Friday, February 22, 2008

Pornography? Here?

Apparently some dumbass from Ireland stumbled upon my blog. Apparently that dumbass also thought that Malaysia is a Middle Eastern country. Apparently this dumbass has added my page on Stumble Upon under the Pornography category.

Like WTF?

First off if you wanna categorize this blog, it should go into Bitchy Rantings, not pornography. Dramatic Musings is not a sex blog. I would like it to be but unfortunately for you and even more so for me, the Constantly Dramatic One is sexually deprived. It comes with being single. And Muslim.

Pornography? What the fuck is up with that?

Second of, Malaysia is not a Middle Eastern country you stupid piece of shit. Just because our main religion is Islam does not make us a Middle Eastern country. It's a South East Asian country. We are talking whole different continents here. I'm sure that in you backass country they actually teach Geography. Or maybe they don't. Seeing that all you Irish ever do is get shitfaced and get your collective fugly asses kick in bar brawls.

See generalization. I am generalizing that all Irish are a bunch of useless drunks that gets into fights all the time because they are a bunch of uncivilized alcoholics.Just like the way you generalizes that we are a Middle Eastern country. And all of you lot, including your women look like this:

Generalizations is an annoying bitch ain't it?
You Irish dumb fuck.


Quin Browne said...

sweet mither of gawd, i laughed.


rock on, dear, rock on.

Michelle said...

LOL...that was an awesome post!

Good for you!

zewt said...

makes me wonder why he thinks such...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

come on, give him a break. Leprechauns are asshole, what do you expect?

Kuan said...

maybe he thinks that your site is a turn on for him

it can be a compliment :)

constant drama said...


Well I wished he found my site again. And NOT laugh. If you get what I'm sayin.


Thanks but I was just highly irritated.


Because he is an Irish dumbass. We covered this already.

constant drama said...


And isnt that their mascot? Go figure.


The pin up girls are bit risque' but they are waaaay too tame to be taken as pr0n in this day and age. The pornography thing does not piss me off as much as the whole "Middle Eastern" country thing.

What a fucking dumbass.

Anonymous said...

If your blog is under pornography, where will mine be? Real Sex?

Technodoll said...

he he. no anger issues there, eh? ROTF!!

for shits and giggles, you should put up a picture of a man with a giant cock on your blog... like this one:

constant drama said...

King Bitch:

No no. It'll be under "Political". No seriously. Coz he's a dumbfuck.



Quin Browne said...

sweet potata...

yous been tagged.


constant drama said...

Really? Will get to it.

evie said...

i'm scared of you now...

and is your OTHER bedsheet filled with spongebob prints? to go with the soft toys? hehe... eh! don't kill me, i have soft toys too although they stay in the closet back at my folk's home.

constant drama said...

Scary? Moi? I have my moments.

Spongebob? Pleaassse, itu memang sungguh, sungguh tidak macho skali. Even for me.