Tuesday, August 21, 2007


One month to go before I officially enter "adulthood".
Officially an adult.
First thing I'm gonna do when I am officially an adult is to register for voting so that I can cast my vote for the coming elections. Now I will get to have my say in this country's political charade. Its better than nothing.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I just read what I've written on top....
Shit, I AM OLD now.
When the hell did that happened?!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Sunday, August 12, 2007

'Enemy of the People' at KLpac

Overall, the play was not that good. I'm no theatre critique so I wouldn't know what kind of observations that I should make or the jargon that I should use but this is what I think of it:

The main character playing the Doctor? He was annoying as fuck. Seriously, throughout the first act of the play he bounce around the stage like he's a ballerina. With his self importance ways and being a pompous bastard. If this is his trick to get the audience to hate him (as all the other character in that play are) then I say job well done but if its just the style that he acts then oh gawd, director Joanna Bassey should fire his ass as soon as possible coz he is damn annoying. Talk about a sad case of miscast.

Now that I'm done with that, let me give the summary of the play. A doctor who lives in town in which the major economy is generated by their spa that supposedly cure sickness in people, one day discovered that the water is contaminated. Upon knowing this, he made a big deal about closing it down and cleaning it up but this means that the town will lose their source of income so because of that the people of the town is against him. That's basically "Enemy of the People" in a nutshell.

The story itself is timeless I think, how one man wants to fight for the greater good but instead oppressed because of greed instead. There will always be stories like this but as much as I want to support the Doctor, I cant coz the actor playing his is soooooooo annoying, I cannot stand him. He totally ruins the play for me. Pompous bastard.

The supporting cast was good though, I especially like the Father-In-Law played by Un En-Ng, I think that was his name. I have seen him before in "Tell Tale Heart" by Gavin Yap and even though I did not enjoy the play per se but I did enjoy his performance. He has a certain knack of playing the undercover bad guy. The one that you didn't realise gona fucked you up until he twist that knife in your back.

Overall it wasn't a good play but it wasn't bad either its just that the performance wasn't strong enough for one to get caught in it. And plus the main actor was annoying as fuck, I can't stress that enough.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

"Sweet Escape" my Ass.

So I think you have heard that Gwen Stefani is coming to Malaysia. Her first ever concert in Malaysia for her Sweet Escape Tour. Solo or otherwise...ok not so sure about that but if she has never perform here before then I can actually show the importance of her being here. For the first time. To perform. Ever. See, see the importance of it?!!! Can you see it?!!

Now seeing that I like her music and that I own her first album( original, not downloaded), 2 of her No Doubt album (again: original, not downloaded- quite a feat these days) and watch and generally enjoy her TV specials, its safe to say that yes, I am a fan. Not a big fan but yes, still a fan. So when I heard that she's coming to Malaysia on August 21st, of course I am excited. Of course I wanna go. Of course I wanna see the lovely Gwen in action live with her Harajuku girls.

And then I check the tickets website, and my, my what a surprise. Tickets range from RM385 to RM125 and RM125 being the cheapest and all the waaaaaay back there. Buy the "cheapest" ticket and you can see Gwen as a dot, running around on what you assume is a stage coz you are sitting at the cheap seats and it is that faaaaar away. Check out the sitting:

Green. That's the cheapest one. I mean, WTF?!!! I'm not made of money. The tickets are not this expensive when MUSE came over. Or the Black Eyed Peas or Simple Plan, why in the blue hell are the tickets so expensive for Gwen? Did she won a Grammy I do not know about? Is 50% of the profit goin into African Orphan charity I -again- do not know about? Which is just stupid, coz ya'll know that Angelina Jolie gonna adopt all the African orphans in the world so why start a charity? Just give homegirl some time and she adopt them all. So again back to the question- why in hell is the tickets so damn expensive?!

This is royally pissing me off. Its a couple of years more till I become a filthy rich film producer, at which point I can hire Gwen to perform privately for me. Coz I am just that rich- at that point of course- but until that happens I'm just gonna be pissed off with the ticketing.

Really pissed off. Like barbie-dolls-melting-voodoo kinda pissed off.