Thursday, May 31, 2007

I wish I'm evil.

Than I could kill people without remorse.

But thing is...I'm not evil.

Having a conscience sucks donkey balls.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Welcome to the new term

So it has begun...the going to class everyday. The staying up until 3 in the morning to finish up pending assignments. The self-inflicted-brain-torture trying to figure out a catchy/awesome/doable thesis statement. The anxiety attacks before presentations. The planning of outfits to wear to class as to not be upped by those skinny, annoying bimbos that frolic around on campus ground. In other words-

Welcome to the new term

It's a good place to be...some of the time.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Like WTF?

Today I am going to start a new...section in my blog. One might say. Its when I blog about ridiculous shit that I have heard in the news. And each of these stories will all have the same title: Like WTF?

Yes, my vocab is amazing.

I know.

Now the first story I will talk about is the news regarding hair thieves in Myanmar. Uh huh. Hair thieves. Its not enough that the world have to cope with money-thieves, identity-thieves, car-thieves, corpse-thieves (yeah there are such things), people thieves (otherwise known as kidnappers but I'm following the '-thieves' thread so bear with me), now we have hair thieves.

Apparently long haired women in Myanmar now have to watch out because there's a bunch of bastards going around and cutting their hair. According to the article published in , these hair cost $300 to $400 when it weighs 3.2pounds (that's 1.6kg). They attacked these women when they are shopping, when they're in the train, anywhere really where they have access to these long haired women. Victims reported that they didn't even realise that their hair have been cut until much later which bring me to the conclusion that the people who are doing this isn't just a bunch of bastards, but a bunch of sly bastards.

You know its sad enough that these days when you go out you gotta be really careful. Always paranoid that you gonna encounter a snatch thief around the corner. Or the guy who's staring at you in the train is a pervert and the fact that he's staring at you with a stupid grin on his face while his hand is conveniently hidden under the newspaper, on his lap, is Not good. If you don't get what I'm saying then stop reading. Clearly you are at the wrong blog. Then of course the stories that you hear about women being pushed inside their own cars and then drove to some God-forsaken place and gang raped. Now this...Bladi hair thieves.

Its just sooo sad what the world is coming to. Even hair is stolen from you. Its pissing me off. But it saddens me more. The world have gone mad. Its no longer safe. The days of rainbows and butterflies and flower power where everyone love each other have come and gone. Or perhaps that just existed in the Hippies deluded reality. They were high on weed back in the 60ties so you might never know...

All I know is that I'm growing my hair now and if anyone try to steal it, I will pepper-spray them. Not in their eyes. On their balls.

Coz its sure as hell burn there as well.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Artsy fartsy and fancy shamancy. (Part 2)

Continuing on from previous post.

Right let's just make it clear. Artsy fartsy people?
Full of shit.

The House Elf and I were assigned to manned the guest registration of 'SPONSORS AND SPONSOR'S GUESTS REGISTRATION' which is a good thing. There are 5 registration counters all together: NOMINEES, JUDGES, TICKETS PURCHASED, BOH EXECUTIVES and mine is the last one. Dude, I am so glad that I get the SPONSORS counter because the shit that the people who manned the NOMINEES and JUDGES counters get is ridiculous. If a human being could die out of suffocation of the humongous egos occupying a single room, I would not be here typing this blog out. Take my word for that. I consider myself lucky that throughout the night I only had two people being rude to the House Elf and I. Seriously.

Anyway, I understand that this is an award show so for me to make a fashion comment is an absolute must. The clothes these people wore ranged from just fabulous to absolutely ridiculous. I saw this chick in this beautiful dress. It was two layered, champagne colour. The bottom layer was satin and shines when it catches light while the outer part is all lace, expensive lace, you could tell and it was sooo sexy yet elegant at the same time. The inner dress was beautiful but the lace outer makes it fabulous. And every time she walks you see it sways between her legs. Gorgeous.
Then there is just the ridiculous, this lady which I think is in her 40ties came dressed as a giant butterfly. Albeit an artistic, expensive butterfly but you know....dressing up as a butterfly is out once you passed the 5 year old mark. Its like Bjork all over again with that goddamn swan dress at the Oscars. And another lady- who yelled at me because I told her that I do not know where the smoking room is- wore this stupid ass outfit. Get this: Little black fugly dress. With fishnets (the ones that you see in Moulin Rouge, that goes all ziggyzaggy) and brace yourselves for this: PLATFORM BOOTS.

Uhh helloo... the Spice Girls called.
They want their boots back.

But even with all the madness and the ridiculousness and the stupidity, you can't deny the air of glamour that surround the night. If there's anything that could make any party glamorous, its the red carpet. And this one did. I love that carpet. Before the guests arrived we kept on walking on it for kicks. I wanted to lied down on it but as it turns out I don't have the balls for it.

Did saw some famous people. Ashraf Sinclair (model turned TV host), Zarbo (one of Malaysia leading comedienne), Jit Murrad (powerhouse in the theatre industry), Bernard Chauly (model turned actress, currently on the TV show: Gol & Gincu) and well lots more that I really couldn't be bothered with.
Unless Martin Scorsese appeared in front of me, than I'm not star struck.

All in all, it was pretty fun working the counter and watching these creatures known as artistic people and celebrities. I did managed to network and made some good impressions. So YAY for me!! Plus we got lots of free stuff as well. More than what the guests themselves get in their goodie bags coz what... we the 'help' did was well...lets just say the phrase 'daylight robbery' float into mind.
I refuse to elaborate more.

