Friday, August 29, 2008


Hey check it out, it's my 200th post. Osssum.

And you know what's more awesome?????? Patt Irmina of Stars to My Burst! fame have awarded me with my first blog award. I feel all loved and shit.

Creative Blogger Award. But of course.

You think being dramatic and coming up with quality bullshit is easy? No my friend, it is not. It takes time, it takes blood, sweat and tears, it takes sore fingers from typing all night long but basically it just takes the natural ability to bullshit your way out of things. Which over the years I have harness to near perfection. Near, not quite there yet but working on it. And with that, with my 200th blog post I feel that it's time I share with you guys some of my
favourite blogs. Hence I am awarding these blogs with the Creative Blogger award.

The Constantly Dramatic One blog pick numbero Uno

I have PMS and a Handgun. Any questions? by Natalija

I fucking love this woman's blog. Fucking love it yo. This woman can bitch better than I can, and no that is not exaggeration. She's hilarious! I always hurt myself laughing reading her blog. She turns trash talking into an art form. Unfortunately, it is a private blog therefore it is for invited readers only. I do wish that one day she'll have a public blog so that everyone can laugh their ass off reading her bitchy rantings.

An if she does have a public blog, I bet she'll be famous as hell. And then I am gonna piggyback on her fame cause as some people have pointed it out in my previous entry....I like "ATTENTION". Bitch of course, I am the Constantly Dramatic One.

The Constantly Dramatic One blog pick numbero Dos

Blogs Have the Right to Children by Yossarian

The thing you have to know about Yossarian is that he's a Lieutenant. Like of the military rank and hence how I found his blog when googling up "soldier's blog". Unlike the firefighter, he has no pics on his blog but he does write awesome entries.

I mean he was this guy who sits on his ass during the weekends complaining about how the beer isn't cold enough to a soldier who been sent to Iraq to fight a war. It all started with fun and games and I used to laugh my ass off with his bitching but now, it's only despair. He talks about bombs blowing up his barracks, he talks about seeing his friend die from a gunshot wound and really it give you a glimpse into the psyche of a soldier. And no, it's not great. It's haunting.

Yossarian started blogging with something like this:

"Right. Do you ever think why the fuck did that just happen? What was the chain of events, which led to such bullshit? For instance, why did my mother tell me that Cold Mountain was a good movie? Why did I believe her? Why did I watch the movie and think that it is good? Why did my commander stop by while I was watching it to see my living arrangements? Why did this happen during the love scene between Jude Law and Ms. Kidman? Why did I opt to pause it? Why did the commander take note that Jude Law's ass was paused on my TV as I showed him around? Why did the director decide that what the film was lacking was a GIANT shot of Jude's ass? Why couldn't my commander have dropped by ten second later, or earlier? Why?"

to this

"I saw this kid today, he is about seven years old. All he knows is war. He smiled and I gave him a Pepsi. Then he pointed me in a direction where there were some old Russian rockets rigged to blow up. I had a playground and a broken arm at seven. He has a Pepsi and a bomb. It is God's will. Not mine. It is my job. Not who I am. I keep telling myself these things anyway."

Give it a go.

The Constantly Dramatic One blog pick numbero Tres

Wine Glass Logistics by Elisabeth

Elisabeth's blog read out like a chic lit. But it's better because it's a progressing chic lit that you can take part in by commenting. Short, sweet and straight to the point; every entry gets me hooked and addicted for more. Her life is sooo dramatic that sometimes I just get so jealous. I'm like why does Elisabeth gets the crazy stalker guy? What about her hot neighbour...I want a hot neighbour. And oh don't get me started on the whole best-friend-domestic-abuse situation.

Drama people, drama!!

The Constantly Dramatic One blog pick numbero Cuatro

Let's Go Land by Kerp

"Kerp is Kerplunk for short. A quad (c6-c7) on wheelchair." as it says in his profile. But being in a wheelchair doesn't stop him from being an active observer of the Malaysian political scene. I mean, Kerp is one sarcastic bastard and I say that with much love. Reading Kerp's blog is a like drinking ice lemon tea during a hot day. It's refreshing bebeh.

Kerp is my number one go to blog if I ever wanna read about somebody being sarcastic about Malaysian political scene. He makes something so tedious and irritating into fun and the only reason I'm still in tuned with politics is cause Kerp's blogging about it. And oh, did I mentioned that he's famous too? Dude been interviewed on TV and newspaper on how much a kick ass blogger he is. Seriously.


