Friday, November 30, 2007

Final exam.
Shit scared.
No more posting.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kidney for sale

You know how people have something in their lives, some memories that they have that defined a moment in time of their lives? Yeah...I have that.

Mine is the Spice Girls. Scoff all you want at that but the Spice Girls was defining factor in the Constantly Dramatic One's childhood. Ahhh...any of you who was around back when they were huge could remember how Spice Mania took over the world. The girls was all over, you can't turn on the radio, TV, newspaper and even billboards without seeing or hearing them. They were huge and I think that not a single band has come close doing what the girls did back in the 90es. This is a fact. If you disagree than I am sorry for you.

Because you are wrong.

Back in the day all the girls had a character of their own. Posh, Ginger, Baby, Sporty and Scary. Who did you think connected the most with the soul of this 12 year old?.....No....Any takers?

Before the Constantly Dramatic One becomes all dramatic, before she found a footing in the world...the Constantly Dramatic One was Scary Spice. Fuck yeah. Scary was all about the attitude, the big hair, the tongue piercing. Damn, she was my Idol. Saying and doing everything that I want but can't. I had a whole wall devoted to her, well the rest of the walls of course had all the other girls but one wall, the one with the Best lighting, that was only for Scary. She was special. My other half.

Back in the day.

I bet you have heard of the Spice Girls reunion tour kicking off on Dec 2nd, this coming Sunday in Canada. The 12 year old in me is crying out in utter sadness of not being able to see them. I would do anything to get a front row ticket to any of their gigs. Seriously.

I have 2 working kidneys, I do not drink or smoke. I do however consume an ungodly amount of coffee. What I'm trying to say here is that I would trade my left kidney for a Spice Girls reunion tour front row ticket. People, I am not kidding here. I am dead serious. Any takers? Know anyone that would be interested? Let them know and contact me.

Anyways, Spice previewed their revamp single at Victoria Secret's fashion show the other day. Check it out. It has everything that the Constantly Dramatic One loves: Vintage glamour, great music and damn man, memories. I remember the days I used to go to friends house after school to practice the routine to this song. Ahhh...good times.

And yes, I have watched the video above 12 times and realise that I still know EVERY word to the song and I can still be a backup dancer to this song...Wow, all those years dancing around in front of the TV to their video clips finally paid off coz I got to type that line up there.

Now if you have forgotten, or maybe have never know how Spice Girls were back in the day, the following commercial would refresh your memory of their cosmic fame in the 90es.

And now another commercial for Tesco with the Spice of today.

Cool right? Different too. From girls to hot smokin
MILFs. I especially love Victoria's part and Geri definitely the best actor. And for some reason or another Mel C is all ladylike now. This is the chick that used to do high kicks and cartwheels in every show people. I wonder if she will do it still....Emma, looking lovely and not annoying at all. She used to irritate the hell out of me coz of her "Oooooouuu look at me! Look at me! I'm sooo cute" attitude. Blow me. Guess she grown up. And Mel B? Nothing scary bout her, just classy now.

They're all women now.

Spice, now and then.

They have made the transition from girls to women.

Just as the Constantly Dramatic One have done.


The kidney offer still stands.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Game. Set. Match.

Term finals starting on the 1st and ending for me on the 4th. Then term break until Jan 14th NEXT YEAR.

Let the good times roll.

Though I am stressing for the finals and I can't seem to go on sleeping for more then like 2 hours or so without waking up and sleepwalking to my book, my exam stress is pretty much under control. Scared shitless, getting migraines and lost of appetite but nonetheless, exam stress is pretty much under control. Hey, its not like I'm puking all over the place now am I?

Anyways it had been a....tame term. Yeah nothing exciting happened really. Made a new friend I can really click with, discovered 3 people in college I really care about, them he-bitches that made my life hell in the previous term have left, and the bitches that I hate that are still around are leaving next year. Good clean term. Nothing out of the ordinary. Tame. Normal. Mundane....Kinda boring. Kinda sucks ass but yeah, ok. Whatever.

Then the 2nd last week of the term rolled in and here comes You and your Sidekick zeroing in on the Constantly Dramatic One. The plot thickens. Bitchiness baits were lowered waiting for the Constantly Dramatic One to bite. Icy glares exchanged. Snide smiles directed. Underhanded comments abound. Ahhh....

