Sunday, November 25, 2007

Oh no bitch, you DID NOT just say that about my school!

This is going to be a semi-political post that might or might not get me thrown into ISA but I am willing to take the risk because I am pissed off. Indeed, I am.

I have long given up in reading the newspapers and watching the news because in Malaysia, democracy is just a charade and the media is a political propaganda tool. There's nothing more to elaborate there. To keep myself updated what I do is I peruse through these political blogs and read about the news written by bloggers with credibility. Today I stumbled across
this over at Malaysians says the darnest things! and it pissed the hell out of me.

Apparently in the Parliament, some exceedingly brilliant gentleman, the representative of Parit Sulong (where?) have nothing to do with his time and nothing to do in his community that he had to point out that mission schools in Malaysia, such as Convent, La Salle and Methodist have crosses and statues representing the Christian faith in them. These crosses and statues must be demolished.

Well no shit Sherlock.
Its called mission schools. Built by the British back when they invaded Malaya.

Also he pointed out that these schools have strong Christian influences and apparently sing "church songs" during school assembly.(FYI: Those are hymns, not songs).
And shock and horror!!- apparently Malay-Muslim parents send their children to these school as well!! What is the world coming to?!!

Then his sidekick, an even more incredible genius of a man, the representative from Sri Gading (bitch, again - from where?) have to butt in and mentioned that apparently "a father have alerted him that these missionary schools are not close during Raya". Raya is Eid Mubarak; as in the main festival celebrated by Muslims.
Bear in mind, Malaysia is an Islamic nation.

Not close during Raya? Right....

Ok listen up geniuses, I am a Malay woman. A Muslim-Malay woman and my parents sent me to be educated in SRK. Convent Klang and then, oh nooo they didn't stop there. They then sent me to my high school: SMK. Convent Klang. That's right bitch, I'm a Convent girl. A Muslim-Malay woman educated the Convent way.

When I went there, there was never a moment where we were made to sing...what did you called it again...right "church songs" during assembly. We did read prayers but it was the Islamic prayer that we read weekly at the assembly while the other students who weren't Muslims stood in silence of respect to it. Did they other students have parents alerting the Parliament members about how the have to stand in silence when the Muslims were saying their prayers? No.
Perhaps its a little thing called religious sensitivity or maybe because they were shit scared of idiots like you who are in the Parliament talking about Islamic supremacy.

This is a pic of SRK. Convent Klang. As off 2007 the school is 79 years old making it 29 years older than Malaysia. If you look at the top part of this pic, you can see two mosque domes behind the cross. This pic could easily be used to show the tolerance of religions in Malaysia. How ironic.

Also calling into the demolishing of the crosses and Christianity artifacts. Where I went to school, we no longer have a church in it. The church have been converted into the hall and where the altar where the people used to pray, a stage have built over it. There were no crosses at all though on the walls where they used to hang, one can see the outline of Jesus Christ. When the school was repainted, all that gone missing. So what is there to demolish? We do have a giant cross in front of the school but it never bothered us. It is a part of the British/Malaya heritage, it is a part of Malaysian history. Demolish that? Demolish a part of our country's history just because you are an uneducated prick that have no religious tolerance?

Fuck you.

You are not above history.

And then about the 'Raya' comment....Dude, that shit is not just stupid. It is BEYOND stupid, I don't even have a word to comment on that because seriously, you have created a whole new level of stupidity here. What kind of BS is that, that the school is not closed during Raya? You think that there would be no heavy media coverage of that if that ever happened? Stop talking mindless shit. It is embarrassing. If anything at all, Convent gave more holidays. We get day off during Good Friday while the other kids go to their non-mission school. You don't hear no one complaining because who would say no to a day off?

Oh look ma! Christian architecture! Tear down the school now!

These mission schools, Convent, La Salle and so on and so forth are not just schools. They are historical landmarks that have been around before Malaysia achieved her independence, back when she was Malaya instead of Malaysia. The fact that they have Christian identity is undeniable because the title itself is 'mission schools'. Demolishing them or trying to hide their identity is stupid because the very act itself is telling us to turn our back on history. The fact that so-called Parliament members have to make up stories to make these schools as if it is out there to convert students are false and unfounded. Further more it is also offensive and hurtful for those who have been in those walls and know such accusations are false.

The Constantly Dramatic One is all about school pride after all.

Religion is a set of beliefs. You choose what to believe. Just because you think your religion is better than other peoples' does not give you the right to condemn and push your religion onto them.

