Friday, November 09, 2007

Chicago the Musical

You know how people have a list of things that they wanna do before they die? Yeah I have that:

1) Fly in a hot air balloon- checked.
2) Take over the world.
3) Bungee jump.
4) Shoot a feature length film.
5) Have hot kinky monkey sex with Clive Owen.
6) Bake cupcakes and NOT burn down the whole kitchen.
7) Watch a Broadway show ON Broadway.

So far, I only have the hot air balloon down. And then I found out that Chicago the Musical is coming over to my end of the world. As in the actual Broadway show....

Insanity kicked in. I need to watch it. I need to be there. I need to see Velma and Roxie and Billy in action. I need to check number 7 off the list...well at least part way seeing that I would watching it at KLCC Convention Centre and not on Broadway. Its good enough for now. One minor glitch though, the tixs are truly and really expensive. Like a fucking bitch. And you know what....I really wanna sit upfront, the one closest to the stage. The one that the tix cost RM350. I really want that.

So I got it.

Now my ass owe my dad RM350. But its okay. I'm checking off number 7, partway, off my list.

The show was good man. If you went in and expecting to see the glitzy number that Zeta Jones, Zellweger and Gere gave you in the movie then you would be disappointed. Coz the movie is better than the stage show. It was expected because in movies there are all about techniques and special effects and they can make something that is so minute into something spectacular, with stage show, its all in real time and there are no such things as close ups to exaggerate a detail.

Saying that, for the first 20mins into the show I was a bit disappointed because I have the movie mentality in my head but once I got over that, the show KICKED ASS. The songs, the moves, the actors and the guy that played Billy Flynn was pretty hot, hotter than Gere I have to say. Or maybe coz he was prancing about on stage wearing a classic suit. As they were dancing on stage, I found myself dancing along in my seat and the dude seating in the seat next to me gave me a look.

Hey dude, I paid RM350. I fucking dance on the seat if I want too, mmmkay?

The show was glitzy but it also had a noir-ish feel to it. Dark humour and the fact that the dancers were smoking as they danced around gave that really cool, 1920es feel to it. I am now convinced that I have been born in the wrong era. I should have been born in New York in the 1920es. Bitch, I would have rocked the whole flapper thing and do a mean Charleston. I also want to quit college and become a Broadway dancer but we all know that's not gonna happen now don't we?

I went alone on accounts that other people are not so much into musicals and don't want to get the expensive tix. I figure, if you can't sit up front, why bother go at all? Shows like these are all about the experience not the merchandise. Saying that, I bought a whole bag of CHICAGO souvenir costing RM90 containing a program book, a shirt and the CHICAGO original soundtrack. No more entertaining other drivers in traffic jams with my renditions of Kelly Clarkson in my car. Watch the Constantly Dramatic one pulling off a CHICAGO dance number in her car from now its going to be a bitch to pull of dance numbers while simultaneously needing to keep your feet on the pedals. But I shall prevail!

Saying that, to any of my friends reading this post let me just warn you that all week next week I'm gonna be busting out random dance moves from the show at any given moment. That's right. Count yourself lucky. You get to see a free amateur CHICAGO show.


3kC said...

2 words. passive agressive. hahah!

just this coming week? im sure it'llb e longer..HAHAH!! cant wait!

constant_drama said...

Passive agressive? I have no idea what you are talking about.

Oh hey, Weds is Cultural Day in college. You're supposed to wear traidtional clothes on that day. Watch me as I perform a number in my too-tight baju Kebaya and 4-inch heels.

Should be amusing for ya'll.

Prince Gomolvilas said...

"Have hot kinky monkey sex with Clive Owen."

...I hear he's into hot kinky monkey sex. But you're not a monkey. Too bad. It would've been so easy.

constant_drama said...

That is true....Dammit!!

Kuan said...

hey, since we are sorta kinda related to monkeys, hence you're one too, go ahead, have kinky sex with clive =)

PS, the story on my facebook is getting more obscene....oh my god, i am tempted to terminate the story, LOL

constant_drama said...

Obscenity is good. Let it stay. See how long it can walk the the subtle line btwn teasing and plain out obscene.

Maybe I shall include something bout kinky monkey sex as well....

Bill German said...

great pic of the three dancers