Game. Set. Match.

Welcome to Girl World.
Only the bitchiest survive.

But thing is huney, I didn't bite did I?
Coz your timing is lousy. Loooousy.

Why woman? Why the 2nd last week of the term? Why? Why can't you be all bitchy to me in the middle of the damn term? When I was bored out of mind and all emo bout becoming an
adult and all that? Why? I would have welcome your bitchiness as an amusing distraction but now seeing that it is the last week, I am not gonna play that game with you. 3 days to go? I know you're good in this game and so am I, but seriously, even with you and me combine we can't create enough drama in 3 days time. Lousy timing.

Boo, you whore.

But maybe...maybe if we would to end up in another class next term and you still feel threatened by my presence onto your existence and if I have nothing else to do with my time, then yes, I'll bite. The game have been set anyways... and one player is already in. Up to me if I wanna play this with you but if I do then that means I actually have to pay attention to you and acknowledge your...

So the only question left...
are your worthy of my time and attention?

..........................I think you are.

Game. Set. Match. 2008.

See you there.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Oh no bitch, you DID NOT just say that about my school!

This is going to be a semi-political post that might or might not get me thrown into ISA but I am willing to take the risk because I am pissed off. Indeed, I am.

I have long given up in reading the newspapers and watching the news because in Malaysia, democracy is just a charade and the media is a political propaganda tool. There's nothing more to elaborate there. To keep myself updated what I do is I peruse through these political blogs and read about the news written by bloggers with credibility. Today I stumbled across
this over at Malaysians says the darnest things! and it pissed the hell out of me.

Apparently in the Parliament, some exceedingly brilliant gentleman, the representative of Parit Sulong (where?) have nothing to do with his time and nothing to do in his community that he had to point out that mission schools in Malaysia, such as Convent, La Salle and Methodist have crosses and statues representing the Christian faith in them. These crosses and statues must be demolished.

Well no shit Sherlock.
Its called mission schools. Built by the British back when they invaded Malaya.

Also he pointed out that these schools have strong Christian influences and apparently sing "church songs" during school assembly.(FYI: Those are hymns, not songs).
And shock and horror!!- apparently Malay-Muslim parents send their children to these school as well!! What is the world coming to?!!

Then his sidekick, an even more incredible genius of a man, the representative from Sri Gading (bitch, again - from where?) have to butt in and mentioned that apparently "a father have alerted him that these missionary schools are not close during Raya". Raya is Eid Mubarak; as in the main festival celebrated by Muslims.
Bear in mind, Malaysia is an Islamic nation.

Not close during Raya? Right....

Ok listen up geniuses, I am a Malay woman. A Muslim-Malay woman and my parents sent me to be educated in SRK. Convent Klang and then, oh nooo they didn't stop there. They then sent me to my high school: SMK. Convent Klang. That's right bitch, I'm a Convent girl. A Muslim-Malay woman educated the Convent way.

When I went there, there was never a moment where we were made to sing...what did you called it again...right "church songs" during assembly. We did read prayers but it was the Islamic prayer that we read weekly at the assembly while the other students who weren't Muslims stood in silence of respect to it. Did they other students have parents alerting the Parliament members about how the have to stand in silence when the Muslims were saying their prayers? No.
Perhaps its a little thing called religious sensitivity or maybe because they were shit scared of idiots like you who are in the Parliament talking about Islamic supremacy.

This is a pic of SRK. Convent Klang. As off 2007 the school is 79 years old making it 29 years older than Malaysia. If you look at the top part of this pic, you can see two mosque domes behind the cross. This pic could easily be used to show the tolerance of religions in Malaysia. How ironic.

Also calling into the demolishing of the crosses and Christianity artifacts. Where I went to school, we no longer have a church in it. The church have been converted into the hall and where the altar where the people used to pray, a stage have built over it. There were no crosses at all though on the walls where they used to hang, one can see the outline of Jesus Christ. When the school was repainted, all that gone missing. So what is there to demolish? We do have a giant cross in front of the school but it never bothered us. It is a part of the British/Malaya heritage, it is a part of Malaysian history. Demolish that? Demolish a part of our country's history just because you are an uneducated prick that have no religious tolerance?

Fuck you.

You are not above history.

