Thursday, May 31, 2007

I wish I'm evil.

Than I could kill people without remorse.

But thing is...I'm not evil.

Having a conscience sucks donkey balls.


arathi said...

I wish i was a genie, to make your wish come true, and to make my dreams come true.
But the freaking truth in life is that im not going to be found by alladin, there is no magic carpet, we are not princess jasmine that gets swept off her bloody feet, and you are not jaafar.
So let us rejoice in the fact that we are all born to be doomed by our own mind.hahaha...lalalala..ill be home in 28 days...feeling like sandra bullock...haha

arathi said...

tried leaving a comment on ayam back but coundnt.Just wanted to say that ayam kambing back.hahaha.

Flavia said...

It's better to have a conscience. It makes you better than all the others out there who DO do things without remorse...because what goes around, comes around, and it will smack you hard.
On the ass.

Trust me on this.

constant_drama said...

Arathi: YAY!!!! You are kambing back! Ayam so excited.

Flavia: Really babes? But I really feel that some people deserved to be murdered by me. Those pain in the ass ppl.