Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Of things that are pissing me off during the finals....

Right. You know how some people NEVER learn from their mistakes? Yeah, I am one of those people.

I have extremely thick hair. Extremely. That cutting it short is really a risky move however during my high school years I can't stand long hair so I always had it short. Because of the combination of shortness and thickness of the hair.... I went through my whole high school years looking like a mushroom. About an hour ago I went and got myself a similar haircut without realising that it will become the mushroom hair yet again.

You think the first time was painful enough....but noooooo I have to repeat it. Again. Somebody hurry go get a baseball bat and club me over the head with it. When I say head, I mean my mushroom hair head. Meh.


Allright riddle me this, since when is dressing like the goddamn Taliban is cool? Dunno what I am talking about? Here lemme show you:

Now I dunno when the hell it becomes cool but the last time I checked, those Taliban Jihad soldiers that came on CNN telling the world how they were going to decapitate the nice-white-lady-from-Oregon's head - was wearing that shit. So when did it become cool to dress like that?

Take that shit off. Wearing a vest like Justin was cool. Wearing those goddamn scarves just make you look like a douche. Just like 50 cent when he started wearing bullet proof vest and nothing else around. It ain't cool, its stupid. Therefore in conclusion if you dress like that then you are a dumbass.


"Fudge you!!"
"Brother pucker"

Okay listen up. If you wanna curse just fucking do it. Just because you swap the words around doesn't change the meaning one bit. Just because you say "Fudge you" doesn't mean you do not mean "Fuck you."

If you mean it than say it. Don't be a pussy. If you are a pussy but want to say it but yet don't want to then don't fucking say it all you sonofabitch.

See I called you a son of a bitch. I didn't swap the words around or make it sound like something else. I called you a son of a bitch. And I mean it. See the difference here? Stop trying to be cute around me. Unless you are a kitten or Ghendut- my golden hamster, you will never be cute to me.

People have to stop pissing me off. I'm already on the edge with this fucking exams.


"hehe. saw you on grease. add me. hehe"

Listen creepy weird psycho over Facebook. I appreciate the fact that you came for the show. I'm glad that you enjoyed the show. But I don't however appreciate the fact that you track me down over Facebook asking for a friend add. I am not your friend. I am not gonna be a part of your life mission of getting 30, 000, 000 friends.

I do not friend add strangers........... Unless, of course if you are a smokin-hot-soldier-of-the-Turkish-Royal-Army-who-speaks-no-word-of-English-but-has-an-uber-tight-ass. But you are not a smokin-hot-soldier-of-the-Turkish-Royal-Army-who-speaks-no-word-of-English-but-has-an-uber-tight-ass. You are some creepy weirdo dude from college that I don't want to have anything to do with. And your ass is not even tight. I've checked.

I'm putting you on block. He he.

Friday, April 25, 2008


Okay guys, Dramatic Musings is going on a hiatus. The reason? Final exams people, final exams. I got exams coming out of my ass over here so I will be back after my final paper is done and over with which is on May 2nd.

So by that time y'all get to see Opening Night: Part the 2nd and Backstage photos (trust me you wanna see the stupidity that went on backstage). So wish me luck coz I'm sure as hell needs it.....And oh I changed the pin up girls on the side there and added 3 more. Enjoy!


Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Stupid piece of shit

First of all you are a fucking asshole. You never call a girl by that name and think of it as a joke. I thought you were smart but I guess you are as dumb as Tweety is. You never met her but trust me, I couldn't possibly think of a worst insult to hurl at you other than that.

You think its funny. I think its utterly disrespectful and hurtful. There's a thin line between teasing and being obnoxiously mean. Today you crossed that line and worst of all you don't even have the balls to apologize to me face to face. Instead of doing what someone with balls would have done, you send me a passive aggressive so-called apologetic email over Facebook.


Grow some balls. If you can't then fuck off and die coz I don't want to have anything to do with you anymore.

Monday, April 21, 2008

The end of the road

So the musical was a whole lot of fun. There were sooo many flukes its ridiculous, but in an insanely funny way. Not at that point of course. At that point we were like "Wtf? Wtf?" but now that its done and over with its hilarious. The show only run for two nights, well its a a low-budget college production. So low-budget, the cast comes up with our own costume with the help of the costume department of course. I don't mind. For my role as the dramatic, bimbotic and somewhat slutty-ish Pink Lady I got to buy a brand new awwwwesome skirt and a silky bathrobe. Tee hee hee.Whhhhhat? It wasn't shopping per se, it was for school. I swear.

