Saturday, March 29, 2008

Oh what a glorious feeling

I just got back from another meeting of my on-going project. It was glorious. The meeting I mean.

Remember Tweety?
Ms. I'm-all-grown-but-I-speak-like-a-retarded-4-year-old? Yeah that one. She has a sidekick and this one is worst. Truly Tweety is the one of the lesser evil coz the other one has issues. Waaaay bigger than Tweety's. This one is ridiculously annoying. She likes to yell at people, a bonafide bossy brat, moody as fuck and so delusional to think that she's cute. Fortunately for me, she isn't. And when it comes down to it, she and the Constantly Dramatic One does not get along. Plus I'm biased. She yelled at one of my friends before and called him a jackass to his face therefore she has been officially indicted as 'The Enemy". Otherwise known as "bitch you're fucked now".

I really don't like her and I get the vibe that she doesn't like me either. I think the boys in the team also do not like her because she yells at them when she feels like it. And then when she feels like it, acts all cutie around them. Issues.
Bitch has issues.

So there's this party coming up that the whole team is going to since one of our member is the one throwing it. So she was saying that she found a dress for the party but its too big and it sucks sooo much coz she so wanted to wear it and bla fucking bla. I really don't give a flying fuck. To everything that she says, I go "Hhhmm" and nothing else.

"I found a dress!
Like it was like gold and black.
But it was one size too big.
Well boo hoo, I don't give a rat's ass bout you jackass.

Then comes the glorious part.

She was like, "Ouuuuuu you're going to the party? Me too! I HAVE A DATE!!"

Then she grins and stared at me in that expectant way when you want people to ask you everything about your date. Who is he? What's his name? When is his birthday? What brand of diapers did his Mama use to contained his ass. That shit.

But I didn't.

I just stared back.

Then I turn to the guy sitting next to me and started asking him about the most trivial shit I could think of.

I asked him where he got his flip flops from.

Ohmygawd!!! You should have seen the look on her face!!! It was priceless!! I cannot even begin to describe how happy and contented her face made me feel at that very moment. Ahahahahahahahahahhahaha!!!

Glorious people. Gloooorious.

That's for calling my friend a jackass, you jackass.

"Oh what a glorious felling" is a movie tagline. Which movie did I stole it from. Hint: Its one of my favourite movies.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

A vapid and bimbotic post

Okay I know I said there's a hiatus and all that coz the words are not flowing. I wasn't messing around. I am having a somewhat writer's block. So the following post is going to be extremely vapid and bimbotic. You have been warned.

My homegirls and I are going to
Penang!!!! But in May though, exactly one day after our finals. Then we all gonna board a bus that would take us on a 4 hour ride from Wilayah Persekutuan, across the Penang bridge and onto the island of Penang! I would drive us there but my parents got all iffy when I said that. They will never let go of the whole "Oooouuuu CD-bang-the-wall-while-trying-to-reverse-park incident". So we're taking a bus, we could fly but it'll be more expensive but more importantly it will cut our bitching time. Bus ride would give us ample time to bitch about everything under the sun and more.

I am super excited. We gonna rent a car when we're there and go to all these cultural/historical places. Then when its not so hot we will hit the beach and pretend we're on Baywatch. 3kc and Cheesecakeerian can work on their tans. I don't need to do seeing that I'm already brown. I just stalk hot men on the beach. My dad have high powered binoculars...would definitely borrow that for the trip. MWAHAHAHAHA!

Which bring me to another topic, we would be spending at least two days just lazing around on the beach. I need new swimsuits. I mean, I already have one but I need another one. Like hell I'm gonna repeat the same thing twice two days on a row. Which means....the Constantly Dramatic One would need to go shopping. After 3 months of not shopping.
This. Is. Big.

But this is a necessity. I need to look constantly hot.... When coming out of the water. When frolicking around on the beach. When removing sand from my butt crack..... What if Clive decided to go on holiday in Penang? The chances are very slim, I'm gonna agree with you on this one, but like my high school science teacher always say: Preparation is key.

So now, the Constantly Dramatic One is on a mission. To find a swimsuit similar to the one my idol wore:

And then to have a picture of me taken in the same exact pose.

Same. Exact. Pose.

Also, with this blog post, I am declaring that when I am frolicking around on the beaches of Penang, my sunflowers must refer me as 'Marilyn'. Or I'm just gonna ignore them. I'm serious people. Its 'Marilyn' or nothing.

Delusional? Moi? Puhleaaazeeee.

