Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I iz stalking jooooooooo

So I'm kinda been.....stalking a guy. Okay. Shit. That comes out wrong. Let me rephrase. I am stalking a guy's blog. A hot guy's blog. Smokin hot. I kinda been doing it since like...uuhh......last year. But before this post enter a brand new realm of fucked up creepiness, let me explain.

He is a firefighter.

Ahhhhh, it makes sense now, doesn't it? He is a smokin hot firefighter. Now how I stumbled upon his blog is pretty much a typical story of the blogsphere. I was bloghopping, reading comments when I noticed one of the display pictures were of a firefighter's hat. Now my fetish respect for the firefighter's hat is well documented on this blog, as long time readers would know. Dude, all you have to do is put a firefighter's hat on your display pic and I will Google your name up and then try to Google Earth your house. Basically stalk the crap out of you. It is as simple as that.

So don't tempt me.

The thing about his blog's kinda....well blah. Dude can't write for shit. Actually I think he's a himbo. But what he lacks in writing he make do in pictures. His pictures. And his friends. In uniform............................OhmyGod, it is so hot that I cannot even think straight. It's like p0rn, but much better. Cause there's no naked chicks that are hotter than me but just firefighters in uniforms. Sometimes he put up pictures of him and his friends, in full uniform on the firetruck. When he does that, I usually just shut off the PC and then proceed to take a looooong, cold, icy shower.

See, I told you this post is going to be creepy as hell.

But lately he haven't been updating. This is common because sometimes he gets busy rescuing kitties out of tress that he doesn't blog.
But then when I went to check out his blog the last time it was missing!! Motherfucker. Really it was. Just gone. Poof! Like no goodbyes. No "I'll be moving to Wordpress cause Blogspot sucks donkey balls". Nothing. Just gone.

This is pissing me off. First of all, yes I have been stalking him without him knowing but I am long time reader, bitch. I deserve to know if he is going to terminate his blog. At least that way I can line up another firefighter to stalk. Of course, I wont expect him to write "Dear crazy stalker chick from Malaysia, I know you're stalking my tight ass. Because of that I feel morally violated and will no longer put up pictures of my tight ass on firetrucks so that you can have you long, cold, icy showers afterwards. And I'm taking my hat with me. xoxo Super-hot-firefighter-with-tight-ass." Of course I am not expecting that but a nice little farewell note would be much appreciated.


So now it has been 3 weeks since his blog disappeared from the wonderful world of blogshphere. I have come to terms with it. I have mourn the loss of seeing his firefighter hotness on a weekly basis. I am ready to move on therefore I am scouring the net for other blogs belonging to hot firefighters. You guys know any? I need my fix.

No, seriously.


Tine said...

I know how you feel. I stalked this gay guy's blog for over a year, and when he stopped writing, I was so disappointed :(

Prince Gomolvilas said...

Holy crap! All this time and you didn't tell me and send me his hot pics?! Shame on you!

Shireen K said...

hrm..dont asee the link...SHARE LA.. jgan kedekut...

Adrienne said...

ala.... maybe he was forced to take his blog down. u knowlah how it is this day. we're not allowed to post work related things online and bla bla bla...

i'll be on the lookout for firefighters for yah!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Oooouuu I can help you with that. I have two gay guys on my blogroll and both of them are cute!! Peter Varvel and Prince Gomolvillas =D


But but.....I cannot do that. What if he takes one look at you and then decided to go gay? Who'll get screwed then?

The answer is of course you. Not me. Ahem

Shireen K:

Dude. He terminates his blog. No more link lah.


Orrrrr maybe he's dead. Do you think? Perished in a fire? How dramatic would that be?

And yeah, firefighters or soldiers or sailors or pilots. Whatever, as long as they're in uniforms. Mehehehe =p

cc said...

There's something about a man in uniform that's really intriguing. I totally know how you feel, was stalking someone and poof he went! No warning, nothin!

A. Aini said...

ahhhh firefighters!! one cant help but think them as perfectly chiseled gods. ah just reading this post gives me seizures. everytime someone say firefighter in a sentence i have a little orgasms. haha. but come on, i'm sure u can find other firemen to obsess about. when dah jumpa, sharing plis. ;)

I'm Frank said...

I thought you were referring to me at first. Then I saw you were talking about someone else. Then I was sad.

Tinesh said...

Know of any army chick who blogs?

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Hohoho!! So I'm not the only one who stalks right? "We stalk cause we care" should be our motto =p


Part yang sharing tu yang susah. Nak share cupcakes no prob, nak share fireman memang susah skit =p

And yes....I totally wanna do it in a firetruck. At least once. You? ;-p


It's okay Frank. I'll stalk you too now. You and your robot. =)


Actually...I doooo....=D

Bopf said...

Do straight men blog? Really, do they? How on earth does fireman dude have time to blog? Maybe he's dead. Erk. You never know.. Forest fire or some shit..

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

hey, this reminds me of chuck and larry. kevin james has gotta be a turn-on for you, huh? admit it!

Pourpres~ said...

Oh the travesties in life huh? I wonder if you saved up any pics of his. Hmmmm. ;)

Quin Browne said...

go stalk my jarhead.. i posted a new photo on facebook... it'll help you until you find a new person to investigate (nice word for stalk)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Dude, I totally think he's dead too. He blogS in his past time lah and yes straight men do blog. I know shocking. Check out my blog roll for:

1) Tinta Sisyphus
2) Theatre of Nothing
3) Here there and I dunno where
4) As Zewt as It Gets
5) The Lieutenant
6) List of the Day

and also scroll up this comment box and check out Frank's blog.


