Wednesday, May 02, 2007

National Suicide Database

Did you read that title up there? If you are stumped, than so am I. Bladi hell, I did not know there are such thing such as National Suicide Database. Seriously. Wow. I guess on second thought it is good that such database exists coz then we could track...uh... we could uhh.... what exactly is its usefulness?

"With this data, the ministry is expected to better identify suicide trends and contributing factors, and from there, tailor its preventive strategies appropriately, says National Suicide Registry Malaysia principal researcher Dr Nor Hayati Ali."

Oh okay, now I get not really. I mean, can anyone really tell if someone is suicidal? Not really right? Even with the data only so much one could do. I understand if prisoners waiting for the death row are suicidal and being put on a death alert but other than that who could really tell?

My cousin once had a neighbor who tried to kill herself. Apparently the attempted suicide was brought upon by the fact that this girl found out that her boyfriend had cheated on her. The chick actually drank a whole bottle of aerosol. True story, not kidding. Luckily the girl's little brother heard her crying in her room and followed by a complete silence. He tried to open the door but he couldn't, he was about 10 and a smart kid at that so he called the neighbors to help. At that point my cousin was home alone and she picked the lock to the girl's door and found her on the bed. Her face was all blue and there was foam coming out from her mouth. My cousin told the brother to call the ambulance while she made the girl vomits. The girl survived but her eternal organs was somewhat eroded by the poison she consumed. She survived but with consequences.

So the moral of the story is not all suicide attempts could be foretold. I mean, there of course the crazy ones that we should watch out for. The misfits, the deranged, just the plain insane ones...but what about the ones who are driven by circumstances? Like that girl who her boyfriend cheated on her? The high achieving college student who did not get the perfect CGPA? The business man facing bankruptcy? Are these type of people included in the data or are they wild cards?
Something to ponder I say...
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Anonymous said...

there are more female suicide "attempts" yet more male suicides