5th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards (Part 1)

I recently had the opportunity to work backstage at the 5th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards for fine arts in Malaysia (follow the link). Its basically an awards show to award the people in the theatre industry.But before anything let me take it from the top:

A course mate of mine is working at Kakiseni (, which happens to be a powerhouse in the world of fine arts. This is the place in which the who's who of the theatre industry frolic around upon. I'm going to work there one day hopefully. I know mine is more inclined towards broadcast but broadcast is much harder to break into. The plan is for me to network my ass off with the theatre people hence opening doors for me into the broadcasting world. Everybody gotta work upwards. So anyway my friend, Becky needed people to work backstage for the show and her boss told her specifically and I quote:

"I am supposed to find people to work backstage at this award show, manning the registry and ushering the guests. And my boss said to find someone who could be nice but also very bitchy when needed too. I instantly think of you."

How interesting that she instantly thought of me. HAHAHA! She said that I could bring friends if I want, the more the merrier so I dragged 2 of my high school buddies who are both nice but also very bitchy when needed too- the House Elf and My Bitch (not their real names). We were told that we all must dressed in black- looks like a frickin funeral. Must look professional yet approachable at the same time. Uh huh, whatever.

So we spent an hour before the award show stocking up the BOH ( goodie bags with lots of free stuff from the sponsoring companies. It was fun but by like half an hour time we all couldn't really move in the staging room because the floors are filled with almost a thousand BOH goodie bags. Its like a sea of orange BOH bags so then there was the stupidity or maneuvering the bags around so that we could move and that's when we spot it. Them.

The awards.

The trophies.

On the counter.

Holy. Shit.

My Bitch and I gone crazy excited because we are both drama queens and the trophies got like "Best Actress in theatre", "Best Director in theatre", "Best Original Score in theatre" and all that inscribed on them. AND WE WENT BERSERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE TIME FOR US TO SHINE!!!

You have no idea how much fun it is to play with the trophies and these are REAL TROPHIES, I mean they were pewter I think and they were heavy. I know everyone has gone through the stage in their life where they hold up a shampoo bottle and "thank the Academy" but you have no idea what a buzz it is to actually hold up a REAL AWARD with the phrase BEST DIRECTOR (ignore the 'in theatre' bit) and gave a heartfelt speech, I cannot tell you what a buzz it is. REALLY. I'm still a little high from that.

And then of course with all that done its time to move from staging area to the actual thing at the grand ballroom...

to be continued....

Saturday, May 05, 2007

The Tell Tale Heart in KLpac

I went to KLpac (click on the link) the other day to catch the stage adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe's The Tell Tale Heart. Its actually pretty cool. For those of you who does not know what the story is about, lemme just summarize the whole thing for you:

A manservant killed his employer by chopping him up to little pieces and then placing the heart under the floorboard of the employer's bedroom. The horror in the story lies in the way in which the manservant would latter tell the story to audience: without remorse and with abundance of off-the-wall insanity. A the end of the story, the audience could still hear the heart beating under the floorboard

I know the story because I have read it a couple of years ago but getting to watch it live on stage is pretty cool. Especially in this case, the play isn't you standard traditional play. Its a... how did they describe it? Right.... "progressive, experimental theatre". Combining 3 elements of the media: theatre, video and music, together. Apparently its all very artsy fartsy and super intellectual. I can't say that I enjoy it thoroughly because well, I'm not artsy fartsy and super intellectual but I must admit that it is a new experience for me.

And for kicks I'm just added in pictures of the beautiful KLpac, and Nevina and I.

Friday, May 04, 2007

The results of the final exam of last term will be out on the 14th.

Oh. My. God.

Is it possible to die from fear?

Is it possible to get stroke and die from that fear?

Is it possible to get stroke and die from that fear at such a young age?

Is it possible to turn back time and study properly?

It it possible for me to shut the hell up and just die?

Is it?

I. am. soooooo. screwed.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

National Suicide Database

Did you read that title up there? If you are stumped, than so am I. Bladi hell, I did not know there are such thing such as National Suicide Database. Seriously. Wow. I guess on second thought it is good that such database exists coz then we could track...uh... we could uhh.... what exactly is its usefulness?

"With this data, the ministry is expected to better identify suicide trends and contributing factors, and from there, tailor its preventive strategies appropriately, says National Suicide Registry Malaysia principal researcher Dr Nor Hayati Ali."

Oh okay, now I get not really. I mean, can anyone really tell if someone is suicidal? Not really right? Even with the data only so much one could do. I understand if prisoners waiting for the death row are suicidal and being put on a death alert but other than that who could really tell?

My cousin once had a neighbor who tried to kill herself. Apparently the attempted suicide was brought upon by the fact that this girl found out that her boyfriend had cheated on her. The chick actually drank a whole bottle of aerosol. True story, not kidding. Luckily the girl's little brother heard her crying in her room and followed by a complete silence. He tried to open the door but he couldn't, he was about 10 and a smart kid at that so he called the neighbors to help. At that point my cousin was home alone and she picked the lock to the girl's door and found her on the bed. Her face was all blue and there was foam coming out from her mouth. My cousin told the brother to call the ambulance while she made the girl vomits. The girl survived but her eternal organs was somewhat eroded by the poison she consumed. She survived but with consequences.

So the moral of the story is not all suicide attempts could be foretold. I mean, there of course the crazy ones that we should watch out for. The misfits, the deranged, just the plain insane ones...but what about the ones who are driven by circumstances? Like that girl who her boyfriend cheated on her? The high achieving college student who did not get the perfect CGPA? The business man facing bankruptcy? Are these type of people included in the data or are they wild cards?
Something to ponder I say...
Side notes:
As you have noticed I'm gonna blog again regarding the news coz blogging about my life is not that fun and I'm lazy to recall everything. While blogging bout the news and the world updates give me a reason to bitch about the government and life at large so the idea appeals more. Expect to see movie and book reviews in my blog as well.
Because my blog is like Suria KLCC: Anything under the sun. YAY!