And then about the 'Raya' comment....Dude, that shit is not just stupid. It is BEYOND stupid, I don't even have a word to comment on that because seriously, you have created a whole new level of stupidity here. What kind of BS is that, that the school is not closed during Raya? You think that there would be no heavy media coverage of that if that ever happened? Stop talking mindless shit. It is embarrassing. If anything at all, Convent gave more holidays. We get day off during Good Friday while the other kids go to their non-mission school. You don't hear no one complaining because who would say no to a day off?

Oh look ma! Christian architecture! Tear down the school now!

These mission schools, Convent, La Salle and so on and so forth are not just schools. They are historical landmarks that have been around before Malaysia achieved her independence, back when she was Malaya instead of Malaysia. The fact that they have Christian identity is undeniable because the title itself is 'mission schools'. Demolishing them or trying to hide their identity is stupid because the very act itself is telling us to turn our back on history. The fact that so-called Parliament members have to make up stories to make these schools as if it is out there to convert students are false and unfounded. Further more it is also offensive and hurtful for those who have been in those walls and know such accusations are false.

The Constantly Dramatic One is all about school pride after all.

Religion is a set of beliefs. You choose what to believe. Just because you think your religion is better than other peoples' does not give you the right to condemn and push your religion onto them.

Last time I checked, we promote this country to the outside world as a country where people of different races live harmoniously and without conflict. Last time I checked, we are a country that is proud of our religious diversity and sensitivity. Last time I checked, this country wasn't run by a bunch of idiots with the Taliban-mentality.

But we all know that's all bullshit right?

UPDATE (DEC 4th 2007)


Update (Feb 23rd 2008)

If your cyberspace handle happens to be Omooney, please go here.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Random rantings

Cops have to stop doing roadblocks all the damn time. People have places to be at. You goddamn sons of bitches.

Having sex with your own mother isn't cool. It wasn't cool when I read it in old Roman/Greek history/mythology. And it still ain't cool when you put it in a play, no matter how much you rationalize it. Get that
Neil LaBute?

I have to hit the gym more often seeing that I have the energy of a koala.

I might have a problem. Am overspending. Is borderline shopaholic. Need help.

Final exams next week. Know nothing. So fucked.

People have to start feeding me cupcakes.

You have been fake numbered

I fake numbered a guy the other day.

I gave him my number but changed the last digit to something else.

When I got home, I gave the number a call. Out of curiosity.

A girl answered the phone.

I feel guilty now.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

8 Random things regarding the Constantly Dramatic One

I have been tagged by both Cheesecakerian and 3kc. Awesome, I never been tagged before...which is kinda sad. But anyways I am supposed to list down 8 random things about myself. So here goes:

1) I cannot function without coffee. I can't.I go through at least 3 cups of coffee everyday. I am not a coffee elitist, I do not just drink the ones from Starbucks only, I drink the 70 cent ones from Mamak too. I do not discriminate when it comes to coffee. I have a dream. One day I would be rich enough to travel the world and sample coffee from every corner of the world.

2) I find men in uniform incredibly, incredibly sexy. Especially firefighters. Military comes next. Every time, anything war related or fire was mentioned on the news, the first thing that crossed my mind is "That's hawt." Recently in the news they mentioned that Turkey is going into war or something and all I could think off is how sexy the soldiers going to look in their uniforms..I'm ashamed of myself. People are dying and that's all I could think off.

By the way, this dude is a Turkish soldier with the Turkish Air Force. I went for hot air balloon ride conducted by the Turkish Air Force when I went to Turkey last year. This guy...smokin hot. He got an ass made of granite. I could tell...*drool*

3) I am obsessed with Benefit cosmetics.

4) For some reason or another Black & White movies make me feel all nostalgic. Which is strange because I am too young to experienced The Hollywood Golden Era but yet I yearn for it. Movies these days...they are not like the ones they make back in the day...

5) When I was a kid I was bullied a lot. And it wasn't until I was 9 that I had a proper friend. Back then I used to cry into my stuffed toys and cling on to my books because they are the only friends I have. The only ones that do not call me by horrid names. Now things are better and no one bullies me anymore. But I still sleep with stuffed toys and treat my books really well. It hurts me if anyone do anything harmful to them because before the world accepted me, stuffed toys and books were my only friends.

6) I have roadrage.

7) I own 41 designer perfumes and 27 pairs of shoes. I am working diligently in increasing those numbers.