Its funny now looking back knowing that the only reason I auditioned for the show is for shit and giggles. I went in reading for the role of Rizzo, the leader of the Pink Ladies. I sucked at that by the way. Ironically they call me for the 2nd audition and then at the 3rd one they asked me to read for Marty. The next day, one of the producers called and said I got Marty. I was like "Thank you......... Who's Marty?". Then I asked them why I got Marty and he said "Because we think you have stage presence and quite sensual."....................cue LOLwalrus!!

Whatever dude.
I got the role.

Being bimbotic is really no problem. Years of making fun of bimbos comes in handy when playing Marty. And being slutty also is a no biggie I just need to release the inner slut within. The Constantly Dramatic One, as you might noticed, have always had a somewhat slutty side lurking underneath. A repressed slutty side because of good breeding and circumstance.........But I swear to God, if I don't have the upbringing I have.......maaan......

You probably would guess by now that that Tweety bimbo that I was consistently bitching about is part of the play too. Its extremely painful to deal with her day in and day out for the last 6 weeks. Furthermore we're suppose to be buddies on the show. Stupid bitch never comes to rehearsals on time, always making excuses, every one of the cast is off the script at least 1 week into Opening Night she still fumbling her lines during the final rehearsal. Tell me you don't get pissed too. And remember my now infamous Weakest Link post? Yeah, I was right.

Opening night rolls in and she was indeed the weakest link. Bitch fumbles her lines, cant emote with her face (she has only one look on her face - the vapid and bimbotic look) and most of the audience cant hear shit what she was talking about. And guess what, according the lecturers who came that night, the Constantly Dramatic One was the crowd's favourite. Heard that Tweety? You know why was I the crowd's favourite? Because I come to rehearsal on time, I remember my cue and lines, I can emote with face - I do not hold on exclusively to the vapid and bimbotic expression that you seems to favour so much and the best part of it is that when I was doing all that I was jacked up on painkiller for my toe meaning I was "out of it" a bit. The Constantly Dramatic One was the Crowd's Favourite bitch and you're the one who had acting classes. Not me.

I am soooo glad that this is done and over with. I had some good times during the production. Funny moments during rehearsals, in-jokes we shared, going shopping for costume, tripping over each other during dancing scenes, bitching about Tweety with some of the other cast who cant stand her either and hey, its a great feeling knowing that you delivered, did not fumbled your lines on stage and made the people laugh and of course becomes the Crowd's Favourite as opposed to the Weakest Link. But really, if you tell me that I have to spend another day with Tweety, to force myself to smile weakly at her, to be civilized with her for the sake of the production, I will buy a gun from the nearest pawn shop and shoot you dead centre in the forehead.

That bitch is stupid okay. And please do bear in mind that when I say that, I had my share of dealing with Indonesian maids that have never been in a big city and they use words that I can barely understand. Compared to Tweety, everyone of them can win the Nobel Prize. If there ever an award for stupidity being given out like the Academy Awards, then I will campaign that those awards should be carved in Tweety's likeness coz she is the dumbest person that have ever walked God's Green Earth. Now I'm looking forward to the day that when I pass her in the hallways. I no longer have to smile or be nice to her. I can just plain out be bitchy and show her how much I hate her. But I guess when I do that she probably wont get it. Coz she is just that stupid.

Anyways, Im happy that the production was a success, that I was good on stage, that I do not need 27 years of therapy from this but most off all no more Tweety for the rest of my life...... The sweet life without stupidity. Bet you guys wanna see photos. Fo sho. Next post would be the Rehearsal photos, Opening Night photos and finally the Backstage: Before and After photos. Wait for it.

..................................And if you wanna know who Tweety is then spot the bitch with the vapid and bimbotic look on her face aaaaalll the time.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Nine Toes

Okay to cut a long story short. The reason why I haven't been blogging is because I have been busy going for rehearsals. Those "meetings" and "on-going project" that I blogged about, yeah those are rehearsals. Yes, the Constantly Dramatic One is in the college production of Grease the Musical. I'm playing Marty Maraschino, the dramatic, bimbotic and somewhat slutty-ish Pink Lady. Hhhhhmmm, wonder how I got that part huh? And opening night is tomorrow. The show is going on for two days only. The tixs are priced at RM25 each but its for charity so its all good.

