Sunday, June 03, 2007

Film Nerds.

It sucks being broke, but there are such thing as 'deserving, fulfilling broke'.

My current predicament is such as that.

There's a French Film Festival goin on is a local cinema here, well okies, in GSC. And being the wannabe-artsy-fartsy-pretentious-snob/poser that I am, I just have to go watch it. Hey, just because I'm a poser, doesn't mean that I don't enjoy art house and/or international movies ok. I am all about that daaaahhling. Watching an art house movie or an international movie that requires reading the subtitles (yes, I'm talking to you, you Lazy) is an expansion of the mind. There are other things that are better than the mainstream garbage that Hollywood churns out every year. Pirates of the Caribbean? I won't touch that with a 40feet pole. I admire the revenue that it must bring in but I mock the non-intellectuality of that ...'movie'.

More like garbage, really.

Now, excuse me while I go find a place to hide as millions of POTC fans come after me with pitchforks screaming "Burn the witch at the stake!! She mocks o' holy POTC! Blasphemy!".

I plan to watch only one film which is Hors de Prix (Priceless), so I called up Cheesecakeerian to see if she wanna join me and she said that she would. She lives around the area so its easy to get to there. Something that I am forever jealous of. The fact that she lives near my favourite shopping mall and that she even do her grocery shopping there. And I live in, literally, another town. I'm serious, it takes me half an hour to drive from home to college everyday. That's not including rush hour traffic.

Rush hour traffic is a bitch.

That film is excellent by the way and the then we decided that we gonna watch another French film- Mon Meilleur Ami (My Best Friend). Not as good as the first one coz its slow but towards the end, its some heartwarming stuff. I was tearing a bit in the cinema. HAHAHA. After that we watched another film- La Science de Reves (The Science of Sleep). This is my favourite one out the three. Surrealism at its very best. So that's 3 films in a row. Yup.
In one day.

Hey, some people drink. Some people do drugs. Some people, mainly film nerds, watch 3 films in a row. Coz that's what film nerds do.Plus its not like the French Film Festival is around for a long time, its like here for only 10 days and they're showing 7 films only. So 3 out of 7 is good.

I heart international flicks.

Because of that 3 films in a row, I am now broke. Lovely. But its worth it. Next up is the Japanese Film Festival... think I'm gonna do 4 in a row for that. Heh.

Btw, I'll be writing movie reviews of the 3 movies I've seen in the weeks to come. Because on top of being a an artsy-fartsy-pretentious-snob, I am also a movie critic ;-p

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