The Constantly Dramatic One blog pick numbero Cinco

Bamboo Nation by Prince Gomolvilas

Prince is a playwright based in San Francisco and his blog is his means of reaching out to his (imaginary) fans. Witty, clever and bitchy, his blog is just charming. And gay. Waaaay gay. Something I do not realise before when I developed a tiny blog crush on him. I was like "OMG soooo cute..." and then he started about how his mangina is aching for Zac Efron and then you know....that was that.

But really, Prince's blog is really fun and I met a couple of blog friends from his blog alone. Quin and Peter, both of whom are on my Facebook friends even though we're worlds apart. Prince Gomolvilas, bringing people together.
Be warned though, he put up pics of half naked men on his blog and talk about cocks a uhhh so if you're super heterosexual and have problems with a grown man talking about other grown men's cocks....then uhhhh..... Bamboo Nation isn't for you.

Now go forth and read these blogs. It will only provide you with hours of fun with exception of Yoss's blog....cause the whole war thing would only make you melancholy. Thanks again to Patt Irmina for awarding me with my first blog award. Evah.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Et tu, Tinesh?

You see, I have this term of endearment for my friends. Sunflower. I know it's weird as hell but sunflower is my favourite flower and when I really like someone, I call them Sunflower. As a term of endearment. Sunflowers are only given to the ones...well the ones that I really like who I think above all, are the family I chose for myself instead of the ones that have been dealt to me by the hands of fate. Not that I don't love my family, of course I do. I mean I have to put up with disturbing shit that they do and the harsh words they say and find it in my heart to love and cherish them still. No family that have been dealt to you by the hands of fate is internal, everlasting love. Where else, the family you chose for yourself are the ones borne out of camaraderie, understanding and most of all respect. And oh yeah, also good times, in-jokes and random moments of stupidity.....which always involves plans that at the moment seemed like a fucking genius plan but when executed is just fucking stupid and will collectively get everyone in trouble. Yes...these is what friendship is all about.

So anyways there's a couple of my sunflowers right here in the blogsphere. There's
Gypsy who have been there all they way since the high school years. There's Cheesecakeerian and 3kc/ who goes to the same college as I do for the last 2 years. There's Elfie, who I've known for a short term but grown to be close with and then....there's Tinesh. I don't have that many close guy friends who are non-gay. Seeing that I'm a fag hag and all (as Peter have pointed out) but yup....Tinesh is a close guy friend. A sunflower. Well....he used to be.

Until I stripped him off the title.


He betrayed me!!!!! Traitor!!!

Omg, you guys remember that little annoying tit that I wanted to stab in the eye with a blunt pencil and then strip her naked, pour honey on her, tie her to a tree and then watch as red ants eat her alive as I cackle my evil laugh? Tweety? Do you remember her? Yup, that bitch.

He went out and party with her.

Traitor. Okay lah, fine....he was invited to a party that she was just so happened to be there. Okay lah. Fine I get it. And he didn't even danced with her on anything but still......Imagine my shock when I logged onto Facebook and then go "Hey Tinesh been tagged".....or "Look he went to a party"........."Looks A. Fucking. Minute........................WHAT THE FUCK? IS TWEETY THERE? AND TINESH? MY SUNFLOWER? FRATERNIZING WITH THE ENEMY??!!!" Dude, I almost died.

You traitor!!! You are no longer a sunflower, I disown you. No, seriously. I disown you. You traitorous non-sunflower. Dude, how could you party with her? How do you even stand being in one room with her? Did you feel your IQ trickling out of your ears just being in my room with her? I mean......ewwwwww.............didn't you just felt her stupid disease just attacking your stupidity-immune system? I mean....dude, macha, do you even stand being in a room with her without wanting to smack her face until it bleeds? How?

In an event, you betrayed me. You are no longer a sunflower. In disown you. You are hereby strip of all special privileges that comes with being one of my sunflowers. Stripped!!! And the only way you can make up to me is if you get me a life-sized cut-out of Clive Owen so I could dry hump it. No, seriously. Life-sized cut-out. Dry hump. Failing that, teh tarik at Ali Maju followed by a session of groveling. Your choice. But if you bring your "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" series on Wednesday, I'll forgive you 1 day and half faster than I have planned.

But for now, it stands: You traitor!! I disown you.

Friday, August 22, 2008

College policy, my ass

Dude, I fucking hate the parking attendants in my fucking college. Fucking piece of shit assholes.

