Saturday, July 02, 2011

The way we used to be

I'm writing this down while sitting on the dirty, shabby, carpeted floor of Brisbane International Airport, Gate 79, Departure. There's a group of school children in sports uniforms milling about near me. Buzzing with excitement and anticipation of whatever they are heading to. I understand the feeling.

I'm going home.

The homesickness did not pass the way it usually did. Once it passed the three day limit and I was up at night trying to download "Bujang Lapok" to no avail, I knew I was in way over my head. Called my dad and asked if I could use the one year open ticket he bought me. After all its only been only over 10 months since I been home and I really don't want to waste. He said it was fine. This was on Wednesday. Its Saturday now and I'm waiting for that plane.

This need to fly home this time around is different. You see, my sister is in Malaysia. For those who do not know, my sister lives in Finland. She married a Malaysian Nokia engineer, who luck has it was transferred to Nokia Finland shortly after they were married. They have lived there for the last three years. Two years ago I went to Finland to visit them. And that was the very last time I see her. Sure we Skype and speak on the phone but its different to see her in the flesh. To hug her and to tell her hair looks like shit and go to the movies and eat ice cream afterwards. Just like the way we used to, before she got married. Before I came here.

Now my sister, who has always been best friend, my sworn nemesis and my faithful confidant despite the distance between us is back home, with the rest of my family and I'm the only one away. I do miss Klang. But I miss my sister more. And this would be the first time my entire family would be together in the same country, fuck on the same continent for the same time since like six years ago. My brother went to study in the US, then my sister left for Finland then I did, leaving only my parents in Malaysia. Now my brother's back in Malaysia for good, my sister's back for a holiday and I'm here sitting on this goddamn airport floor, just willing for the departure gate to like fucking open already. Jeez. But no matter. 10 hours from now, via one transit in Singapore and I will be back.

I will be back with my sister who I miss more than anything in this world. But a little less so than the nasi lemak over in Meru. Fuck man, that's some good shit.

Now take it away Mel.