Tuesday, February 12, 2008

For future references.....

Note to self for future references:

When you come back from class from an extremely tiring day in college with the knowledge that you NEED to study because you have a 10% quiz tomorrow- which you haven't even started to study yet...do not say to yourself "Oh, its okay. I just go to sleep first and wakes up at like 4am to study."

Bitch, it never gonna happen.

On that note it is 4am and I am not studying. I'm blogging. This will not end well.


gypsy-on-the-move said...

hey you haven't sleep yet?
anwyay, goodluck for quiz later.

evie said...

ooo... i hate exams. i hate studying. i'm the last person on earth to motivate someone else to buck up in their studies. but it IS 10% so i hope you managed to cram something in before the quiz!

constant drama said...


Too late for that now but yeah...okay.


I know!! I hate studying for the subjects I cannot stand but the ones I do, I dont mind one bit at all.