And oh anybody knows good places to eat in Penang? Like really good. Like the "sungguh sedap hingga menjilat jari sampai ke siku" kinda good. Our top priority on this trip is to eat. A lot. Where's the best nasi kandar joint? Ikan bakar? Any other speciality? Oh and please only suggest halal ones, Marilyn is very fussy bout food. Uuuuhhhhhh..... I mean me, the Constantly Dramatic One, is very fussy when it comes to food.

If you're too shy to leave any suggestion in the comment box then mail me. And as token of appreciation I'll send you a pic of Ghendut, my golden hamster, posing like Marilyn. Promise.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Blog Hiatus

Actually I am having a somewhat writer's block. I'm gona stop blogging for a while. The words are not flowing, no point forcing it. The Constantly Dramatic One would be back when the words decide to not be a bunch of elusive sons of bitches.


Monday, March 24, 2008

Things happen Mom....

Dear Mom,

Before anything else I would like to thank you. Thank you for carrying me around in you womb for nine months and then later on went into a 15 hour labor to bring me into the world. Thank you. Thank you for driving me to school, to tuition classes, to swimming classes, to violin classes for like 12 years of our lives. Thank you for listening to the crap that spew out of my mouth even though half of if doesn't make sense. Thank you for teaching me how to ride the bicycle, how to read and I still remember those days when I sit on your lap as you guide my hand to write. Thank you for all the the little things and the big things that make you such a wonderful mother.

And yes, I am thankful that about two years ago you talk Dad into giving me a car for my birthday. How many people can say they get cars for their birthdays? Well not that many that I know of. I love my car. I like the facade of freedom that comes with it. I like the colour, it matches my personality. I like the fact that Dad change the rims and now I have pimped out rims. As much as I love my car, and I do, and I consider it to be a part of me, I also love your car Mom. A lot.

Would it kill you if you let me drive it once in a while? Like seriously. I understand that your car is about I dunno....6 times the price of my car. I understand that. But here's the deal Mom, you don't even drive your car around. Half the time you make me drive you around. To the bank, to the pasar malam, to your biweekly Quran readings, not that I mind....but maybe I could drive you around in your car once in a while. And I seriously resent that you say I will total your car. I have never total any car........... Okay, that was that one time when I bang the wall with my car when I tried to reverse park...and take out a headlight at the same time. I get that. But that was like what, 9 months ago? You cannot possibly hold that against me? I was young. It was 9 months ago. Come on!

And no Mom, I do not appreciate that you hide the keys to your car when you're out with Dad. I know this because they weren't at the usual place and I spent 2 hours searching for them. What kind of mother hides her car keys from her only child? That's right, ONLY CHILD. ME. You already married off one kid, and the other one is chasing the American Dream.

3 - 2 = ME!!!!

Honestly. It's just a car. Why won't you let me drive it?!!!!!!! It pains me to my soul that the beauty just stays there, in the porch and you too stingy to let me drive. Seriously. Why do you hurt me so? Do you like seeing your ONLY CHILD suffer? Huh huh? And Mom think about it, if something were to happen to me. Something bad, something....wouldn't you regret not letting me have the one thing I want....when I was around. ("Was" = past tense Mom, take note). Wouldn't you just hate yourself. Wouldn't you think to yourself "Ohhhh, I should have let CD drive my car. Its her final wish....." But by then it would be too late. Coz I'm no longer around.

Things happen Mom. I just don't want you to regret it.

The only one that's left.......for now,

The Constantly Dramatic One

This cat is the symbolic representation of my mother.

I'm just sayin....

Friday, March 21, 2008

When coconuts can play CDs.....

The Constantly Dramatic One have been tagged. By Tinesha HotChix. Coz she is just that hot. (I will be killed after this. I know that. But I can't help it, I'm sorrrry Tinesh =p )

Okay, I need to name five CD of my choice if I were to find myself deserted on an island.


Okay, lets take a moment and reflect on that sentence again. Five CDs of my choice, if I were to find myself deserted on an island. What the hell is the logic in that? Where am I suppose to be playing that CD in? "Oh excuse me, let me just insert this CD right here in this fallen coconut. Coz you know, coconuts these days can play CDs just swell."

I mean really. C'mon. It makes no sense.

And question is, if I were to find myself deserted on an island, why would I want to have CDs with me? I want a fucking satellite phone. That's what I want. Or even better, Clive Owen. And you know when you get washed up from the sea....your clothes get torn...and wet and uhhh, well I don't need music for what I wanna do with Clive...... or clothes come to think about it.....