I am so sick and tired of getting oggled at when I walk towards my car. I am sick and tired of getting hit on whenever I pay for the tickets. I hate that disgusting leering stare and bitch, I know the fact you asked me for my "Full name and student ID" isn't college policy. What kind of bullshit is that? "I need your Full name and ID or you cannot leave this parking lot". What in the fucking blue hell is that? Huh?!!! You fucking piece of shit. I asked around and apparently this new college policy only applies to me. You think I'm stupid? Good thing I just glared at you until you got scared enough to lift up the barrier so that I could leave.

I hate to sound like a spoilt, condescending bitch but excuse me, I'm the one pursuing tertiary education here, not sitting in a fucking parking booth coming up with some bullshit plan to get names off students. And given the circumstance, I highly doubt that I'm the stupid one. On Monday, I am gonna take a fucking pic of you on my mobile phone and than march down to the college admin.

I'm fucking taking you down for sexual harassment you piece of shit son of a whore.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yeah............mega bitch

I own no crystal globe that would enable me to look into the future. I have no bones taken from slain animals that could help me predict the future. I ain't no scientist that could build a time machine so that I could travel into the future. But I can tell you this right now:
This semester is going to be a mega bitch.

No, seriously.

It's the first week and as per usual the first week is always kinda mellow. It's just introduction classes as students are still thinking whether or not to take it or drop it. Crucial questions need to be answered within the span of thi
s one week.

"Should I continue with this class?"
"Will this class help prepare me in my future endeavours?"
"Will the 12pm class disrupts my afternoon nap?"
"Is the lecturer hot?"
"Does he have a tight ass?"
"Is there a possibility of being able to cheat during the finals?"
"Do I really wanna study this piece of crap?"
"Can I nap/send notes/play PSP/read a book/surf the net on my laptop without the lecturer catching me in this class?"

Questions that need answering, and none is more important than the other. These questions usually could be answered within the first 15 mins of introductory class and then you're dismissed. Awesome. Then of course after being dismissed, this would be followed by a 4 hour long session of bullshitting at the coffee house.


Not this semester though. I seem to actually have lecturers that actually....enjoys lecturing and teaching this sem. So fucking excited to teach that for the first introductory class, he kept us half an hour after it ends, making it 2 hours and half and managed to finish off the whole fucking first chapter in the span of one class. Dude. Also did I mentioned that we were to have 5 quizzes in class, to be given without notice? Also a group assignment that carries 50% of the overall mark and 4000 word "individual research paper" by the end of the sem? Yeah.........and that's just one class. Don't get me started on the rest. Just sitting in class, listening to the course outline and the "my expectation of my students should you wish to continues in my class" speech made me so stress out that I want to hurl midgets off 21 storey buildings.

And oh yeah, this is just the second day of the new term. Yeah.....told you it's going to be a mega bitch. So saying that, I think there will be less posting now seeing that from now on I need to catch up on a whole lot of reading and researching and all that shit in between if I want to maintain my respectable CGPA. And I do.

Now I bid you farewell as I need to go download the lecturer's notes seeing that the first quiz is this coming Thursday. That's right, the 4th day of college and I already have a quiz.

Awesome. Just fucking awesome.

Monday, August 18, 2008


First day of the new semester starts tomorrow.

But yet I have been gone out all day.

I went to a wedding. Met with highschool friends. Talked for like 5 hours.

Then I went to a party and I dance, and flirted and do unseemly stuff that I would not state on my blog (lest it comes and haunt me and the proceed to kick me in the ass).

It's 1 in the morning.

First class at 8 am.


This does not bode well.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I iz stalking jooooooooo

So I'm kinda been.....stalking a guy. Okay. Shit. That comes out wrong. Let me rephrase. I am stalking a guy's blog. A hot guy's blog. Smokin hot. I kinda been doing it since like...uuhh......last year. But before this post enter a brand new realm of fucked up creepiness, let me explain.

He is a firefighter.

Ahhhhh, it makes sense now, doesn't it? He is a smokin hot firefighter. Now how I stumbled upon his blog is pretty much a typical story of the blogsphere. I was bloghopping, reading comments when I noticed one of the display pictures were of a firefighter's hat. Now my fetish respect for the firefighter's hat is well documented on this blog, as long time readers would know. Dude, all you have to do is put a firefighter's hat on your display pic and I will Google your name up and then try to Google Earth your house. Basically stalk the crap out of you. It is as simple as that.

