Time management. I haz it.

So what you guys do over the weekend? Me? Oh dude, I did some crazy shit. Let me break it down for you.



As you guys might have known; I have moved out of my previous place away from the crazy fucker that I used to live with. Yes, yes I am aware that I have not blogged about the fuckery that went on there that led to my departure. Reason is I can’t. Not cause I cannot…but because I get really pissed off whenever I tell the story. My loathing for him will never end even till my final breath. Worthless piece of shit. I now live in an off-campus student accommodation. Incidentally I now have 2 Malaysian girls as housemates. One is 25, postgrad student and this is her last sem in uni. Graduating beginning of next year. I am so jealous. The other one is a total stoner. Her room reeks of chronic. I could get high just walking past her door. But other then that, they are awesome. Postgrad likes to cook. A lot. I have only cooked twice ever since I moved in here in June. Woman print stuff off the net and cook everything. Stoner, other then being stoned half the time, have single handedly provided ample drama for me in this house. Woman have an equally stoner boyfriend with a temper. You can hear them fight almost every night cause they throw things around and then there will be silence cause they would be making out while smoking some of that shit and then later….well later you’ll hear her screams again. But different kind of screams…..If you get what I’m sayin. It’s always the same routine.



Fight. Smoke. Fuck.

I’ve gotten used to it.



So it was last Friday night and we decided that we’ll have a Scary Movie marathon in the living room. Scary Movie as in the stupid Scary Movies franchise with the stupid boob jokes and disgusting toilet scenes, not actual scary movies, mind you. By the time we finished watching the whole thing it was about 3 in the morning so I went to sleep and woke up at 7am cause I have a Career seminar at 8am Saturday morning. Fucking thing was 8 hours long from 8am to 4pm. Fucker. But I went for it cause it was free and they gave tips for resume writing, cover letters, interview tips, etc. Bla bla bla. It was boring as fuck. I went alone too cause none of my friends could be bothered to wake up that early on a Saturday morning.



Did I learn anything out of it? Barely.

Was it a total waste of time? Good God yes.

Did my ass went flat after 8 hours of sitting down? Unfortunately.



Last fucking seminar I ever went to. Came home round 4.30 and I was like “Okay, I’m gonna sleep. Fuck this shit.” Around 9pm my friend called and she’s like “We’re going clubbing tonight.” And I was like “Dude, I’m tired.” And she was like “I just broke up with-the-asshole-that-was-formerly-my-boyfriend. We’re going clubbing. I need to get drunk. I need you.” What do you say to that? Fuck man. So 11pm, Saturday night, tired and hungry I stood in line outside a club in the city. Felt like shit but at least I looked awesome in a purple dress and my 4 inch heels. Got in and forgot all about how tired I was. Just as I was going to score some free drinks from random horny dudes my phone rang and it was my other friend.


“I’m picking you up at 9.30 at your place tomorrow ya?”


“Tomorrow CD. We’re going to a water park remember? We made plans about a week ago?”

“Oh shit.”

“Where are you? Are you clubbing? But we made plans. You promised….”

“Don’t worry. I’ll be there.



Fuck. Completely forgotten about the waterpark. Completely. Motherfucker. And then instead of doing the prudent thing and you know…go home. I ended up dancing in my 4 inch heels till they on the lights at 4 something in the morning. Talk about fucking your own self. We stumbled outside the club and we’re like okay “We need a cab. My feet hurt. Jesus!” and then someone shouted my friend’s name and it turn out it was her friend. They talked and I stood there with the rest of the group, barefooted cause my feet hurt too much and the guy was like hey “I can give you guys a ride. There’s only 4 of you. No big.” So there I was, barefooted on the sidewalk, mascara running down my face as it started drizziling a bit and I made a new friend- with a car- at daybreak. Could have been worst. He dropped me off at my place round 5 and I stumbled out of the car, into my room, into the shower and at the first blast of the shower, I tought I was going to crumpled onto the floor. I remember thinking “OMG!! I’m gonna drown! In my own shower! The irony.” But I didn’t. Did more stumbling into bed and I thought that was it.


Could have been minutes really when the phone rang. And my friend on the other line was going “Are you awake? We’re on our way to your place. Be there in 15 minutes!” Woman sounded too damn cheerful for a damn Sunday morning. I rolled out of bed, fell onto the floor- hurt like a mofo- and got dressed. Of course I could not find my swimsuit. Of course. When I need to hurry that’s when all kinds of shit go missing. But found it I did, wore it and put on a cover up and then just started throwing shit into my bag. Towel. Sunblock. Shampoo. DVD. Eh wait the fuck do I need a DVD? Honestly do not know. The next time my phone rang I was already out of front door.