Anyways, this is my list. For those of you who are hardcore into rock music, indie music or any other kind of music that considers to be deep and world changing, I apologize. My list will hurt you; emotionally, mentally and finally physically coz you will feel sick to your stomach. You have been warned.

Fifth place:

While the City Sleeps, We Rule the Streets: Cobra Starship

This is the debut album of the band Cobra Starship. Now apparently they are the shit in the underground scene in the States but have yet to make waves here in Malaysia. Their music is consider to be "pop-punk". The CD itself is eclectic and they cover all kind of topics from child isolation (The Kids are All FUCKED UP) to plane crashes (Bring It) and to living your life (Keep it Simple). The lyrics are either straight up rude or tongue-in-cheek clever. But seriously if you ever heard of their 'Church of Hot Addiction' with lyrics like this:

"Just let me ask you:
Hey, have you heard of my religion?
It's called the Church of Hot Addiction
And we believe that God has lust for everything"

You'll be addicted too. And that's why its my fifth pick.

Fourth place:

Unwritten : Natasha Bedingfield

I love Unwritten, first of all this album doesn't really have a genre. She has all kind of music in it. You'll be listening to pop then suddenly to rock then hip hop. Its all over the place but even if the music differs but the lyrics is strangely honest. Unwritten is the type of album that a girl would want to listen to when somebody happens to led her into doubting herself. Songs like 'Single', 'Unwritten', 'I Bruise Easily' and 'Silent Movie' is just too damn profound, its amazing:

"We're in a picture black and white
Who took the light out of my life
When you, gave in
We're playing out of different roles
We should be wanting the same goals
Listening, forgiving"

Really, when there's no one else for you, Natasha will always be there. Well her music anyways.

Third place:

Hairspray : Original Movie Soundtrack

Seriously, this whole musical, the movie, the play, the CD- is groovy baby. Grooooovy. Its a great album. And the thing I love bout musicals is that well they're songs and dance and they tell a story too and HAIRSPRAY have the most kickass story. Fat girl gets her dream job and dream man by just being herself. I already get the fat and being myself part down, now I just need the dream job and dream man. Plus the CD is jam packed with all these tunes that you just wanna get up and shake your ass to. Fucking awesome man. And never forget Queen Latifah's 'Big, Blond, and Beautiful':

The Constantly Dramatic One ain't no blond but I am big and beautiful. Indeed.

Second place:

Breakaway : Kelly Clarkson

I'll say this once: I don't usually make it a habit to think of me as anything other then the Constantly Dramatic One but if I could exchange life with anyone else for a day, it'll be Kelly. Saying that, in a way Kelly screwed herself over when she came out with BREAKAWAY because this album is too damn good that I sincerely believe that it'll be pretty much impossible to top this. I am quite right because her third album 'My December' does not come close at all to being the masterpiece that BREAKAWAY was. This album is categorized under "pop-rock", I categorize it as kickass. This is the ultimate break-up album. Full of quietly angry lyrics and songs about how to mend what's broken. And every time 'Addicted' comes on, I cry because:

"It's like you're a leech
Sucking the life from me
It's like I can't breathe
Without you inside of me
And I know I let you have all the power
And I realize I'm never gonna quit you over time"

Been there. Done that. Never again.

First place:

Spice : Spice Girls

Oh c'mon! How could you not see this coming? I am the ultimate Spice Girls fan. The fangirl in me died when I couldn't go for their reunion tour. Its been exactly 10 years since 98, since their meteoric rise to fame. It's been 10 years since I run around the place demanding people to call me 'Scary' instead of my name. It's also been 10 years and I still listen to their CD. I know the lyrics to all their song and bitch, I can dance the routine to 6 of them. All those years practicing in in front of the TV have not been futile.

So that's why the Spice Girls debut album is my top pick. Yes their music is shallow and cheesy but they're memories. Of back in the day when life was less complicated, when dreams seems like they are always within grasps, when I was young-er and of course the symbolic representation of a part of my life, an easier part, that I'll never get back.

I'm tagging: Elisabeth, Gypsy and King Bitch.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

There's a thin line between girly and fucking annoying

A lot of people have told me that I am somewhat girly. "Girlier than most, but not in the irritating-girly-kinda-thing." And I guess they are kinda right. Somewhat.