So don't tempt me.

The thing about his blog's kinda....well blah. Dude can't write for shit. Actually I think he's a himbo. But what he lacks in writing he make do in pictures. His pictures. And his friends. In uniform............................OhmyGod, it is so hot that I cannot even think straight. It's like p0rn, but much better. Cause there's no naked chicks that are hotter than me but just firefighters in uniforms. Sometimes he put up pictures of him and his friends, in full uniform on the firetruck. When he does that, I usually just shut off the PC and then proceed to take a looooong, cold, icy shower.

See, I told you this post is going to be creepy as hell.

But lately he haven't been updating. This is common because sometimes he gets busy rescuing kitties out of tress that he doesn't blog.
But then when I went to check out his blog the last time it was missing!! Motherfucker. Really it was. Just gone. Poof! Like no goodbyes. No "I'll be moving to Wordpress cause Blogspot sucks donkey balls". Nothing. Just gone.

This is pissing me off. First of all, yes I have been stalking him without him knowing but I am long time reader, bitch. I deserve to know if he is going to terminate his blog. At least that way I can line up another firefighter to stalk. Of course, I wont expect him to write "Dear crazy stalker chick from Malaysia, I know you're stalking my tight ass. Because of that I feel morally violated and will no longer put up pictures of my tight ass on firetrucks so that you can have you long, cold, icy showers afterwards. And I'm taking my hat with me. xoxo Super-hot-firefighter-with-tight-ass." Of course I am not expecting that but a nice little farewell note would be much appreciated.


So now it has been 3 weeks since his blog disappeared from the wonderful world of blogshphere. I have come to terms with it. I have mourn the loss of seeing his firefighter hotness on a weekly basis. I am ready to move on therefore I am scouring the net for other blogs belonging to hot firefighters. You guys know any? I need my fix.

No, seriously.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Hey I have a question for you. Where were you on the 8th of 8th of 2008? You know a date that would only come in another century? Wait...oh you were at home? Watching the Opening Ceremony of the Beijing Olympics? Oh you had dinner with the family too? Fed your pet fish? Also you got your hair done?.....Oh that's nice. Just swell.

Me? No, I did not managed to catch the Opening Ceremony. I heard it was nice. I'll just catch the repeat....or watch it on youTube.

Wait....why didn't I catch the Opening Ceremony....oh that's just because I was chilling out in a hammock. Under the coconut trees. Letting the sea breeze caress me from my hair to the tips of my toes like a lover that have been gone for too long. Clown fishes ate from my fingers as I fed them bread underwater. I played beach volleyball with a bunch of young virile men. I sunbathed next to hot French divers and lusted after their rock hard abs. I walked miles into the sea during low tide, when the water was so shallow that it only reaches my ankle. I made sandcastles and waited for divers to to come back to shore and tell me bout the adventures they had 20feet below the sea. I had BBQ on the beach under the moonlight. I wrote my name in the sand just to watch it washed away by the tides.

Did I mentioned that I was in
Redang for 4 days and 3 nights? Well I did. And it was lovely, just lovely.

Friday, August 08, 2008


Holy Mother of all that is pure and true! I now have 1000 tagged photos of me on Facebook. I say "tagged" cause some are just so fug that I untagged them but...but.....How the hell did this happened? 1000? Duuuudeee.......

I'm a mega camwhore. Super duper one. When I die they probably gonna write this on my tombstone:

The Constantly Dramatic One

Sept 21st 198* -

Daughter. Sister. Friend. Drama Queen. Sexay Penguin.

Purdy Sunflower. Mega Camwhore.

You know they totally would....

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

My list of possible lesbian lovers....

otherwise could be titled: If-ever-there-comes-a-time-when-I-am-no-longer-lusting-for-Clive Owen-and-have-no-desire-to-become-his-kept-woman-or-to-sire-his-illegitimate-children...I-would-totally-become-a-lesbian-and-do-these-chicks.

Also for all those of you who got a stick stuck up your asses, no I'm not a lesbian. Even if I am it's none of your problem and I'm speaking specifically to those individuals of excessive homophobia and overzealous religious beliefs. But as it is, this whole list is a joke. If you can't take a joke than I suggest you take that stick stuck up your asses and your dignified selves elsewhere. No one making you stay and read my blog at gun point now, are they?

So now I present to you the top ten women that the Constantly Dramatic One would totally go lesbo with. Durn durn duuuuuurrrrnnnn!

