Friday, April 18, 2008

Nine Toes

Okay to cut a long story short. The reason why I haven't been blogging is because I have been busy going for rehearsals. Those "meetings" and "on-going project" that I blogged about, yeah those are rehearsals. Yes, the Constantly Dramatic One is in the college production of Grease the Musical. I'm playing Marty Maraschino, the dramatic, bimbotic and somewhat slutty-ish Pink Lady. Hhhhhmmm, wonder how I got that part huh? And opening night is tomorrow. The show is going on for two days only. The tixs are priced at RM25 each but its for charity so its all good.

I will blog all about it later but what I want to say is that last night during rehearsal the girl who playes Rizzo stepped on my toe with her heel. Not her high heels, just her heel. And it hurts like a bitch but I thought it was nothing. But this morning I woke up and the toe is like all fucked up. Its all bruised and it hurts like bitch to walk. Its only that one toe. Just now I went for our full dress rehearsal and I had to walk around barefooted coz it hurts too much to wear stilettos. I have to wear flats for the performance now. It sucks donkey balls.

Now the toe has swollen up and a lot of people were looking at it and they were telling me that it looks too bad to be just a minor swollen. They say that it could be like internal bleeding or maybe I have broken it coz I cannot curl that toe anymore. But I can still feel pain when I poke it. My stupid fucking so-called friend Ali was teasing me about how they're gonna amputate it and I got so scared I started crying. Shut that asshole up. But that was ridiculously embarrassing. I never cried before because someone was teasing me about anything but I'm worried man. What if they cut off my toe? Then I will no longer be the Constantly Dramatic One, I will be Nine Toes. Fuck!!

I want to go for an X-ray but its too late at night now. No one X-rays at night. So tomorrow I'm gonna go to the hospital for an X-ray. I really wish that its just a really bad swollen and nothing is broken. Or need to be amputated. And then during the show, I'll be the Pink Lady who limps around. This sucks so much...but not as bad as how my toe is throbbing right now.

I took some pics. Look at the bruising!!

Closer look, I put on some Malay herbal hot oil on it so thats why it looks wet. But look!! The bruising!

Back view. And yes I have short stubby toes. But they are my short stubby toes and I don't want anyone to cut them off. Okay?

I hope its not broken. I can still feel pain when I poke it. Or internal bleeding. Dear God, please don't let it be amputate. I swear this is karma. For cursing and bitching all the time................

I'm scared.

Update (April 20th 2008)

I went to the hospital, got the X-ray done and its nothing. It was just "severe swelling" so I got some pills to help the swelling go down and some really kickass painkillers. All is good.


Michelle said...

Ow! Maybe it's broken? It looks painful! Let us know what's up. I hope it feels better soon!

My son hurt his foot once and I could've sworn he broke it because he couldn't walk at all. He crawled around all day. The doctor said it was a "bruised bone". It was okay in about a week.

Good luck with the musical!

Tine said...

Bloody hell, that's gotta hurt. If you can still move the toe (try wriggling it a little), then it's not broken. But yeah, see a doctor, get that nasty bruise sorted out.

I feel for you girl. I feel for you.

PS: I just whacked my shin on the side of the bed, and I can't bend, squat or anything without wanting to scream. GAH.

faye said...

I hope everything will be ok CD...don't worry. With the technology nowadays, nobody will amputate your toe!!

Adrienne said...

OMFG.....! that looks bad!!! i can actually feel your pain.....ouch.

Don't worry, its not like the toe is dead or anything. They won't amputate it..n i think it might ac tually just be sprained.. i sprained a toe once when i was younger and look! i have nine toes!!


ps/Update us after the x-ray k?

evie said...

oh shit! i hope your toe's ok. update us!

and you're in the musical huh? i think i can guess which college you're in. i saw the musical listed in some mag...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hey, there could be a crack on your 3rd metatarsal bone. i think this injury is rather common for footballers but rest assured, not a single case known requires any amputation. baca Bismillah and tiup2 wont do it. you still need to go for an x-ray and some words of advice from the good doc right after that. take care!

Zikri said...

relax, you just need to rest your toe, maybe ice it, it'll be ok. i bust my toes so frequently its just a joke most of the time XD

Didi Ooi said...
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Maverick SM said...

It looks bad but it won't be amputated, I firmly believed.

Make sure you go see a doctor and get it nursed and it should be ok in one or two days.

Be brave, ok; it's not fatal.

Technodoll said...

Even if your toe is broken, there is nothing that can be done except to wrap it up and take it easy... LOL no amputation necessary ;-)

Do get the exray though, you might need pain meds.


fie the elf said...

awwwww =( *HUGS*

good luck for your performance!!

Tinesh said...

Dont worry people! it wasn't a fracture! It was just a swell that's all..

And CD, awesome performance! Congrats!

Quin Browne said...

get white medical tape, and tape it firmly to the next largest toe.

this is what a doctor will do.

soak it, tape it, and keep off it as much as possible when not in the show.

oh, and break a leg.

i'm proud of you.

Prince Gomolvilas said...

Horrifying. Simply horrifying.

Quin Browne said...


spoken like a true director.

constant drama said...

Hey guys, I've updated. Thanks soooo much for your care and concern and all the advises. I really felt the luuuurve =p

Zikri said...

i imagine you're quite doped now cause of the painkillers :P

constant drama said...

Oh man I am sooo jacked up. You wouldnt believe.