I have a penchant to have at least one pink item on me everyday. If its not my top, then its my bag. If its not the bag, then its the shoes. If its not the shoes than its the lipstick. And if you can't see any pink anywhere on me, then its a safe bet that my bra is pink that day. I call my friends "sunflowers" as a term of endearment. The girls have dealt with it, the guys still cringe coz "It's just too gay". I am not ashamed to admit that I love the Spice Girls, Britney or the Sugababes..... and I consider Linkin Park "hardcore". I love cupcakes, I think action movies are ridiculously boring, I am attached to my stuffed toys, Marilyn Monroe IS a style icon, I adore movies that make me cry, I spend waaaaaaay too much time on creating fashion sets and I wish my car is pink instead of blood red.

So yes. Girly. Somewhat.

But just because I am somewhat girly that does not mean I cannot kick your ass.

So there's this chick right. She's girly. Waaaay girlier than the Constantly Dramatic One. The first time we met, she told me that she likes my outfit. It was pink. The second time, she asked me if she could braid my hair. The third time we met, she started baby talking with me.

What. The. Fuck?

This bimbo, I am gonna make an educated guess here that she is at least 18 years old to be in college and she started baby talking out of nowhere. We are involved in a project that require us to be in each other's constant company for the next 6 weeks, and this bitch started speaking baby talk. With everyone who is involved in the project. It's like she came in completely normal and then middle of this whole thing she decided that she is too cute for words that she started baby talking. Observe the vocab:

"But but, I dunno its wike that. I would reaaaaaali reaaaaali try wike better."
" I wuv you, I wuv you soooooo soooooooo much" (while hugging her own fucking shoes).
"OMG!" (not Oh My God people, as in the letters O.M.G out loud. Bitch speaks in acronym).

And every time she deliver these, she would always have her head tilt to her side, her lips pouted, made her eyes bigger and speak in a voice that she presume is cute. It is not cute. It is the most annoying piece of shit I ever had to encounter in my life. If my shoes are not as expensive as they are, I would take them off and beat the living shit out of her with it when she does that.

I am gonna assume that you are capable of speaking in coherent sentences. I am very sure of this since I have seen and heard you done it before. You are girly, I know that. You also think that you are cute. Which sadly, you are mistaken. And in attempt to be cute, you decided to speak in that retarded way of speaking to drive home the fact that you are indeed, cute. doesn't work. You do not come across as cute. You come across as a spoilt brat who sadly.... is retarded in the head. I am sorry for your parents. But then I am sure they are already aware of this. My condolences nonetheless.

And the whole fucked up part of this is that I will be stuck with you for the next 6 fucking weeks. And in this 6 fucking weeks, we are going to have to meet up for at least 4 times a week. And in that 4 times a week, at least a two hour session each. That's 8 hours of listening to you talking your retarded language and trying to be cute. That's 8 hours of trying not to roll my eyes at you. That's 8 hours of talking to myself out of pulling your lips as you pout them. That's 8 hours of feigning friendliness your way because I want to maintain a good relationship - for the good of the project. 6 fucking weeks. I dunno how I am gonna achieve this when you are making it so fucking difficult.

Now maybe somewhere along the way, someone have told you that when you tilt your head to the side, pout your lips and speak all baby-ish, this would make your cute. This someone could have been your boyfriend. I'm sure that its not annoying when you do your baby talk with him. He might have dug it. But then let's take into account that he also has a penis and he probably was sticking it in you the whole time. He has benefits of listening to you speaking like you are retarded in the head. He was getting some.

Newsflash bitch: I do not have a penis.

I gain no benefits whatsoever from you deperately trying to be "cute" and "adorable". You on the other hand do gain something. You gain my pure, unadulterated loathing, a blog post dedicated to your bimbotic pursuits and the topic of interest to my sunflowers when I describe in detail how much I want to inflict bodily harm on you over lunch.

And when I do meet up with you next - and I will be doing a lot of that in this coming 6 weeks - you better not say anything along the lines "OMG! I made a boo boo".

Because huney, I will end you.

And I'll make it look like an accident.

Monday, March 17, 2008

The 8

The Constantly Dramatic One have been tagged by Quin. Actually I think I have been tagged with this before but I couldn't be arsed into doing it. Now I could. Mainly because I'm procrastinating from doing the slides for my presentation. And study. And clean my room. And yeah, okay. You get the point. Onwards!

