Sunday, December 18, 2011

This is turning into a sappy Bridget Jones blog. I am sorry.

This is not a proper post. I just kinda need to run this by you guys, if people are still reading this shit.

So....I sort of...kinda....a little a cop.

I know, I KNOW! What the eff right?

It's just dates and there's nothing specific or official but he's really keen but I'm not really keen but he's young and he's fresh out of cop school (8 months!) and he's like buff and his ass looks really, really....really good in the uniform, you guys. Like really damn that ass is so tight, it could deflect bullets. Which is good, cause he's a cop. Could come in handy...the tight ass.

And if you guys remember anything at all about me, you remember my thing with uniform. Although I have always veered towards firefighters...

So it have only been dates and movies and no official "labelling" of such, but he's pushing for it and I'm holding it off....but I dunno.

He's cute. But he's a cop. And well.....a cop. He's going back to school next year so he could become a detective....but that's just fancier version of being a cop.

So I dunno. I think he's cute. And he's funny. Slightly pushy. And a bit possessive...but most men are possessive so nothing special there. Except that he has a gun. 


What should I do?! Cut it off cause he's a cop? I mean, dating is dating...and I sort of holding out for another guy who is not a cop whom I'm totally into and he's into me as well but he's a fucking pussy that won't ask me out and I'm like "I don't wanna make the first move cause I don't wanna emasculate you," so we both go around sneaking glances, and me flirting with other guys in front of him to make him jealous and have so many girls nights out where I profess my full blown crush on him to my girls and how the answer is yes, it will always be yes if he JUST. FUCKING. ASK. ME. OUT. ALREADY.

But he doesn't.

And then the cop dude comes around. And he asked me out and I said yes cause even though I totally like the other guy I'm like "I can't wait for you forever till you grow some balls and realize that you like me too and I need to be out there while I still have perky breasts and is this fucking hot and I really can't wait for you babe. Aaallll this, don't come easy. Fight for me." I said yes. 

And now I'm sort of dating a cute cop with a tight ass who wants to make it "official" while all I could think of is the other guy who always sneaking glances my way, who makes me happy by just being near, whose slight brush on my hands makes me sweat, whose the first thing I think about everyday -- but is doing nothing and there are problems at work and my friends are getting married all over and ohmygawd -- the pressure people, the pressure!

Also, my ass have not grown any tighter or any perkier eventhough I fucking take RPM classes 4 times a week and I do 60 squats EVERY. FUCKEN. DAY.

Oh wow....look at that. This is a proper post after all.

So dump the cop? Or have faith and see where this goes? I truly need an answer to this one people. I truly do.