8) I cry for stupid ridiculous stuff. I cry for Hallmark commercials. Chinese New Year commercials. Raya commercials. Christmas specials. I'm so fucking sappy, I could slap myself.

I am tagging Elfie, Sticks, Gypsy, Lalat, Son Son, Ninja Walrus and whoever else that wanna do this. Go crazy.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Strangers with a shared past

My older brother is going to have his convocation day where he graduates cum laude or whatever...I dunno Latin. The convo day is going to be on Dec 8th. In any event he is graduating top 5 of his class so that's a good thing. Double degree in International Business and Economy.

Damn capitalist.

Anyways, he is studying in Chicago so my parents are flying off to Chicago on the 6th to attend his convo. I am....semi, kinda proud of him but yet resents him now. Now if I'm too lazy to go to class my mom will go "Why can't you be like your brother? He graduates top of his class and bla bla bla." Pain in my ass. I also miss him because it has been over a year now since we seen each other but yet when we see each other we do not know what to say. There was always a rift between us. Distance made the rift smaller....but how can you make a rift as big as the Grand Canyon any smaller? Its impossible.

From the beginning it was decided that only my parents would be going because my sister couldn't get time off work and according to college schedule, finals is on from Dec 1st - 8th. Then when the actual schedule rolls out, my final paper would be on the 4th. So now my parents are making all these last minute changes to get me a ticket and accommodations so that I can come with them to Chicago. The city this time...I have already been to the musical.

The thing is...I'm not so crazy to go there. It would be a 12 days trip where I will be stuck with my mom and dad. And that is not a happy thought people. You know how I'm very bitchy? Yeah...bitchiness runs in the family. So it would be 12 days in which 3 very bitchy people would be stuck together. Its not a happy thought. A weaker woman would even contemplate suicide to get out of this.

A weaker woman.

It might or might not be me.

I do not want to go because I would be stuck with them for 12 days. 12 fucking days of bitchiness. Even the thought itself is scaring the bejesus out of me. But they are adamant to take me. And now seeing that Dec is peak season I am praying that God show me some mercy and not let them get a ticket. I dunno how I am gonna handle 12 days of bitchiness.

And my brother is also being a bitch to me. My mom mentioned that I might come along to visit him and he got all excited and happy and wrote me an email saying how excited and happy he is that I might show up.

Bastard. Putting me on the guilt trip.

I don't want to go. I cannot deal with 12 days of bitchiness. I made plans already with my friends whom bitchiness I can handle. I can't handle my parents bitchiness. And then there's the problem of meeting my brother. I wouldn't know what to say. So many things have happened between us. Sibling rivalry, the arguments, the venomous words...3 years of not speaking to each other. There's a rift. A huge one. One trip to Chicago isn't going to close the rift or make it all better.

I do not know him. And he doesn't know me. What would we say to each other? What would strangers with a shared past say to each other? This is going to be awkward as hell.

Pray that I wont get a ticket.


I got a ticket. Crap.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Swords, double edged ones.

Expectations....are like double edged swords.

People expect great things out of you and you must deliver or you will fail them but most of all fail the the thought of your own greatness. And that's the worst shit ever. Disappointing your own self. I have been down that road, I fear to ever go there again.

Then if people expects less of you. Look down on you. Being all condescending to you then the more you want to succeed. Let's say circumstance did not let you succeed however, you will again be disappointed in yourself. And like I say, that's the worst shit ever.

I mean, expectations are not that...good. People have been disappointed over and over again by their expectations for some things or some people.

But then if you expect something a certain way and it did come out that certain way then things are pleasant but are somewhat mundane. And mundane is also not good.

So why do people kept on having expectations when all they do is screw us over anyways? Why do I keep on having expectations? Even when I know whatever it is, its not gonna live up to my expectations of it anyways....

So what is it then? A crazy mind game people just wanna play? A combination of both hope and faith that we gave another name? A need for a little masochism?

I need to know. I always need to know about those that are screwing with me. And this time around its expectations.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Attention whore

Yeah bitch. I am talking to you.

Listen, let me give you a few tips. First off, when doing a FORMAL presentation in front of the class, please wear something that is appropriate. As in professional, formal attire. Not something with your ass and boobs protruding out.