8 Things I Am Passionate About

1) My family.
They irritate the hell out of half the time. My sister can be such a condescending bitch. My brother yell at me on the phone -on long distance phone call, no less - all the way from Chicago. My mom nags incessantly. My Dad calls me at 11 fucking pm just to tell me to get home "right now". 11 fucking PM people and I'm already in my early twenties. Like what the fuck? But yet I love them all the same and I will beat the living shit of anyone that messes with any one of them.

2) Maintaining my friendship with the friends I love and care for no matter how far away they are from me.
My highschool bestfriend is in Ukraine studying medic. My brother in Chicago. I have friends leaving for the States. I have people whom I care for dearly scattered all over the world. I am determined to never lose contact with them.

3) Performance arts.
- Interpretive dance, musicals, theatres, films, etc

4) Ghendut.
No seriously, Ghendut. My golden hamster whom my friends think is either a depressed dog or a teddy bear. Ghendut is a golden hamster you bitches.
** "Ghendut" means "tubby" in Malay.

5) Making sure the penguins do not go into extinction.
Penguins are the world's most adorable creatures but their numbers is declining every year because of global warming and the fact that those sea lion bastards eat them. The only easy solution here is to stop global warming all together and club the sea lions to death. You heard it here first.

Sea lion bastards!

6) Sunflowers!
As in the flower itself and the term of endearment I use for my friends and loved ones.

7) History and culture.
Especially the ones that involves my own culture. I solely believe that young people these days no longer care about culture or tradition and have turn their backs on them. It is up to us, the young adults, to preserve our culture, customs and traditions. Being modern is good but not so much that you would turn back on your own traditions. I am determined to be one of those people who would bring my culture, the Malay culture to the 21st century so that it would never be forgotten - no matter how modern or Westernized we become.

8) Standing up for myself.
As a child I was bullied and walked all over on. Never again.

8 Things I Want to do Before I Die

1) A fireman/marine/sailor/pilot/S.W.A.T/ any variation of a hot guy in uniform.

2) Travel alone. With no company whatsoever. Preferably to either one of my top travel destinations:
Mongolia or Tanzania. When I do this, and I will, hopefully I won't get kidnapped for human trafficking or get my organs harvested.

3) Hug an Emperor Penguin. No seriously, an Emperor Penguin. A real one.

4) Hit a nude beach.

5) Become an organ donor.

6) Be directly involve in a political revolution.

7) Spend one whole day in a sunflower field. I want to watch as the sunflowers follow the movement of the sun as it rises and sets on the same day.

8) Give a rousing speech to an audience of at least a thousand.

8 Things I Say Often

1) Seriously.
2) Bitch.
3) Like what the fuck?
4) I will smack that bitch until she/he bleeds.
5) Oh For the Love of God!
6) Sunflower!
7) Step on it you fucking asshole. I have places to be at.
8) This sucks donkey balls.

8 Books I've Recently Read

1) High Heels and Homicide (Kasey Michaels)

2) Diary of a Young Girl (Anne Frank)

3) Bapaku P. Ramlee (Nasir P. Ramlee) *Malay ***My father P.Ramlee

The late P.Ramlee. The greatest thing that had ever happened to the Malaysian movie industry.

4) Malaysian Politicians Say the Darndest Things (Amir Muhammad)

5) Life of Pi (Yann Martel)

6) 501 Must See Movies (Various Authors)

7) Schindler's List (Thomas Kenneally) - actually reading this one right now.

8) Agent Provocateur: Confessions. A collection of erotic fiction (Agent Provocateur)

8 Songs I Could Listen to Over and Over

1) You Can't Stop the Beat (from the musical Hairspray)

-just wanna get up and dance to this one. Each time.

2) No One Mourns the Wicked (from the musical Wicked)

- everytime I hear this, my heart skips a beat. It's like one of the most powerful songs I have ever heard. Plus it bring me back to that time when I watched the musical on Broadway in Chicago.

3) Kau Ilhamku (Man Bai) *Malay ***You are my inspiration

- everytime I got it bad for somebody, I can hear this song playing in my head. True story.

4) Ketipang Payung (from the classic "Nujum Pak Belalang") *Malay

- one of the best Malay songs ever, with ethnic beats and dance move. Before Rihanna, this lady was already singing about umbrellas (payung in Malay). I remember how I used to dance around to this song when I was kid, complete with my own umbrella. Check out the video!

5) Damelo (Juanes) **Spanish

- Juanes is a sexy beast who makes equally sexy music. Nuff' said.

6) Bitch (Meredith Brooks)

-"I'm a bitch, I'm a lover, I'm a child, I'm a mother, I'm a sinner, I'm a saint, I do not feel ashamed. I'm your hell, I'm you dream, I'm nothing in between. You know you wouldn't want it any other way."