Number 10: Mariah Carey

I know a lot of you guys are going...."Dude, Mariah Carey? WTF?".

I know....I know. She is skanky and trashy. But you know, I think she's a hot kinda skanky and trashy. I put her down on my list of "Lesbian One Night Stand" cause no way in hell I wanna get into a domestic partnership with this woman. Bitch is crazy.

Number 9: Lucy Lui

Lucy has this really quiet kinda sexiness. She would not jump off the page as someone who is really sexy or in fact beautiful. But when she speaks and move, you just cannot take her eyes of her. It's the quiet confidence thing. I always think that out of the 3 Charlie's Angels- Cameron Diaz is the cute one, Drew Barrymore is the charming one and Lucy Liu is the slinky, uber sexy one.

Also if you have ever seen "Payback", you know that that part with Lucy in the dominatrix getup is pretty much hard to forget.

Number 8: Marlene Dietrich

Ahhhh Marlene, I know she's dead but her sensuality lives on for centuries to come. She exudes an aura of insatiable mystery every time she's on the screen. Maybe its the German accent, maybe its those famous legs of hers, or how the smoke from her cigarette always framed her face, or maybe because she was always so beautifully lighted in every movie she have ever been in therefore presented at her best like a fine work of art.....*le sigh*

Number 7: Amanda Bynes

Okay Amanda isn't exactly your typical babe. But she is funny ,talented and pretty. She seems to be working hard and keeping her personal life out of the spotlight....unlike some people *cough* Lindsay Lohan *cough*.

If I really am a lesbian, I'll ask her to marry me (same sex marriage is a go in California people) and then together we'll go to the sperm bank to get artificially inseminated and rear a beautiful family together. The kids can call her Mom and me Mama so that they won't be confused with having two mothers and all.

Number 6: Gabrielle Union

Have you watched "Bad Boys 2"? What about "Bring It On"? If you haven't than I suggest you do cause when you do, you'll know why she's on the list.

Number 5: Tina Fey

Intelligence is sexy and Tina Fey has loads of that.

Talented, funny, smart, pretty - Ms.Fey is the whole package. She seems like the type that would like to debate you on everything. Politics, philosophy, what's for dinner tonight- everything.

Which is good cause the relationship is always intellectually stimulated but then I guess most of the time I would need to tell her to shut the hell up and put on the strap-on.


Also those glasses are hot.

Number 4: Marilyn Monroe

Seriously. You guys have got to see this coming.

Number 3: Gong Li

This woman have just recently entered my list. I think she looked gorgeous in "Memoirs of a Geisha", if not a little bit of a psychopath. But still gorgeous. I really don't get why Zhang Ziyi was cast as the most beautiful geisha when it's clear that Gong Li look so much better than her.

Either way, Gong Li goes on my "Lesbian One Night Stand" list. She's hot but I bet she's scary as hell.

Number 2: Barbara Mori

Anyone familiar with those trashy Mexican telenovelas would know who Barbara Mori is. "Rubi" anyone? I think she is the most beautiful woman on Planet Earth. Screw Miss Universe, Barbara Mori is the real deal. I know that dress she's wearing is fug but it's one of the few pictures that she's actually covered up. This woman cannot keep her clothes on.

I loved her in "Rubi". She was just simply magnificent playing the title character. Such a manipulative, crazy, greedy, deceitful, evil bitch. So delicious in her evil doings. Also one of the highlights of the show is when she screams "Pokeno mi amore?!! Pokeno?!!!" And I'll be at home going "Si bastardo!! Pokeno?!!! Pokeno?!!"

Number 1: Cate Blanchett

I know........unexpected.

But Cate has a certain ethereal beauty to her. She wasn't cast as Galadriel for nothing. She's a chameleon, always delivering her best in her movie roles and managed to look stunning on the red carpet. She's intelligent, she's mysterious, she's pure class. And that's why she's my number one pick of lesbian lover.

One day...I might just abandon Clive for her....
Might: Key operative word there.

I am tagging Natalija with this. I know she'll love it.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Come here, pussy cat

You know what, Katy Perry's song 'I Kissed a Girl' is releasing the gay in me. We're talking full fledge gay here. Screw this bisexual thing I got goin on. I wanna be gayer than George Michael during a pride parade.

Now I just need to find me a gay girl to go gay with...

Any takers?