Secondly, when choosing a bra. Get one that actually has a little pad going on. I like sitting in front of the class because I care for my education. But seeing that you have to wear that fucking bra to class, with your nipple all-gleaming in its slutty splendour, I am assaulted by your damn tits. I go to class to learn, not to look at your nipples as it outlines through your tight shirt.

Which brings us to the third topic here. You have a tummy. You do not have the body of Milla Jovovich or Adriana Lima. You have a fucking tummy that makes you look like you are 4 months pregnant. I'm sure you have never been pregnant in your life but I could be wrong seeing that you are in fact a slut that has STD written all over your face.

Kudos for getting marked the best today. I say that with as much sincerity I could muster. I also sincerely take into accounts that the lecturer is a horny fucker who thinks with his dick.

I will not be sorry to see him gone.

Next week my turn and you Attention Grabbing Whore listen up. I am gonna bring it. And I do not need to wear clothes that highlights my ass or my boobs or to show the whole class that I am indeed the owner of two proud nipples. I am gonna bring it and I will not need to scream or shout or appeal to the lecturer's dick.


UPDATES (Nov 19th 07):

Oh wow, look at that. I DID brought it.....

And I didn't even have to tweak my nipples for it.


Friday, November 09, 2007

Chicago the Musical

You know how people have a list of things that they wanna do before they die? Yeah I have that:

1) Fly in a hot air balloon- checked.
2) Take over the world.
3) Bungee jump.
4) Shoot a feature length film.
5) Have hot kinky monkey sex with Clive Owen.
6) Bake cupcakes and NOT burn down the whole kitchen.
7) Watch a Broadway show ON Broadway.

So far, I only have the hot air balloon down. And then I found out that Chicago the Musical is coming over to my end of the world. As in the actual Broadway show....

Insanity kicked in. I need to watch it. I need to be there. I need to see Velma and Roxie and Billy in action. I need to check number 7 off the list...well at least part way seeing that I would watching it at KLCC Convention Centre and not on Broadway. Its good enough for now. One minor glitch though, the tixs are truly and really expensive. Like a fucking bitch. And you know what....I really wanna sit upfront, the one closest to the stage. The one that the tix cost RM350. I really want that.

So I got it.

Now my ass owe my dad RM350. But its okay. I'm checking off number 7, partway, off my list.

The show was good man. If you went in and expecting to see the glitzy number that Zeta Jones, Zellweger and Gere gave you in the movie then you would be disappointed. Coz the movie is better than the stage show. It was expected because in movies there are all about techniques and special effects and they can make something that is so minute into something spectacular, with stage show, its all in real time and there are no such things as close ups to exaggerate a detail.

Saying that, for the first 20mins into the show I was a bit disappointed because I have the movie mentality in my head but once I got over that, the show KICKED ASS. The songs, the moves, the actors and the guy that played Billy Flynn was pretty hot, hotter than Gere I have to say. Or maybe coz he was prancing about on stage wearing a classic suit. As they were dancing on stage, I found myself dancing along in my seat and the dude seating in the seat next to me gave me a look.

Hey dude, I paid RM350. I fucking dance on the seat if I want too, mmmkay?

The show was glitzy but it also had a noir-ish feel to it. Dark humour and the fact that the dancers were smoking as they danced around gave that really cool, 1920es feel to it. I am now convinced that I have been born in the wrong era. I should have been born in New York in the 1920es. Bitch, I would have rocked the whole flapper thing and do a mean Charleston. I also want to quit college and become a Broadway dancer but we all know that's not gonna happen now don't we?

I went alone on accounts that other people are not so much into musicals and don't want to get the expensive tix. I figure, if you can't sit up front, why bother go at all? Shows like these are all about the experience not the merchandise. Saying that, I bought a whole bag of CHICAGO souvenir costing RM90 containing a program book, a shirt and the CHICAGO original soundtrack. No more entertaining other drivers in traffic jams with my renditions of Kelly Clarkson in my car. Watch the Constantly Dramatic one pulling off a CHICAGO dance number in her car from now its going to be a bitch to pull of dance numbers while simultaneously needing to keep your feet on the pedals. But I shall prevail!

Saying that, to any of my friends reading this post let me just warn you that all week next week I'm gonna be busting out random dance moves from the show at any given moment. That's right. Count yourself lucky. You get to see a free amateur CHICAGO show.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Nov 2nd 2007

As of Nov 2nd 2007 at around....4.16pm the Constantly Dramatic one has become an Adult.