Last time I checked, we promote this country to the outside world as a country where people of different races live harmoniously and without conflict. Last time I checked, we are a country that is proud of our religious diversity and sensitivity. Last time I checked, this country wasn't run by a bunch of idiots with the Taliban-mentality.

But we all know that's all bullshit right?

UPDATE (DEC 4th 2007)


Update (Feb 23rd 2008)

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Anonymous said...

You are not above history.
Thats a good line.
I think this is one of the reasons i am not into politics in Malaysia whilst i might read up on other countries. Malaysian politics seems like the backyard of a kindergarten with hair pulling and name callings by stupid spoilt brats.

pssst, its ISA not SIA, getting thrown into the SIA would be awesome for me, those dman singaporean airline air stewardesses with their tight cleavages would be heaven.


Quin said...

more people are killed in the name of religion than anything else.

go figure.

personally, i was taught by nuns and jesuits. i don't practice my faith, but, i made sure my kids were taught by nuns and jesuits. why? because the fuckin' jesuits challenged everything.. and the education i received from them carried me though a non secular high school without ever opening a book... and i graduated in the top 10% of my class.

gotta give them the education credits.

constant_drama said...

Munk, I agree with you.

Malaysia's politic is pathethic but I keep updated with it because what these clowns do does and will effect us. Most of the time for the worst so it is worth knowing wth they are up to so you can prepare yourself from getting screwed...much.

And oh thanks for pointing that out. Typo. And please... the Air Asia girls are waaaay hotter than the SIA.

constant_drama said...

Quin, nuns thought you too? Ooouu, when I got around to school there was like only 2 nuns from the 'Malaya' days. When I was in Primary 1, aged 7, their habits used to scare the hell out of me.

But really, if they were to point out that Convent was a school full of bitchiness. Where bitchiness isn't an attitude but a need for survival, then I would have keep my mouth shut coz they speak the holy truth. Its an all-girls institution, they weren't busy converting us, the girls we busy being bitchy to each other to even care for things like "beliefs".

People are so damn ridiculous when it comes to religion. I mean please, those are just beliefs and faiths and nothing can prove whatever it is that you believe is true. So at the end of the day just respect each other's beliefs and move on with life already.

elfiejane said...

Fking religious fanatics.

Fuck them. FUCK THEM!

I've attended Convent school from kiddie til high school and I'm fking glad because I have a multi racial, multi religious circle of friends from this experience!

Maverick SM said...


I didn't know that you are Malay...

and you're from Convent?

But you are too harsh to the moron MPs. Bear with them bcoz they are morons; and they didn't even know it.

constant_drama said...



And no, I do not mean in the good way, as in the-way-that-I-want-to do-to-Clive Owen-kinda-thing either.

Uneducated pricks. Its ridiculous. I could go on and on about this what is the point? I'm just gona get myself even more upset and exam is around the corner and I'm already all stressed out because of it anyways...

Uneducated pricks.

constant_drama said...


Yes I am Malay, with some mixed blood of other nationality thrown in as well. And yes, Muslim...You sound surprised that I'm Malay?

Not a good Muslim mind you and I dont claim to be a good one either, but a practicing one nonetheless. I have my beliefs and faiths and Im not trying to push them onto anyone.

And yes, Convent girl through and through. Why do you think I'm so bitchy?

They are morons and morons pisses me off.

Quin said...

nuns taught me.

i have handwriting that rocks.

i only write with fountain pens and i prefer linen paper.

i can set a table for 12.

i can ride a horse perfectly.

i learned to shave my legs.

i can sit, walk and move with perfect posture.

i have wonderful manners.

i am terrified of wooden rulers.

yeah, nuns taught me.

Tinesh said...

Nyeh!!! Strike three..fuck i lost count..newayz strike infinity for the MPs..Msia Buleh!!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting that you mention the Jesuits, the last eight years of my schooling was with them.

Pretty open minded sort of chaps, at least one got married and lived a normal life.

Carroll Quigley had an influence on Bill Clinton and was acknowledged in his inauguration speech.

Whatever his faults Clinton is a spontaneous man who does not rely on stage management to speak authoritatively on a matter.

munk said...

hindraf's protest for a better future for people who makes really good food at cheap prices is a success and tmr i shall congratulate them by driving to brickfields and giving them money for their cause in exchange for some rice, curry and vegetables served on a banana leaf with a side of papadum.

Maverick SM said...


I am certain you are a good Muslim. Bitchy does not mean bad; it's a human characteristics that God created them to be such.

I am surprise bcoz you write so well in English and you are a realist!