That movie pissed me off. Piece of shit. Totally ruin the fantasy. Meh.

And Kevin James? No Kerp...I know you have the hots for him and I know you dont like to share.....=p


Got lah, somewhere hidden. Cause my mom use this PC to and I reeaaally dont want her to know what I'm up too online. As for the pic....aaaahhh the pain is too fresh for me to share his hotness. Maybe someday.

Have patience young Pedawan, have patience =p


Woman are you serious?!! Going on Facebook now. MWAHAHAHAHA!!

faye said...

I'm sorry this has happened CD.... I hope he pops back up some day...

The Valley Girl also dissapeared did you realize ? I feel a bit sad because of that..she was funny and torrid.

Peter Varvel said...

Awww, I'm sad - you didn't tell us about him earlier when we still had a chance to stalk him too.
I would've waited my turn, right after Prince YUM!

evie said...

damn! i was just gonna ask for the link till you said the blog got terminated. DAMN!

Michelle said...

I dated a firefighter once, he was the biggest ASS ever. My friends still refer to him as "Fuckhead" 20 years later. The uniform though...yeah, that's what got me.

Kuan said...

ahh...those blogs,

good times :)

but i don't get the long icy cold showers, eek!

Mike Valentino said...

My BF is a firefighter. He gets all the broads. That and he's swinging 10 inches of manhood.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


No bigger, I'll find other hot guys in uniform to stalk. Stalker skillz, I has it.

And oh I have no idea that you read "Valley Girl" too or I would let you know. Anyways she terminated her blog cause there were ppl who were out her identity. She sent an email to "Fabulously Broke in the City".

Here's the link:


Noooo!! I couldnt possibly compete with you two hot, muscular, Gay Overlords. Noooooo!!!!!!!! =p

One look at either one of you and I'm telling you, he'll be gay. I need him straight ;-p


Mine Evie...alll mine. MWAHAHAHAHAHHA }=D

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Really? But hot right? The uniform....God blessed the uniform.....=p


The icy shower part, that's a trick ppl used when they're reaaaaly horny. No seriously, when you're like super horny- take a long cold icy shower and the horniness just go away.

I'm not making this up. Seriously.

Mike Valentino:

Uuuhhhh I assumed he's straight? And I would need photographic evidence to this claim of...ahem 10 inches. And no scouring the net for pics either! (I totally read your post over at Prince's =p ) And if said 10 inches is 10 inches...than uuuhhh...what does he think of South East Asian chicks?

Of course, this is just for curiosity sake.

No seriously..

Mike Valentino said...

Seriously. I saw it (by accident) once and it looked like two coke cans stacked on top of each other. His brother and I try to help him out (or embarrass?)by telling all the gals he flirts with about his massive junk.

Adrienne said...

but but the firemen that came to the rescue were boroi!!!

Melissa said...

urghhhhh what a shame he had to terminate his blog. i could use some hot-guys-in-uniform pics right now. hmmmm i think i'm gonna start stalking one too, i bet it's a gazillion times more therapeutic than being a couch potato watching the commercials hoping for a hot guy or two to miraculously pop into one those silly ads...

how i wish the firefighters in malaysia are as hot as those we've seen abroad.. but nooooo they HAD to be somebody's husbands n daddies n have pot bellies too. dammit. i would've considered dating one if there is any. seriously.

Michelle said...

CDO...yeah, the uniforms still get me. There was this huge guy (6 feet 3 inches at least and obviously worked out) at my son's preschool that one day dropped his kid off in full uniform. Except he was on the SWAT team or something...big ol' leather boots, straps everywhere with guns, scary looking metal things and clubs and such everywhere. I was like HOLY CRAP. You could tell all the skinny little bitches dropping their kids off were freaking out, but deep down they were REALLY turned on and jealous of his wife (who I knew and was really nice...lucky girl). I know I was! LOL! And then I thought "Dude, why in the hell would come to a preschool with all of your firearms and weaponry or whatever on your person?"

I know why. Because HE CAN. Hell yeah.

fie the elf said...

lol kesian u

im getting my fix from all these half naked pictures of the american olympic swimmers


Technodoll said...

God bless firefighters... too bad they stink of soot and sweat after a long day's work.

Guess it's just soap, hot shower and me holding the sponge... reeeer! :-D

Kuan said...

first of all.....why the HECK I want my horniness to go away?!?! are you nuts?!?! gees babe, you got to ride the wave and enjoy it! :)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Is there a possible way for me of meeting this friend of yours.....? Hhhmmm....


Real life always loses out to imigination. No?

*le sigh*


I know Melissa, I know. How sad that they can't be as hot as we want them to be eh?

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


The woman has SWAT for a husband? HOLY CRAP!!!!! Really? Meh I wouldn't want to marry one. I just want to them. No, seriously.

I mean I cannot deal with knowing that they might get hurt or die on the job you know. No, marriage with these guys are not for me. One night stands is go though ;-p


Their bodies are hot lah. The face not so much. Need to be paper bag....that's all I'm sayin.....


Very wise Kuan. Very wise.

*pats Kuan on the back*