Most intense Sunday morning I ever had. But I made it. I made it yo. That alone was a feat on its own. There was fucking kids everywhere at the water park. I wanted to kick them all. Fucking kids. I hate kids. At least it turn out to be fun that day. I think I might have like lost 4 kilos as well. You try climbing 8 flights of stairs carrying a big ass tube. Those things look light but they’re not bitches. They’re not. The whole day was full of standing in line, climbing flight of stairs and then hurling myself down huge ass slides and then screaming my ass off. A bit of tips ladies: When going to a water park DO NOT, under any circumstance wear a halter neck bikini top/swimsuit cause your boob will pop out coming down the slides. That’s all I have to say on that. That’s all. Fuck y’all if I’m going to say anything more on that.

We left the water park when it closes at 5pm and would you know it. I forgot to bring a change of clothes. Fabulous. So I had to wear the semi-wet cover up and instead of going home straight away, my friends just have to go for dinner. So we went and we chatted and the next thing I know it was 10ish at night. My entire body ached. I was so exhausted I wanted to die. Got home round 11pm and I didn’t even showered the second time. Got into bed still wearing my swimsuit and my hair drenched with chlorine. I never understand the saying “Tired to my bones”. After that weekend, I do. Oh good God, I do.



The on Monday…..on Monday I went to court.



Chill. It was for my Media Law class. Case study for a paper regarding defamation and libel in journalism. Fucking court case was at 8am. I had to wake up at 5ish cause I have to take 2 buses to court. What a bitch. I would love to talk more bout the case but I am not at liberty to divulge the information pertaining the case. Some ethical fuckery. What do I care. I just need the stuff for my paper. And that was the end of my crazy ass weekend.



And no, I dunno how I did it either. All I know is that my body still aches, my feet still hurts and I’m going clubbing again tomorrow night. This is indeed, the party phase of my life.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Too old for peer pressure

You know….I am a motherfucking 20-something years old.

20-something years old!

I am no longer a child questioning everything yet knowing nothing at all. I am no longer an adolescent lovestruck by some pretty boy in a boyband that would probably be defunct within a year’s time. I am no longer a teenager filling out my training bra. Nor am I that 18-year-old fresh out of highschool, wide eyed with possibilities that would probably never be realized. I am a motherfucking 20-something years old. I am seasoned. I live alone on a motherfucking continent away from the land of my birth. Okay. Just get that shit straight. I am a fucking adult and as an adult I should not even be blogging about this fuckery. But then here I am, doing just that.

“CD, you don’t smoke? Wow, what a loser.”

The. Fuck.

Let’s all take a moment here and examine this. The worthless piece of shit who said this to me was

a) 20-something as well
b) a fellow university student
c) supposedly, an “adult”

So again: The. Fuck.

I stared at him. Flabbergasted. And I asked “What did you say?” Cause he couldn’t possibly said that to me, did he now? And he repeated the same thing. But this time he added “All the cool people smoke.” I searched his face for a trace of humour and could find none. Seriously. What are we, a bunch of 16 years old over at the school yard trying to act cool? What the fuck is wrong with this guy? Is he special?

So I said;

“Oh I’m sorry. I’m a loser now because I opted not to burn and poison my lugs day in and day out just so that assholes like you would think of me as “cool”. You know what, I am comfortable with myself. I don’t have to smoke and waste my money by buying a goddamn box of cigarettes that cost like what? 12 fucking bucks so that assholes like you would think I’m cool. So yes, I am a loser. I am loser because I am comfortable with myself and proud of myself that I do not spend thinking of what people think of me and try to “be cool” and “fit in” the way you do during every waking moment of your insignificant little life.”

I sat there and waited for a comeback cause I was geared up for a fight. He looked embarrassed and kinda shuffled away and did not make eye contact with me the whole night. Which was a disappointment cause fucker really pissed me off. I did however, told him off in front of like 4 people. If he meant that as a joke then it was stupid fucking joke cause that shit pissed me off so much.

I mean what kind of statement is that?!! I still cannot get over it. We are adults. This kind of fuckery should not even happen. What the fuck happen to freedom of choice and respecting people? What about non-conformity and individualism? I should not be dealing with this kind of mentality when in uni man. A place of higher education, my giant ass.

Don’t get me wrong. I have no issues against smoking or smokers. Almost all my friends here smoke, I live in a smoking house- both of my housemates smoke and I dated smokers. I have no issues with them. The reason why I don’t smoke is not for health reasons. Fuck that. I’m stingy. Fucking cigarettes are expensive and I like to shop for pretty dresses. It’s either cigarettes or pretty dresses. I have priorities bitches. But that’s not the issue here.

The issue here is that I’m just fucking pissed off that someone would say that shit to me. I’m too old for this fuckery man.