Friday, August 01, 2008

It's all about randomness...

Sorry I had not been updating regularly. I want to say that I have been busy working hard for world peace and volunteering at the local orphanage but truth is....I have been hanging out with friends a lot. The only thing I have been doing is updating Valar Morghulis with cool pictures and quotes. You keep up the charade of being a pseudo-intellectual artsy fartsy snob. When I'm really not. Just pretentious as fuck.

But then I saw this tag from
Tine's blog and I am totally stealing it. Cause well, what good is a blog if you don't talk about yourself? And perhaps with this post, I would provide Princess Asshat from the previous post, who left that thinly veiled love message for me more ammunition to leave more of her aggressive love messages. In doing so, creating drama and giving the Constantly Dramatic One exactly what I want: drama.

C'mon Princess Asshat, make your idol happy. You know the sole purpose of your very existence is to please me. Be true to yourself. You know you want too....

So 6 random facts about moi: Part the 2nd. (For Part the 1st, go

1)I went through some rough emo period in highschool in which I was convinced no one loves me, everybody hates me. The pinnacle of the was this one time, in my ultimate emo moment, I threw.....something (can't remember what now) and that something shattered a mirror in my room. Still in my ultimate emo moment, took a shard of the said broken mirror and cut myself with it. I cut myself in my inner thigh so that nobody could see it. It hurts like a bitch. But at that ultimate emo moment mind all seemed epic and made sense.

What kind of sense?

Fuck if I know dude. Now that I look back on it, that shit was all kinds of stupid. So listen kids, if you ever find yourself all emo and wanting to cut yourself "to feel alive", for the love of God, cut yourself somewhere else other than the inner thighs. Cause you know, it just doesn't hurt during the cutting. It also hurts when you're sitting down and your thighs go up to each other. I walked bowlegged for like a week after I cut myself.

Stupid ridiculous shit.

2) Once I got lost in Shah Alam for 3 hours. I ran out of fuel and I had no money nor any idea where the nearest petrol station is. So I called my sister, gave her directions as best I could than sat by the roadside crying my eyes out. This happened about a week after I get my
P license so I was about....17, I think.

Really stupid shit.

3) You know when you read books, some of the character seems so attractive that you either want to be them, or are so familiar that you are convince that some part of you is them?....Get what I'm sayin?

I'm always convinced that I am
Ron Weasley from the Harry Potter series. No, seriously. If I am not flesh and blood but just a character that live in the pages of novels, I'll be Ron. Completely. Or Carmen Lowell from the Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants. As for a character that I want to be? It'll be Arya Stark from the Song of Ice and Fire series. Bitch kicks major ass!

4) When I was a kid, my brother told me that
toyols live in the toilet stool. And that these little bastards would bite my ass when I'm doing my business. I was so scared that I didn't do number 2 for like a week until I get sick. Until now, I always make sure that there are no toyols living in any of the toilet that I'm going to use.

5) I was a bulimic when I was 15. For a whole year. Three of my friends and I made a pact that we would always throw up after eating. My modus operandi was basically binge, drink a whole lot of water than stick a 2B pencil down my throat. 2B pencils have greater reach than my fingers because it goes all the way to the back of your throat.

I gave it up cause, well it hurts poking pencil down your throat all the time. Plus my mouth was starting to smell. Out of the 4 of us, only one of us continued until today. She's skinny now, but she's also constantly in and out of the hospital for dehydration and whatnot.

6) I am convince that one day, I would get Clive Owen in the sack. People call this "delusional". I call it "Long Term Goal".

So Princess Asshat, I know you're reading this. Feel free to leave more of your agressive love messages for me. Let the Constantly Dramatic One help you out with it. Why don't you go "Hah! Puke all the time won't get you thin you fat whore!" since you like that so much or maybe "Why don't you just cut yourself till you die?" or I dunno something more creative. I know your stubby little fingers and your vagina full of twigs is just itching for it.

Go for it Princess Asshat. Show me the love. Give me the drama I crave. And don't forget to use spell checker like you did last time....cause I know you did.


Peter Varvel said...

Ahh ha ha! I love the name 'Princess Asshat!' I'm going to start using that on people!
I'm glad you're not bulimic, anymore. It is such a form of self-hatred, as cutting yourself may be, too. I don't know much about it.
But I'm glad you love You as much as we do, now.

Tine said...

Heya thanks for doing this :) I did your #1 too, which I'll talk about in my blog sometime soon.

Great randomness I say :)

Tine said...

Oh and PS, damn I'm loving your new profile pic :P

farid said...

spot on.

peachy said...

show the messages :D

Melissa said...

hi cd! oh my god it has been aaaaaagesssss since i last read ur posts, how i miss 'em!! anyhuuuu ur pics are H.O.T. i wish i can have that sort of awesome vacay like u did huhu. and oh, WHO THE FUCK IS THAT ANONYMOUS LOSER??? what a total naff, kalau jealous cakap ajela, huh!!!

and the part about toyols living in toilet stool..... AHAAHAAHAHAAH!!!! i laughed so much i had to walk away from my lappie in order to breathe n get hold of my lunatic self =P ur bro is meannnnnn hehehe

....and i'm still SO pissed off with 'princess asshat' whoever the fuck she/he is. let's call her/him toyol.

Quin Browne said...

believe in the goal.

(i can't be bulimic, no gag reflex)

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


Yeah...I don't do it anymore. I was just sooo angry and so bitter of something that I don't even understand of.

Just really angry with the world you know? Thankfully I've moved on now. And yes, I do love myself now =)


I know, the contrast of colours is awesome!


I have you, to thank.

*bows down to Farid*


First comment, previous post.


OMG! If I tell you all the stories on how my brother used to scare the hell out of me, you'll pecah perut ketawa. But the Toyol part mmg celaka. Samapi skrg I check the toilet before using it...just to make sure....

And no, no let's call the little prick Princess Asshat. That's what I named em' the first time she was here.

Pretty sure it's a she btw.


I do, I do believe in that goal.

Pourpres~ said...

Sticking 2B pencil in your throat must hurt like hell, I had a little cousin once who stuck one in mine. She was using it as a thermometer when we play doctor.

Ngahahaha, I so love the #6 bit. I have such kinda goals too :p

Natalija said...

I'm scared of toilet bowl creatures too. Someone once told me ada hantu that lives in the toilet bowl that will feeds on your bum.

Scaaaaaarrryy. Still, you can't be too careful. Must check at all times!

the Constantly Dramatic One said...


What the hell is wrong with your cousin. I mean...I used the blunt end lah. Not like stabbing myself like that.

Wow....thatmust have hurt.


So I am not the only one who is traumatized by this? Tapi seriously, memang kena check dulu. Kang sia-sia jer kena gigit.

cc said...

Your writings really crack me up!! :D Love it!