I will blog all about it later but what I want to say is that last night during rehearsal the girl who playes Rizzo stepped on my toe with her heel. Not her high heels, just her heel. And it hurts like a bitch but I thought it was nothing. But this morning I woke up and the toe is like all fucked up. Its all bruised and it hurts like bitch to walk. Its only that one toe. Just now I went for our full dress rehearsal and I had to walk around barefooted coz it hurts too much to wear stilettos. I have to wear flats for the performance now. It sucks donkey balls.

Now the toe has swollen up and a lot of people were looking at it and they were telling me that it looks too bad to be just a minor swollen. They say that it could be like internal bleeding or maybe I have broken it coz I cannot curl that toe anymore. But I can still feel pain when I poke it. My stupid fucking so-called friend Ali was teasing me about how they're gonna amputate it and I got so scared I started crying. Shut that asshole up. But that was ridiculously embarrassing. I never cried before because someone was teasing me about anything but I'm worried man. What if they cut off my toe? Then I will no longer be the Constantly Dramatic One, I will be Nine Toes. Fuck!!

I want to go for an X-ray but its too late at night now. No one X-rays at night. So tomorrow I'm gonna go to the hospital for an X-ray. I really wish that its just a really bad swollen and nothing is broken. Or need to be amputated. And then during the show, I'll be the Pink Lady who limps around. This sucks so much...but not as bad as how my toe is throbbing right now.

I took some pics. Look at the bruising!!

Closer look, I put on some Malay herbal hot oil on it so thats why it looks wet. But look!! The bruising!

Back view. And yes I have short stubby toes. But they are my short stubby toes and I don't want anyone to cut them off. Okay?

I hope its not broken. I can still feel pain when I poke it. Or internal bleeding. Dear God, please don't let it be amputate. I swear this is karma. For cursing and bitching all the time................

I'm scared.

Update (April 20th 2008)

I went to the hospital, got the X-ray done and its nothing. It was just "severe swelling" so I got some pills to help the swelling go down and some really kickass painkillers. All is good.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

My favourite chink..........


The following post contains a shitload of inside jokes. Some may be offensive or/and will not make sense at all. My bad.

The first time I saw you, I thought to myself "What a pretty girl." and after finishing that sentence in my head I was overcome with envy and decided right there and then to hate you. Coz you know you're just that hot. Then I saw that bigass tattoo on your back and I though "Holy crap, she's badass. Better not mess with her" so I tried to fly under your radar. Then not enough with that I decided that somehow along the way that you are a bimbo and I stare quietly at the back of your head when you sit in front of me in class with dislike. Then one day you came and sit next to me in class.

You smiled. I stared at you. You begun talking and I was shocked that you could actually form coherent sentences. But I'm more surprise that you are not a prissy bimbo the way I had you painted in my head. I was even more surprised that somewhere during that first conversation we had that I actually like you. That I actually could roll with you and suddenly the tables were turn. I am the prissy bimbo now. Not you.

And holy crap. I do like you a lot.

But I think that the time that we really bond is in that class when we both hate on that lecturer. Make incredibly lewd jokes about the size of his ass and bitch about everything and anything under the sun. Then we took all that from inside the classroom to the mamak where we continue the bitching. Damn girl those mamak sessions with condense milk coffee is the best bitching sessions I ever had. You bitching skill amazes me. Seriously. I have never had another friend who actually can bitch as well as you. You are truly my Numbero Uno bitching buddy. And yes, that is the highest compliment I could give to anyone.

And the best part of it all is that we hate all the same bitches and bimbos in college. Oh man, I truly and awfully miss those condense milk coffee days. And condense milk is the best. Fact. Then Cheesecakeerian entered the picture and then there were three of us. We upgraded from the mamak to Chilli's: 7.30pm-12am bitching session now over steak and bottomless drinks and that bayau Spanky McDestiny.

If destiny is kind, then one day I will be able to spank his ass. Until then lets just hope that day will come...................