7) Take Me of Leave Me (from the musical RENT)

- don't you love it when lesbians sing while arguing?

8) That's Amore (Dean Martin)

- timeless.

8 Things That Attract Me to My Best Friends

1) Honesty.

2) They have a certain aspect of them that I respect. I can only be with people whom I respect. So yes, I respect my friends. Every one of them.

3) The ability to bullshit creatively. Very important.

4) They are happy with themselves. Meaning they do not try to be anyone else but themselves.

5) Supportive.

6) Clever and witty.

7) Not desperate or/and conceited. I loathe desperate and conceited people.

8) A bunch of weirdos just like the Constantly Dramatic One.

I'm tagging Kerp. Coz he's a tag-whore.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Goddamn rempits

That's right.

You whistling and yelling from your motorcycle whilst commenting on how you wanna "hit that" as I walk down the street is so totally turning me on.

I just wanna take off all my clothes now and fuck like bunnies with you right there in broad daylight because being yelled at and whistle to as I walk down to my parked car like a fucking 2 cent hooker is what I have always dream of ever since the day I was born.

You do know the way to a woman's heart.

You stupid worthless piece of shit assholes.

Song dedication

Every time I hear Mariah's new single, 'Touch My Body', I think of Clive.... therefore the following video is specially dedicated to Clive Owen.

That would be all.
Thank you.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Stalking pays

Remember my ULTIMATE FRENEMY from highschool? Yeah, that bitch. She's back from Europe to visit her family and she gave me a call asking if I wanna meet up this Friday.

See, normally I would have told her no on accounts that I hate her and that if she were caught in a burning building, instead of calling the fire brigade I will pull up a chair, and have popcorn as I watch the building burn down and cackles everytime I hear her screams from within. My hate have no boundaries. For the record, the Constantly Dramatic One is not nice. Just so you know.

But the thing is.........I have been
stalking her blog now for awhile. And I know for a fact that she is having a shitty time in Europe. She only have one friend. She's bored there. She always blog about how lonely she is. And that she thinks her life is going nowhere. All these dreadful entries..... This is for all those years you fuck around with people lives back in highschool woman. Karma is indeed a bitch ain't it?

So I'm eager to see if she was just as pretentious and desperate for attention as she was back in the day. I wanna meet her so that she could lie to me about how great her life is when for a fact I know she doesn't have one. I want her to speak with a European accent when I know she blogs about how European people cannot understand her when she speaks. I wanna hear about all the places she visited in Europe, when she blogs about how she is always stuck in the house. I wanna hear all that. I won't call out on her lies. I will be sarcastic.

Then I will meet up with my friends from highschool who hate her equally and have new stuff to bitch about.Because that's how we roll.

I do know however that she went to Kanye West's concert. She had like 3 massive entries about that. Bet bitch gonna talk about that. No matter, I can just say that I think Kanye is an asshole and that people who listens to hiphop are very sad. It's sad because there is no depth in those music and its utterly shameful that women are into it as well. All these songs ever do is objectifiying women. Strip them out of their rights as human beings and
label women as mere sex objects. And then I will look condescendingly at her while I sip my cafe' latte. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!

She of course doesn't need to know how I sing and dance to
Flo Rida's Low and how my friends and I sing This Is Why I'm Hot everytime we karaoke. She also doesn't need to know that I still sleep with stuff toys. I'm supposed to be more matured and worldly then her people. Work with me.

Also need to look super cute this Friday.
It's imperative that I look cuter than her.

Must. Look. Super. Cute.

Shit, I cannot buy any new outfits. It had been 2 months and 9 days now since I last shopped. Promised the Parental Units not to shop till June. Fuck. This is bad. I have to wear the clothes I already have, accessorize to glam it up. What to wear? What to wear? A LBD is pushing it. We're meeting for coffee people. Damn, what to wear? What to wear? This is crucial. I will put on some outfits, take pictures and let my Style Counsellors decide. And when I say Style Counsellors I mean 3kc and Cheesecakeerian. And maybe Tinesh coz he's a girl too.

And maybe I should stop at Benefit's counter for a makeover....Meet up with her with 3 inch of makeup on my face. AHAAHHAAHAHAHAHAH! Okay, that's truly pushing it. But whatever it is: MUST. LOOK. CUTE.

Cuter than that bitch anyways...


