Friday, August 08, 2008


Holy Mother of all that is pure and true! I now have 1000 tagged photos of me on Facebook. I say "tagged" cause some are just so fug that I untagged them but...but.....How the hell did this happened? 1000? Duuuudeee.......

I'm a mega camwhore. Super duper one. When I die they probably gonna write this on my tombstone:

The Constantly Dramatic One

Sept 21st 198* -

Daughter. Sister. Friend. Drama Queen. Sexay Penguin.

Purdy Sunflower. Mega Camwhore.

You know they totally would....


Peter Varvel said...

By the time you die, in the future, there will be some type of hologram-photo-album invention that can be displayed to play constantly over your grave, and visitors will be able to view the top 100,000 photos of you from your entire lifetime (which means you better be nice to whoever's going to end up inputting photo choices into that futuristic device, hee hee!)

Quin Browne said...

there is a sunflower in my backyard... a wild one, unplanned...and i always think of you when i look at it.

if i can figure out my camera, i'll take a photo, and send it to you.

then, you'll have 1001 photos..

Maverick SM said...

Congratulation for having 1,000 tags. Don't worry about what the write hereafter. It's far more important to live happily hereof.

Melissa said...

My goodness, I'm missing so much on ur blog's posts these days. I just can't seem to find the time to go online n go blog-hopping. That, and of course the very obvious reason that my stupid hostel doesn't have any internet connection in spite of the gazillion times I have reminded them to go fix the goddamn thing

Anyhuu, the lesbian post was hilarious with a capital H, Lol! Although... i'm not sure about mariah carey... Hmmmmmmm

Marlene n Gong Li were totally my favs. I would add miranda kerr to my list ngehehehe. But it's highly unlikely that i'd turn gay anytime soon, i'm just so friggin straight like a goddamn poker rite now.

As for the tagged photos, aww girl u shouldn't be surprised u got 1000 tags. u should be surprised that it wasn't more than that hehe. keep up the whole camwhoring job, it's what dramatic people like u are destined to do!

and oh, my hammie died. due to an unnatural cause. an accident of some sort. =(( my advice for u is to make sure ur hammie is morbidly FAT for as long as he/she lives. it might just save his/her life. seriously.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


100,000??!! Holy crap that's going to be a reaaalllly long funeral then. And Peter, I'm going to entrust you with something.

*solemnly* When I die, have me creamated and spread my ashes all over Clive's body. Mmmmkay?


Awww that's so sweet =o) And I think that sunflower is like my long lost cousin or something. My long lost American cousin ;-p


How true.


Awwww....I'm so very sorry that your hamster died. That sucks donkey balls. =(

And you know Marlene? OMG!! Have you watched her movies too? You totally have to check out "Morocco" (circa 1030s), woman looked absolutely stunning in that one.

And meh, don't worry bout not being able to catch up. I write crap anyways. And ooooouuuu, I would totally add you if you have Facebook. Just sayin.

Elisabeth said...

I was pleased to note this morning I have 100 Facebook friends... but I haven't checked to see how many pics of me there are!!

A. Aini said...

i seriously like peter varvel's idea in the first comment. have a solar powered device that plays millions of photos of tuan punya grave for all to see until the end of time. cool gila.

i hate tagged photos in facebook. pictures of me from segala unflattering angles are in fb. untagging takes too long, thats why i ditched fb long time ago.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


You should, if your friends are camwhores just like me and keep taking a whole lot photos of you, then trust're in for a shock.


Unflattering pictures of you?! Puhhhleaze. Tres' impossible, no? =p

Anonymous said...

what's tagged photos? i am so last iceage.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


What does "bopf" stand for? Dude, how come you keep changing your name?

And on Facebook, if someone put your pic up they "tag" you so that people would know that's you in the pic. So I have 1000 tagged photos of me. Not including the ones that are untagged (you can untagged the photos of you). I untagged some cause I look fug in them.

It happens.