And now you're flying off to your homeland, Germany. Its inevitable. You are after all an exchange student but I always forgets that considering the fact that you look so chinky half the time..........=p .Ahahahahahahahaha!! You can't kick my ass for that bitch, you're already out of Malaysia by the time you read this. But nonetheless you are an exchange student. And you need to go home. And with you gone I realise that:

a) I'm losing my Numbero Uno Bitching Buddy.

b) You are my favourite chink....I mean quarter-chink in the whole wide world.

c) Ghendut - the GOLDEN HAMSTER- and I, the Constantly Dramatic One adores you.

I'll miss you Fie. I'm sorry that I cant send you off but seriously its your fault woman. Why the hell you're flying off on a 2am flight anyways? KLIA is too damn far away. What if a Pontianak follows me on my way home? You could never tell. Maybe if you ever comes back to Malaysia we can go out again. Bitch about everything and anything under the sun. Or maybe one day if I do achieve my goal of becoming Clive Owen's mistress than he can fly me to the UK then I can take the train to Germany and meet up with you during Oktoberfest where you will get shitfaced drunk and I will hold your hair as you puke.

Whatever it is Fie, I hope that you have a safe flight. And hey at least we have Facebook and blogs for us to be in touch right? That should do until I become Clive Owen's mistress. And oh yeah, any time I go to the mamak again, I'll order two condense milk coffees. One for me and one in your honour. I'm drinking it for you.....Okay not really. I just need my caffeine kick and I just wanna drink two cups of coffee but its completely cool if I use your name right?

And remember........ May, there's a little chink in everyone. More so in you. That's a joke. Coz it was funny. Now laugh.

Ha. Ha.

You look so chinky in this light May =p

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Look Ma! I'm feh-mes.

I read once somewhere before that only blogs that have a considerable amount of traffic gets spam. I never really give it thought until one day I begin receiving spam in my comment box. I was like "What the fuck bitch? No I don't want to see your saggy titties and no I am happy with my penis. I do not need enlargement pills."........ when it occurs to me that Dramatic Musings is getting spammed.

Whoa dude, I am getting spammed. Fuck yeah! The Constantly Dramatic One has finally found a teeny weeny corner of my own in this huge world of the interweb - as they say back in the day. I'm still getting spammed now and I always reject them but the attention whore in me relishes the fact that I have spam.
To reject. Fuck yeah.

Then today I came home from a nerve wrecking day of presentations and espionage (don't ask) in college; I took a shower, I had my dinner I sat in front of the computer and I begin moderating comments. Oh lookie, lookie
Quin left comments, so did Evie, Elisabeth and Maverick but oh what's that? Anonymous?

What did it say? Well then, let me copy and paste for you dear blog readers.

"Oh please, shut up already. Grow up, lose A LOT of weight, and stop lying about things that has been happening in your life. You're trying too hard to fit in. OH wait, don't then it'll not be fun to laugh and you."

Wow. My first hater. I have a hater.

HOLY MOTHER OF GAWD!!!! I have haters! I'm famous bitches!!!

Ohmygawd I dunno who you are dear Anonymous but you truly made my day. I know, I know you posted this under my Weakest Link post but I was sooooooo excited I accidentally deleted it but good thing I have another copy in my email. Now I know that you want me to shut up but really I can't. Not because I can't but if I do what would you be hating on? The only reason for your existence is to become my number one hater and I will respect your need for that. I will honour that. I will not shut up so that you can fill in the void in your life by hating me.

See? I care for you.

And you know what you are sooo truly very special to me. No one have ever told me to grow up, to shut up and to lose weight all in a sentence. You care don't you? You do care for me and although I know you say that all in anger I understand there is a thin line between love and hate. And deep down inside you do love me don't you? That's why you read my blog when you can do so much more with your life.....assuming of course that you do have a life. That's why you told me to grow up because you don't want me to embarrass myself by acting silly. You want me to stop bitching so that I appear more ladylike and you want me to lose weight because you think I could be more beautiful than what I already am. Although, c'mon who are we kidding? More beautiful? Puhllleassssse, there's nothing on me that need fixin but, but.....oh babes, I feel the love. I do. Thank you for caring ever so much.

And I don't lie about things that are happening in my life. I am just dramatic in the retelling because that's I am. I am dramatic and dramatics isn't lying. Its entertaining babes. Ohhhhhh you know I feel so awkward not knowing who you are and where you come from. I think I will name you. I will call you Princess
Asshat. Cute right? Anything for you babes.

