Wednesday, June 06, 2007

"Erotic massage is NOT a crime."

Now that I got your attention...

I am sooo amused by this new revelation and its colourful, lovely quotes (click on the title).


"Urut batin is a form of traditional Malay massage that helps the body circulate more blood to the penis while increasing the strength of erections to improve sexual stamina.
However, the ‘shake’ is offered to please the customers during the urut batin session."

"MASTURBATION is not prostitution and it is not mentioned in the Penal Code, said Ampang Jaya police chief Assistant Commissioner Amer Awal."

Do you know its Visit Malaysia year this year? Uh huh, I think we should include that in our brochure. Something along the lines of...

"In Malaysia, prostitution is WRONG WRONG WRONG!!! ...hand jobs on the other hand are just spiffy. These are some of the great places that we recommend for you to get the best... 'shake' experience ever..."

Don't you think it'll be a great boost to the country's tourist industry if they just include that in?


cheesecakeerian said...

That's just gross. Stupid bastards.

gypsy-on-the-move said...

wahaha! i think ur goin to ISA for sure this time. whaha! well, if they include that in the Visit Malaysia 2007, its a good thing for us. lots of hot mat salleh will be floodin here anyway. LOL.

constant_drama said...

Gypsy! Wtf! "Hot mat salleh" are the ones in search of a "shake" experience. Dude, i dont even to come near those guys.

But yeah, we SHOULD include that in our brochure.

flavia said...

Chances are those so-called 'hot mat salleh' would be the old, skanky, lecherous old men who can't get any in their own country, so are willing to pay for it from an exotic woman in a foreign country.

And I firmly believe that those men should be shot in the testicles.

constant_drama said...

Right on Flavi, i agree.

Men like that deserved to be shot in the testicles.