I am now a registered voter. I now have a voice.

Goodbye childhood, I shall remember you fondly.

Hello adulthood, let's make this a good ride shall we?

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Traffic jams and revelations.

Ever experienced a revelation that was soooooo unexpected that it was like getting smacked in the face real hard and then you actually get dizzy afterwards...... Ever experienced that? Yeah... I have a term for that: Fucked.

I got stuck in traffic on my way home today. It sucked. So things to do in traffic would be listening to the radio, followed by a karaoke session, followed by you wriggling around in the seat trying to do something that remotely looks like a dance, and of course will be followed by other bored drivers either staring, snickering or looking incredibly amused at you. Nothing new. Today I was too tired to do all that so as to not fall asleep I started recalling all the stuff that my friends do that makes me laugh. The conversations that makes no sense, the little jokes that came out of nowhere, the songs we made ours, the stupidity that never ends. I smiled and I laughed and I noticed I was thinking of the people in college and that's when it hits me. The revelation.


I meet a lot of people in my daily life. These people though I call them friends, but they are not really friends- as defined by my life dictionary. I define friends as people that I truly care for, people that I trust, people that I will turn to when I'm in trouble and sure that they will not turn their backs on me. I have very high expectations from a friend. Not many people make my cut.

I went to high school for 5 years. Parties, good times, lessons, in-jokes, all the usual stuff that you do in high school and when I left it my total number of friends? Four. Total number of buddies-who-are-in-fact-not-friends? Countless.

These Four are the ones that I love. I realise that as people move on with their lives, they will eventually lose touch. My four high school friends and I are not as close as we were and I'm ok with that. I have come to terms with that. People grow up and start living their own lives and run in different circles and eventually the friendship that you built wont be the same as it once were. I understand that. But I am also very thankful that these four came into my life and make it better. Years down the road even if we are no longer keeping in touch I will still remember them for who they were and how they made me feel. Even if these Four are no longer with me, they will always have a special place in my heart where I will cherish them forever. And to each one of them, I am truly thankful.

When I started college, I had a game plan. Study here for two years and then fly off coz I'm doing an international degree program. Two years here, two years in a foreign country of my choice. They call it a twinning program. I call it getting away from my parents. I had a game plan all set out. Do the two years gig, fly off, stay off the radar, don't get involved and as for friends? Puhleaaaze. This is a private college. People in private colleges are usually rich, spoilt, backstabbing bitches so the friends issue is really a non-issue. Plus who actually are good enough to replace the Four that I already have? No one, that's who.

As I was stuck in traffic today I realise that my game plan was not bulletproof as I initially thought. Somehow along the way, my game plan made a detour. And the result of the detour is the revelation that I am fucked. I have friends in college, the friends as defined by my life dictionary. I actually do without noticing it until today. And I am fucked because we are all in the same program and one day they will all leave me. I am fucked because I have friends now even though I didn't want to and now that I do, the thought that one day we will all go separate ways to complete our degrees is making me...emotional.

  • I realized that one day, he and I will no longer have the pseudo-intellectual bullshit conversations made colourful with our need to constantly insult each other. I can no longer flake out on him at the last possible minute. We probably will not have more deep talks about discrimination, sexism and racism that usually will end with the theory that if people would just masturbate more and eat more cupcakes then the world would be a much better place.I will miss all of that.

  • I realized that one day, she and I will no longer be able to to have our spur-of-the-moment-in-jokes that only we could get. No more going for spas and comparing who has more drama between us. No more bitchy commentaries in the cinemas. No more collaboration effort of stalking people we do not like. And most of all, Zan can no longer make fun of the differences in our heights. I will miss all of that.

  • I realized that one day I wont be able to hear the lame puns that she likes to make so much. Or see the way she gives her little head nods with her eyes all wide open when she is in one of her "Indeed, I am wiser than you" moods. I won't be able to give her hugs just coz she looks so hugable that day. I will no longer hear unwanted random commentaries about the size of my ass... and have particularly amusing conversations with her when she is drunk on a weeknight. I will miss all of that.

I don't easily accept people as my friends and when I do, I do not take my friendships for granted. Its great that I actually have people that I care enough for to call my friends...its fucked up that one day we will all be going our separate ways.