But you know there's one thing that I do have to disagree with you. I never try to fit in. I am a team player but never in my life do I give a damn in fitting in but its okay. You and I we are just getting to know each other and its fine. I suggest that you go back into the archives and read all my entries and get to know the Constantly Dramatic One better. As my Number One Hater, I hate for you to come off sounding stupid. Which you actually kinda are, but its okay. We can remedy that. Together. The next time you come up with your aggressive love messages for me, I want you to be better, smarter and wittier. You care for me. And its only right that I care for you too.

And that last part? It actually makes no sense.

"to laugh and you"

Rrrrriiiiiiiight...........See this is the "stupid" part I was talking about. Princess Asshat, you gotta work on this okay? I am no grammar or typo Nazi so I am going to forgive you. I will let it slide. Its really is embarrassing for you to type all that sooo passionately in your denial of love for me and get that last part wrong. Really. Good thing you didn't give a name or url to follow back to eh? Or otherwise that would be sooooooooooooooooooooo embarrassing for you.

Now I shall await your reply and I so wish that this time you sign in using the name I gave you coz its just sooooooooooo pretty. And its okay to hate me. Its okay. I don't want you to go to sleep hating yourself because you hate me. I want you to always repeat this to yourself:

"Its okay to hate people that are much better than me. Its okay to be jealous. Its okay to hate the Constantly Dramatic One because she is famous and people like her when I couldn't make friends and have a tiny baby dick- even if I am a woman. Its okay."

Just keep on repeating that until you fall asleep. There's no shame in that. And the next morning when you wake up, remember its a brand new day to hate on me because I am everything that you aspire to be but you can never become. Now before I leave you, please do feel free to leave more typo laden hate comments because in doing so, you validate the fact that yes I am famous and yes, I am better than you in every way that is possible.

I love you always and forever Princess Asshat.

Sunday, April 06, 2008


"Happy birthday to the best dad I know,
A father I love and respect,
A dad who fulfills all his duties,
To teach, to guide, to protect.

If everyone had such a father,
A really good dad like mine,
The world would be so much better,
It would look like God’s own design."

By Joanna Fuchs

Selamat Hari Jadi Ayah!!

Friday, April 04, 2008

You're Only as Strong as Your Weakest Link

I wanna hurt you. I really, really wanna hurt you. You stupid fucking spoilt bitch. I am so angry. So fucking angry.

15 days. 15 fucking days.

We have 15 days to go and you still dunno what the fuck you are supposed to. I know what I have to do. I am bringing it. I know what and when and how to do it when I need to. Why can't you? You stupid fucking spoilt bitch.

Listen Tweety, I dealt with your whole need to talk like a retarded 4 year old. I have dealt with. I dunno why the hell you wanna do that for but I have dealt with that. It doesn't irritates me anymore. What irritates me is your laziness. And the fact that you give excuses for your laziness.

Oh I cannot do this coz my knees hurts.

I'm not dressed properly coz my knees hurts.

I dunno what to do coz my knees hurts.

There's only so much you can use with the whole knees thing, okay you stupid fucking bitch. If it hurts so much than why do I not see you on pain killers? If it hurts so much than why can you do your cutesy little skip in front of me.

You are a fucking spoilt, lazy little bitch.

Huney wake up. You're in college. You are not at home. At home you can get away with this shit. In college there is a certain thing called responsibility. I am sorry that your parents never teach you that. I know my responsibilities and I don't shun them. My parents, they love me but they kick my ass when they think they need to do so. I'm sorry that your parents never see that need and pamper you so much until you become an irritating little spoilt lazy bitch that do not understand the concept of responsibility.

Its called doing your part. Its called coming prepared. Its called not giving excuses when you are too lazy to not know what you need to fucking do. This project is going down in flames coz you are a stupid bitch that does not give a damn. We work as a team. We present as a team. A team is only as strong as the weakest link. You are currently our weakest link. You are taking us down in flames.

I refused to let you do that and that's why we are going to have a little talk the next time we meet up.

You fucking spoilt lazy little bitch.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

A somewhat....'hiatus'

Finals is coming up on the 26th. The dateline for my on-going project is on the 18th and we still have lots of things to do. Not including all the assignments and presentation that I have yet to get done and over with. Loads off stuff.

Stress. Anxiety. Fatigue. Self-doubt.

Its all taking its toll.