Ultimate Frenemy texted me saying she might not be able to make it. What the fuck??????????????? This is bullshit.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Penis envy?

The Constantly Dramatic One would now take you away from the election fever to bring you this video that I found on youTube. Don't ask how I found it. I just did okay.

It's this commercial spot for a device that let women pee standing up. That's right. A device for women to pee standing up.

I dunno bout you ladies out there but uuuhhhh, this shit is kinda weird. Like really weird. And its a card box....what the hell? I laughed so hard the first time I watched it, I almost peed.......And I bet you whoever that came up with this is a man. Or a woman with crazy penis envy. I dunno, what do you think?

And yes, I just wrote a post about a device that let women pee standing up. Just like Malaysia, Dramatic Musings is also exploring new territories.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

The Winds of Change

It's different waking up today. Its different knowing that the era of subjugation and the charade of democracy have come to an end. The people have spoken. We went out in droves and we voted. And we have been heard.

Now we wait. We see if they who we have voted for would be there for us for a better tomorrow or if they too would let victory and power get to their heads and fuck with us the way BN did. I hope they don't. I have faith and that's all that I have.

For a better write up, please check out the brilliantly well written piece by Maverick of Cakap Tak Serupa Bikin. He said it all much better than I ever could. Take it away Mave.

Election Updates


Hey Sharizat, Samy what's that on your foreheads? A capital L for LOSERS?!!!


And oh, sucks bout Kedah, Penang and Kelantan huh? AHAHAHAHHAHA!!

Take that motherfuckers!!!

Allright, bring on the 75 seats in Parliment. That's what we need to deny their supreme rule here.

The results still developing as we speak. I'm not gonna sleep tonight. So exciting.

Update 1


DAP pwns Klang. Ahhhh, returning to where it belongs.

Selangor hanging on a threat. C'mon. C'mon...

Ouuuu wow, look at that...14 ballot boxes just came out of nowhere. I bet Sharizat pulled them out of her ass. She can do that sometimes. Its the magical power endowed only on the chosen ones. And when I say chosen ones, I mean BN.

Update 2

They lost Selangor. I contributed to that. Oh sweet victory. My work here is done.


"PM: ‘We’ve lost, we’ve lost’ - 4.12am.

These were the only words which Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi could muster when quizzed on the ruling coalition’s shocking defeat in five states..................

The prime minister added that he will make a media statement after analysing the results in detail. "

First of all, no shit Sherlock. You did lost. We noticed that.

And what details? You are a stupid useless fuck. That is all there that need to be analyse. Step down dude, we are tired of listening to your bullshit. Let someone with at least a decent IQ and the ability to stay awake longer than 12 minutes become the next Prime Minister. You are weak and useless. Under your rule our economy have become ridiculous shitty, corrupted to waaaay and beyond the point of no return but at least - in all this there is still a silver lining. You at least educated us to the fact that - that yes, gasings can spin in space. Will wonder ever cease?

Update 3

Dude, doesn't want to step down. After all the heavy beating they get he still doesn't want to step down.......Orang tua tak tahu malu....

Fuck this, I am not a political blogger. I'm just a kid with a filthy mouth that have a test on Monday and incomplete assignments to work on. I'm going to sleep.

Update 4

Barisan Najis have been denied two-thirds of majority in the Parliment.

We went out, we voted, we been hopeful and now we have been answered. This is a new dawn for Malaysia. I am thankful.

Saturday, March 08, 2008


The Constantly Dramatic One have voted. My first time voting. With the risk of sounding like a total was pretty exciting for me going through the whole process.

I tried to take pics of my voting place, not the ballots, but the school and a cop yelled at me. Fucker. You don't even look hot in your uniform and that's something coming from me. Fucker.

Okay, so now we wait. And hope for a better tomorrow.

March 8th 2008

Malaysia 12th General Election

I am not gonna make any comments about it seeing that so many other have done so. In the last two weeks as the campaigning reached its pinnacle of ultimate stupidity; so many promises have been made, so many lies have been told, so many accusations been thrown and so much of the rakyat's money wasted by sending a baboon into space.....oh wait, that happened way before. But what I'm saying here is that I'm not making any comments or observations.

As interested as I am in politics, Malaysia's politics is waaaay too stupid and corrupted for me to even discuss it.

I do however will talk about how I - the Constantly Dramatic One - as one of the rakyats, and as a registered voter who will be exercising her right later in the day feels about all this. When I look at this country politics ongoing I feel nothing but disdain and loathing but then I would feel sad. I feel sad because I know how corrupted and fucked up our system is. We are a country that have so much potential to grow, to become better. But the money are being spent on ridiculously stupid fucked up shit. Spinning gasings in space? Incomplete developments? Excuse moi, a personal jet for who now?

