Friday, August 22, 2008

College policy, my ass

Dude, I fucking hate the parking attendants in my fucking college. Fucking piece of shit assholes.

I am so sick and tired of getting oggled at when I walk towards my car. I am sick and tired of getting hit on whenever I pay for the tickets. I hate that disgusting leering stare and bitch, I know the fact you asked me for my "Full name and student ID" isn't college policy. What kind of bullshit is that? "I need your Full name and ID or you cannot leave this parking lot". What in the fucking blue hell is that? Huh?!!! You fucking piece of shit. I asked around and apparently this new college policy only applies to me. You think I'm stupid? Good thing I just glared at you until you got scared enough to lift up the barrier so that I could leave.

I hate to sound like a spoilt, condescending bitch but excuse me, I'm the one pursuing tertiary education here, not sitting in a fucking parking booth coming up with some bullshit plan to get names off students. And given the circumstance, I highly doubt that I'm the stupid one. On Monday, I am gonna take a fucking pic of you on my mobile phone and than march down to the college admin.

I'm fucking taking you down for sexual harassment you piece of shit son of a whore.


Elisabeth said...

My god, CD - you are having one hell of a shitty time right now.

Prince Gomolvilas said...

You left out an important piece of information. Are the parking attendants hot? THEN it would be okay. :)

Michelle said...

You go, girl!

A. Aini said...

uuu better yet, take a vid of them leering and be sure to capture the cat calls as well. then take a pic for good measure.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I know, it's like the whole damn world is conspiring againts me.


No, they're not. They're fug. Therefore it's not okay.


Thank you =p


Ooooouuuu good tip. Thanks!

winda said...

i'm feeling you, cd.
I was in the office today, on saturday, because i want to take the docs needed to make a new passport.
The security refused to opened the damn lock for me unless my vice vp called them.
See, i need to call him for dozens of time and he didnt pick it up.
And some psycho in the security tried to take my picture.
And they keep on asking whether i have the inside keys or not. And when i said i do have it, they asked the silliest thing possible: they're not sure whether i'm an employee or a student (my office is a college). LIKE HELL!! If i'm a student how can i have keys of the workplace, you moron!!!!
And it's the first thing ever happen!!!
I've come on saturdays before and nothing like this happen.

And since im able to type this now says that i finally able to get in to my office. Originally planned to grab my docs and leave but since i'm being 'hurt', i need some online reading treatment ;)

And i've just junked in your comment box. Sorry!! I'm still pissed off. it's okay if you dont approve.

Tinesh said...

Weyyyy..Go get him fucked by the admin! Sexual harrassment siaal

Technodoll said...

Don't hold back, tell us how you really feel! LOL!

Natalija said...

I think I'm really conceited at times because if someone good looking hit on me using the lamest pickup line even, it'd still be ok.

But if they're really fugly I get SOOO offended. Biased much. Like, do I look desperate to you??! No I don't! Only royalty and Collin Farrell can hit on me bitch. Not parking attendants!

Patt Irmina said...

ughh..i know how tht's like. and i hate them when they do tht. trying to act like they have alllll the authority to ask for unnecessary things like full name blah blah.

neway gurl! u got nominated.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


No prob. Vent all you want I have no prob with it. The only reason I have comment moderation on is TO protect my identity. Sometimes my friends comment and they accidently put in my name or my college or my town, all these little specific thINGS... I have mega issues with being stalked =p

AS for you getting trouble from the security guarrd....yeah that shit always happens. Security guards always do that. They think they have So much power and give us trouble. I mean what kind of stupid shit is that? Asking whether you're a student or employee? Which student in their right mind would go to college on Saturday?!!!!! Seriously?

They're bastards. All they want to do is give you trouble so that they'll feel better bout their tiny, miniscule dicks. Sad little assholes.


I know. I think I got it worst cause I'm Malay and thes bitches are Malay too therefore they think it's all fine and dandy ro be little fucking assholes to me.


Oh I never hold back on my blog. You can bet your sexy ass on that.


Exactly!!! I mean even if it
is a good looking parking attendent, I would still have second thoughts. To say othewise would be totally hypocritical of me.


Alah, PR security guards/parking attendece/uneducatedlittel pricks are all the same. And you nominated me? Awww....thanks. D

Tinesh said...

I'll follow you if you want me to come along

-Princess Shin- said...

Haha.. that was a fierce post. But you should definitely complain him to the admin. Go girl!

Peter Varvel said...

Wow, you're making me feel like such a huge slut right now, because I even enjoy attention from the fug ones.

KLConfidential said...

DO IT girl!

Go all the way!

These people are pricks and will soon graduate to other unthinkable behaviors.

You'll be doing everyone a favor.
If the college refuses to do anything about it. Tell them you're doing a police report on THEM AND the ATTENDANTS.

They picked the wrong girl...

Anonymous said...

Maybe they're just giving you some encouragement. For someone obese, dressed in 10 sizes smaller, of course you are screaming for ATTENTION. They just bagi muka la so you tak tersinggung. Jangan la marah sangat. You should be happy sayang.

fie the elf said...

i always thought the security guards in college were fking creepy

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Tinesh: betrayed me....=(

Princess Shin:

Thanks, and thank you for visiting.


You're not a slut. You just an attention whore and I adore you for that.

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I know right!! This is just the first stage.


Oh sayang, of course lah I'm screaming for ATTENTION, I have a blog don't I? And as for 10 times smaller? No huney, I'm a size 14 and I wear size 14. Obese? No. But fat? Yes.

Get your facts straight before you comment sayang, I hate for you to come off sounding ignorant. Work on that ya? And oh, thanks for bringing traffic to my blog. I just luuuuurrrve the ATTENTION.


The security guards don't bug me. The parking attendents do. But maybe that's cause you didn't drive to college when you were here right?

Farid said...

i love anonymous. she's my new best friend! and it's ok anonymous, i don't care what everyone says about you. I do not think you're a self-obsessed, self-loathing, attention-starved, mentally challenged whore with an inferiority complex who likes to project her own problems unto others as a method to relieve yourself of the repulsilveness which you see everytime you look into a mirror. Because you're special and I love you. WE love you.

winda said...

CD, thanks for letting me vent the anger hahahha....

*hugs cd for being an angel*

And YES! which student in their right mind would want to come on saturday!!! They rarely come when we have saturday classes, and there's no class last saturday!
Even i hate going to work on saturday hahahha.....
paid or not paid :D

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


I know!!! I love her too, she creates drama for me and god knows how much I luuurve drama. And ATTENTION. Yes, don't forget I luuuurve ATTENTION.


Are you a lecturer......OMG....are you? Holy crap, you are the Enemy?...........=S

Now I feel guilty for talking shit bout my lecturers.....

winda said...

After tinesh betrayed you, and then your blog-reader is the enemy. God, the shock!!!

no i'm not!!! I tend to smack idiots, ill-mannered, spoiled rich brats senseless.
I'm working as the academic administration. I'm the one who would call your parents if you misbehave in school and other silly stuff like that. But doesnt mean i'm your enemy, i mean, i accept bribery!!! hahahha....
anyway, the job is far from being glamorous, but with 24/7 internet access (no restriction!), not much i can complain about ;)

So, are we cool now??

the Constantly Dramatic One said...

Oh I have one of those calls before. I tried to enroll in a class without taking the pre-req and I thought I was super sneaky too when they call me saying that I have been auto-dropped.

That sucks donkey balls. But yeah, we're cool now =)