Wednesday, November 21, 2007

8 Random things regarding the Constantly Dramatic One

I have been tagged by both Cheesecakerian and 3kc. Awesome, I never been tagged before...which is kinda sad. But anyways I am supposed to list down 8 random things about myself. So here goes:

1) I cannot function without coffee. I can't.I go through at least 3 cups of coffee everyday. I am not a coffee elitist, I do not just drink the ones from Starbucks only, I drink the 70 cent ones from Mamak too. I do not discriminate when it comes to coffee. I have a dream. One day I would be rich enough to travel the world and sample coffee from every corner of the world.

2) I find men in uniform incredibly, incredibly sexy. Especially firefighters. Military comes next. Every time, anything war related or fire was mentioned on the news, the first thing that crossed my mind is "That's hawt." Recently in the news they mentioned that Turkey is going into war or something and all I could think off is how sexy the soldiers going to look in their uniforms..I'm ashamed of myself. People are dying and that's all I could think off.

By the way, this dude is a Turkish soldier with the Turkish Air Force. I went for hot air balloon ride conducted by the Turkish Air Force when I went to Turkey last year. This guy...smokin hot. He got an ass made of granite. I could tell...*drool*

3) I am obsessed with Benefit cosmetics.

4) For some reason or another Black & White movies make me feel all nostalgic. Which is strange because I am too young to experienced The Hollywood Golden Era but yet I yearn for it. Movies these days...they are not like the ones they make back in the day...

5) When I was a kid I was bullied a lot. And it wasn't until I was 9 that I had a proper friend. Back then I used to cry into my stuffed toys and cling on to my books because they are the only friends I have. The only ones that do not call me by horrid names. Now things are better and no one bullies me anymore. But I still sleep with stuffed toys and treat my books really well. It hurts me if anyone do anything harmful to them because before the world accepted me, stuffed toys and books were my only friends.

6) I have roadrage.

7) I own 41 designer perfumes and 27 pairs of shoes. I am working diligently in increasing those numbers.

8) I cry for stupid ridiculous stuff. I cry for Hallmark commercials. Chinese New Year commercials. Raya commercials. Christmas specials. I'm so fucking sappy, I could slap myself.

I am tagging Elfie, Sticks, Gypsy, Lalat, Son Son, Ninja Walrus and whoever else that wanna do this. Go crazy.


3kC said...

i love the blue one..but purple is more you..teeheehee..

constant_drama said...

I like the blue one better too.

elfiejane said...

-i love the mamak coffee with condensed milk. especially with roti canai during out tuesday btching sessions!

-you are so going to increase the pairs of shoes you own if you keep getting new ones every time you have a presentation!

-you have to go to prom!!

constant_drama said...

I wont be here.

Mom and dad won.

I am sad.

Son-Son said...

i have the benefit powder haha.

constant_drama said...

Which powder?

I have been dying to get my greedy little paws on their powder-stockings. You know that one that you put on your legs and your legs will be all shiny and silky as if you're wearing a hose. Looks great with a mini and heels.

But those are always sold out. Its sooo frustrating.

constant_drama said...

This one:

Its balm. Not powder. My bad. But still, always sold out.

Quin said...

thank you for not supporting the evil coffee empire.

here in new york, you can't give directions by using them as a visual reference, because they are would be like telling someone to turn left at the termite hill on the plains of africa.

um, which one?

constant_drama said...

Quin, its becoming like that in Malaysia too. Starbucks are indeed taking over the world. One mocha grande at a time.

The 70cent mamak (Malaysia eatery, you can Google it up)coffee beat them evil Starbucks flat out. True story.

Thanks for dropping by the Constantly Dramatic One's blog.

Quin said...

my complete pleasure