And then of course the baboons, who sits in the parliament. Every fucking one of them. The sexist, the racist, the one that somehow spawned from our late Prime Minister's sperm, the dumbass, the asshole, etc. I want to go through one by one and discuss their stupidity but there is this favourite quote of mine. It says "Never argue with a fool, someone watching might not be able to see the difference". So let's leave it at that.

Bottom line is that its the General Election today. Its going to be my first time voting. Today I would cast my vote and earn my right as a citizen. And when I do that, I would not be thinking about how I have contributed to this charade of so-called democracy in this country, but I instead I would be thanking the women who made it possible for me to vote today all those years ago. So thank you. But yet......I hate to sound cynical......but in Malaysia's version of democracy the voice of the people would never be heard. A single vote would never make a difference. Those fuckers would always have us in their stronghold.

You know that and so do I. I'm just stating it out loud.

But yet I am casting my vote because even knowing all that, there is that hope of something better for all of us down the road. And hope is all that we have.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dear Clive, why are you so hot?

Dear Clive,

I came home today after a long day in college of talking shit and well, more talking shit and basically I'm beat. I thought I'll get online and get some school work done but then I stumbled upon these pictures of you on and Holy Mother of God...........

Let me touch you.


All over.

Thinking of nasty, naaaasty thoughts of you tonight,
The Constantly Dramatic One.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Ohhhhh....Mr. Bennet.......

Now I know that I say I was gonna post my sister's nikah photos up, but the thing is we are still waiting for all the photos to be send to us. Also we only be getting the pics from the professional photographers in two weeks time. So be patient, I only want the best for you Drama Lovers.

So the day after the wedding, the Constantly Dramatic One was sitting downstairs, all alone and noticing for the first time how lonely the house feels without her....when Pride and Prejudice came on HBO. The one with Keira Knightley in it. In my opinion that bitch ruins that movie and Jane Austen would have a seizure in her grave if she knows that Knightley is playing her beloved Lizzie Bennet. I mean for the love of all that is holy- Lizzie was not a skinny anorexic bitch that unnecessarily pouts all the damn time. Why? Why does Knightley always have to make this face all the motherfucking time?

I mean I truly believe that she is indeed a beautiful woman. She has cheekbones that I would give my left butt cheek to have. Plus she is also smart and talented, which is something extraordinary in Hollywood these days. To actually be talented. So why bitch? Why? Why must you make that goddamn face all the time?

It makes me wanna smack you.
Until you bleed.

Anyways, moving on. The only reason I stayed on watching is because Mr.Darcy is dreamy. Grey Anatomy's fans claim that Doctor Shepard is McDreamy, no people. Mr.Darcy is the original McDreamy. It doesn't matter what form he comes in, who acts as him, Mr.Darcy is that one character that would eternally be dreamy. And in the wise words of Christina Aguilera
"He's a one stop shop, makes the panties drop." - since 1813.

So anyways its been ages since I read the book or watched any of the movies when I realise something. Particularly bout Lizzie's parents: Mr. and Mrs.Bennet. Here is a couple that have been married for about.........20 odd years or so. And yet they call each other Mr. and Mrs. Bennet. I mean, they produced five daughters between them and yet they don't call each other by their first names. Do you see where I am going here? I mean, do you think that when they doing the nasty they call each other Mr and Mrs Bennet?

"Oooooh Mr. Bennet, yes yes yes YES!!!!"
"Oh Mrs. Bennet, you dirty, diiiiirrrty girl."
"Mrs. Bennet I can't stand it anymore, I have too....ooooohhh Mrs. Bennet!"

Kinky ain't it? Jane Austen, I bow down in wonder. I know if there is justice in this world, one day I would be sayin...

"OOhhh Mr.Owen, I do like it that way."

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Bittersweet Aftertaste

" Is solace anywhere more comforting than in the arms of a sister? "

Alice Walker

Weddings are bittersweet.

I am happy that she found someone that love her as much as he does but I hate the fact that things change now. She's someone wife now and one day she'll have her own family. It's sad that I no longer be a major part of that. I am no longer a priority to her when I have been so my entire life. They say I am not losing a sister but instead gaining a brother. But it does feel like that.

No one ever told the little sister how abandon and lonely she'll feel afterwards................................