Update August 5th 2008

Seeing that there is a deafening, uncomfortable silence from the girls (via the comment box)....I think I'll make a list of possible lesbian lovers for me in my next post. Just to push it even more and make everyone squirm. Mwahahahahhaah!!

I'm such an evil bitch.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


I changed the layout. Yet again. Been having troubles with the other layout. My posting seems to have gone missing and the pictures looked washed out. I cannot take it anymore. It has been pissing me off like crazy.

It was puuurdy I give you that, but stupid as hell....Much like dating a bimbo.

Friday, August 01, 2008

It's all about randomness...

Sorry I had not been updating regularly. I want to say that I have been busy working hard for world peace and volunteering at the local orphanage but truth is....I have been hanging out with friends a lot. The only thing I have been doing is updating Valar Morghulis with cool pictures and quotes. You keep up the charade of being a pseudo-intellectual artsy fartsy snob. When I'm really not. Just pretentious as fuck.

But then I saw this tag from
Tine's blog and I am totally stealing it. Cause well, what good is a blog if you don't talk about yourself? And perhaps with this post, I would provide Princess Asshat from the previous post, who left that thinly veiled love message for me more ammunition to leave more of her aggressive love messages. In doing so, creating drama and giving the Constantly Dramatic One exactly what I want: drama.

C'mon Princess Asshat, make your idol happy. You know the sole purpose of your very existence is to please me. Be true to yourself. You know you want too....

So 6 random facts about moi: Part the 2nd. (For Part the 1st, go

1)I went through some rough emo period in highschool in which I was convinced no one loves me, everybody hates me. The pinnacle of the was this one time, in my ultimate emo moment, I threw.....something (can't remember what now) and that something shattered a mirror in my room. Still in my ultimate emo moment, took a shard of the said broken mirror and cut myself with it. I cut myself in my inner thigh so that nobody could see it. It hurts like a bitch. But at that ultimate emo moment mind all seemed epic and made sense.

What kind of sense?

Fuck if I know dude. Now that I look back on it, that shit was all kinds of stupid. So listen kids, if you ever find yourself all emo and wanting to cut yourself "to feel alive", for the love of God, cut yourself somewhere else other than the inner thighs. Cause you know, it just doesn't hurt during the cutting. It also hurts when you're sitting down and your thighs go up to each other. I walked bowlegged for like a week after I cut myself.

Stupid ridiculous shit.

2) Once I got lost in Shah Alam for 3 hours. I ran out of fuel and I had no money nor any idea where the nearest petrol station is. So I called my sister, gave her directions as best I could than sat by the roadside crying my eyes out. This happened about a week after I get my
P license so I was about....17, I think.

Really stupid shit.

3) You know when you read books, some of the character seems so attractive that you either want to be them, or are so familiar that you are convince that some part of you is them?....Get what I'm sayin?

I'm always convinced that I am
Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter series. No, seriously. If I am not flesh and blood but just a character that live in the pages of novels, I'll be Ron. Completely. Or Carmen Lowell from the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. As for a character that I want to be? It'll be Arya Stark from the Song of Ice and Fire series. Bitch kicks major ass!

4) When I was a kid, my brother told me that
toyols live in the toilet stool. And that these little bastards would bite my ass when I'm doing my business. I was so scared that I didn't do number 2 for like a week until I get sick. Until now, I always make sure that there are no toyols living in any of the toilet that I'm going to use.

5) I was a bulimic when I was 15. For a whole year. Three of my friends and I made a pact that we would always throw up after eating. My modus operandi was basically binge, drink a whole lot of water than stick a 2B pencil down my throat. 2B pencils have greater reach than my fingers because it goes all the way to the back of your throat.

I gave it up cause, well it hurts poking pencil down your throat all the time. Plus my mouth was starting to smell. Out of the 4 of us, only one of us continued until today. She's skinny now, but she's also constantly in and out of the hospital for dehydration and whatnot.

6) I am convince that one day, I would get Clive Owen in the sack. People call this "delusional". I call it "Long Term Goal".

So Princess Asshat, I know you're reading this. Feel free to leave more of your agressive love messages for me. Let the Constantly Dramatic One help you out with it. Why don't you go "Hah! Puke all the time won't get you thin you fat whore!" since you like that so much or maybe "Why don't you just cut yourself till you die?" or I dunno something more creative. I know your stubby little fingers and your vagina full of twigs is just itching for it.

Go for it Princess Asshat. Show me the love. Give me the drama I crave. And don't forget to use spell checker like you did last time....cause I know you did.