Thursday, February 07, 2008

Jim Carrey should not have nude scenes

I just watched the movie The Number 23.

I don't get why so many people criticize it for being crap. It's not that bad. It tries to be clever but in the end it all falls apart. The first half was good, the second half of the movie felt rushed and contrive. Also its kinda disturbing that it involves a whole lot of sex scenes. Jim Carrey sex scenes. You read that right.

Jim Carrey. Sex scenes.

When you seen Jim Carrey's ass thrusting out a couple of times, trust me on this; you will lose faith in humanity. My fucking eyes hurt.

But I'm not here to talk about the movie. Or the fact that the Constantly Dramatic One is now scarred for life from seeing Jim Carrey's white skinny ass in multiple sex scenes, I'm here to talk about the ending.........At the end of the movie you see the Bible reading from Numbers 23:32 .........

"Be sure that your sins will find you out."

I guess I'm fucked then for I have sin.
And seen Jim Carrey's ass. Multiple times.


Valerie said...

Ha! I never would've thought I'd see the day that Jim Carrey did a sex scene, let alone multiple sex scenes.

Deutlich said...

now i wanna know what is wang looks like

Elisabeth said...

Thank god you warned me - I was thinking of renting this one time.

Jime Carrey + Sex = Inhumane.

constant drama said...


I know Val....I know.....


Only shots of his ass. No wait. WTF? Why the hell you wanna see his wang anyways? Oh god. Mental image. Bad mental image.


Good thing I let you know right? Of you would have suffered a fate as terrible as I did.

Blowing Shit Up With Gas said...

#23 wasn't bad. I don't recall the sex scenes, though... Must've blocked them out.

Neda said...

Fun blog. Thanks for your visit :)

constant drama said...


Nah, #23 isnt that bad. I mean the way the critics talked about it, you would think that its "In the Name of the Father". For real. But yes, sex scenes. Wow you blocked it out huh?

Maybe I should do the same too.


No! Yours was more fun.