Monday, May 07, 2007

5th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards (Part 1)

I recently had the opportunity to work backstage at the 5th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards for fine arts in Malaysia (follow the link). Its basically an awards show to award the people in the theatre industry.But before anything let me take it from the top:

A course mate of mine is working at Kakiseni (, which happens to be a powerhouse in the world of fine arts. This is the place in which the who's who of the theatre industry frolic around upon. I'm going to work there one day hopefully. I know mine is more inclined towards broadcast but broadcast is much harder to break into. The plan is for me to network my ass off with the theatre people hence opening doors for me into the broadcasting world. Everybody gotta work upwards. So anyway my friend, Becky needed people to work backstage for the show and her boss told her specifically and I quote:

"I am supposed to find people to work backstage at this award show, manning the registry and ushering the guests. And my boss said to find someone who could be nice but also very bitchy when needed too. I instantly think of you."

How interesting that she instantly thought of me. HAHAHA! She said that I could bring friends if I want, the more the merrier so I dragged 2 of my high school buddies who are both nice but also very bitchy when needed too- the House Elf and My Bitch (not their real names). We were told that we all must dressed in black- looks like a frickin funeral. Must look professional yet approachable at the same time. Uh huh, whatever.

So we spent an hour before the award show stocking up the BOH ( goodie bags with lots of free stuff from the sponsoring companies. It was fun but by like half an hour time we all couldn't really move in the staging room because the floors are filled with almost a thousand BOH goodie bags. Its like a sea of orange BOH bags so then there was the stupidity or maneuvering the bags around so that we could move and that's when we spot it. Them.

The awards.

The trophies.

On the counter.

Holy. Shit.

My Bitch and I gone crazy excited because we are both drama queens and the trophies got like "Best Actress in theatre", "Best Director in theatre", "Best Original Score in theatre" and all that inscribed on them. AND WE WENT BERSERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE TIME FOR US TO SHINE!!!

You have no idea how much fun it is to play with the trophies and these are REAL TROPHIES, I mean they were pewter I think and they were heavy. I know everyone has gone through the stage in their life where they hold up a shampoo bottle and "thank the Academy" but you have no idea what a buzz it is to actually hold up a REAL AWARD with the phrase BEST DIRECTOR (ignore the 'in theatre' bit) and gave a heartfelt speech, I cannot tell you what a buzz it is. REALLY. I'm still a little high from that.

And then of course with all that done its time to move from staging area to the actual thing at the grand ballroom...

to be continued....

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