And did I mentioned that the Penang trip is cancelled? Its been decided for a while but I didn't mentioned it coz I thought we could reschedule. But we couldn't. And now its cancelled. Sad now. So lets add that to the list.

Stress. Anxiety. Fatigue. Self-doubt. Sadness.

I am sooo tired these days, so tired. I have the energy level of a koala and this koala have to do a shitload of stuff. Plus, lately this blogging thing have not been that much fun anymore. Its no longer something that I 'want' to do but now it feels like something that I 'have to' do. And when 'want' becomes 'have to', the party stops. When I started this whole blog, it was for a class assignment. Responsible journalism. Which basically me talking shit bout the government for the first 11 entries. Then I just continued to blog coz its an outlet for my bitching. Then the readers come and found the bitching to be entertaining.

Seeing the numbers of readers jump up on my site meter rocked my world. Its like a "HAHAHA!! Bitches I have readers!" moment. But as of late I realise that my blogging isnt about me blogging or bitching anymore. Its more like I want to be entertaining. And if you find yourself trying to be entertaining then you know you are NOT entertaining.

No I am not saying its going to be hiatus. I'm saying there be less posting. At least until after my finals is done. That's in May. I will be around just not as much. I realise that I would lose readers but when I was blogging for me, that shit should not have mattered.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Child labour

My stupid college is putting me under child labour.

I have a meeting yesterday. It was from 2pm until 9pm. That's seven hours. Seven hours!! Count that bitches! And we stayed back like 3 hours after college hours. They wanted the meeting to be longer but I was like "Oh no bitch! You not making me miss Ugly Betty!"

Nothing comes between me and Amanda. Our love is true .

Anyways, God.....seven hours. So tiring. My muscle aches. My ass aches. My boobs aches. Everywhere aches. I had to do splits. The Constantly Dramatic One does not do splits you bitches. But somehow I did. And it hurts. A lot. However we did cover a whole lot of grounds in the on-going project. Which is something I am extremely pleased with. It was a lot of hard work, downright child labour but we got a lot done. This project, which I thought was doomed to failure in the beginning might have a shot of glory. Might. But even though we have covered lots of ground, but there are a lot more to be done. A lot more.

18 days to dateline. Clock is ticking. Fuck.

Anyways you know something weird happened. You know how I always bitch about the girls in my team. Yeah, at one point I was sure that somehow all the bimbos had a meeting and then decided to join this project. No one gave me a memo so somehow I got myself stuck in this mess, with all the bimbos from college. It was hell okay. I have to deal with Tweety, I have to deal with Jackass, I have to deal with this chick that thinks she is the hottest thing that ever walked on God's green earth, this other chick who DOES look like a nasty slut and a himbo. I cannot stand it. I talk shit about them. I bitch about them on my blog.

But yesterday after SEVEN hours continuously being with them, having dinner together, planning and stuff I decided they're not that bad after all. I was genuinely concerned when Tweety fell down and scraped her knees. I was like "Are you okay? Do you need anything?". And then when another team mate singled her out I defended her. Like WTF right? Then the chick-formerly-known-as-Jackass was trying to crack her lame-ass jokes with me I actually smiled and laughed. The jokes are ridiculously lame but I laugh coz I don't want her to feel bad. She's just being friendly. Why cant I? Why must I be a bitch all the time?

Then that chick who I thinks look like a nasty slut. Well she is still a nasty slut in my opinion. But she is a nasty slut that I kinda like now. She's quirky, she's passionate, she's talented, she's still a nasty slut but hey at least she's being true to herself. And that is something I could respect. Thing is these people are not the people that would ever become my friends. We don't click. But I think, after being with them for SEVEN hours straight I can honestly say that I know them a bit better now. I don't think I like them that much but I accept them as who they are.

When Tweety acts all adorable now, I don't flinch. I no longer scheme the perfect crime of running her down with a tractor and making it look like an accident in my mind. When the chick-formerly-known-as-Jackass screams and yells, I just stare and accept that bitch has mood swings. We all do. She just can't control it yet. People don't change overnight.

I don't like them. We will never be friends. But we are all working for a common goal and that is for this project to turn out successful. And that is a good enough reason for me to be civilized.

Orrrrr maybe this is the seven hours fatigue doing the talking?
Fuck if I know.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Random Rantings

Wait! Is he caressing that cat?


I wish I'm that cat.