I love reading your blog.

constant_drama said...

Quin: The nuns that were left, didn't thought me anything. They thought the older girls and when I became one of the 'older' girls, the nuns were no longer around.

I'm still pretty nostalgic bout it. Heh.

Tinesh: Jom kita undi roket!! Nanti ramai2 boleh naik angkasa juga...macam Abang Angkasawan ku yang bukan gay, tetapi bisexual coz if he is bisexual...I still have a chance ma.... =p

Anon: Uhhh...I dunno how to comment on that but uhh...putting aside the whole scandal and all, Clinton is an extremely charming man. Extremely. Too bad he is a horn dog that cant keep it in his pants.

Munk: Take your sarcasm to another blog that actually reported bout the HINDRAF rally. But if you are going, take me ya? Good food there.

Mave: Oh thanks Mave. Yes I am a realistic Drama Queen. It boggles the mind really how I could be so realistic and dramatic at the same time. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Reagan apparently didn't allow anyone in the Oval Office without a jacket.

Clinton may have had to break that rule one one occasion at least.

constant_drama said...

Uh huh...we all Know about that don't we?

Pat Lu said...

I just had the sheer pleasure of reading your blog on this topic.

Now, that's what i call character! And i thought my PC screen might gonna smoke midway reading this article! ROFLOL!

The ethos of a school, not its course offerings, is the decisive factor in forming character.
Read Character Matters and other articles under Additional Reading at
Also read A Gentle Reminder further down the same column. Just updated in case "politicians" visiting the site don't know the meaning of the words such as ethos, character and a long list of other words i’ve just added there :P

Please take time to email and post this in other forums; and sign the Petition: Respect the Ethos and Character of Mission Schools at …simply because, Negara Kita, Tanggungjawab Kita (Our Country, Our Responsibility)

Happy reading and have a “thought-ful” (and i must add a "positively bitchy") weekend! ;)

Love and God bless,

Your fellow Convent sister-in-arms from Assunta PJ,


Zikri said...

Welcome to Malaysia, land of Malays with severe paranoia concerning their race and religion. Malays are definitely Holier Than Thou Will Ever Be, so shut up and don't complain.

Remember, if you're not Malay than you are worth shit, even if you're Muslim, because Malay Muslims are better than converts and Muslims born of other ethnicities unless you lick the asses of Malays like our Super Genius Minister of Information.

Have a nice stay. :)

constant_drama said...

Pat Lu:

Great that you enjoy my waay over the top, dramatic entry and yes I would definitely go there and sign your petition.

We mission school kids have to stand together!


Your words are true.

Nothing truer than that have been spoken before. The Constantly Dramatic One bows down in awe.

yasmin said...

good on you! i've had it up to here with dumbass mp's who give malays a bad name. and why are they always blokes?

constant_drama said...

Wow...Ok. Wow, I am a bit star strucked that you, the great Yasmin Ahmad actually commented on my blog. Oh wow.

Ok anyways, now if you would scroll up my comment section you would notice how I say that I am indeed Muslim but not a good one, okay this is how its gona play out.

Because in Islam, all superiority goes to the male part of humanity. In Islam, the male is not supposed to be opposed or challenged by the females. All we ever do is follow them. Basically thats the whole thing right? Male superior, female opressed.

So now enter Malaysia where male chauvanist pigs are all over and actually championed. So put that kind of mentality with the whole Malay supremecy shit, then you get a case of superego exceeding brain capacity.

And arent all Malay Muslim males in the M'sian government have a case of superego exceeding their brain capacity? Flapping their mouth about because of their deluded belief of their own superiority?

And that is me with my own theory on why its always Malay blokes who are bringing shame to the Malay community. Thank you. I'll be here all week.

vejay.chin said...

Hi Convent girl,

Your anger against these morons is OK. BUT why you want to **** them, even a donkey doesn't want to **** these morons, becarefull with typo errors in the future, curse them so that some aids carrier prostitutes **** them, not good girls like you. In fact they should be condemned to death, not ******. I agree with you, and pls don't fear of ISA from these shits. Be brave at all time, you are damn good, keep it up, wish you every success.

MBS Old Boy said...

For what its worth, I think you will find morons in any race, creed, profession, etc. Never underestimate the power of human stupidity. That said there are many who do see beyond race, gender, etc. And God knows we need more like you. So you go, girl!

I have met many Malays who will not share the views of our 'esteemed' politicians. Unfortunately there will be those who will. Politicians are very good at smelling them out and when they do, they will make use of them to win votes.

I know Malays are getting a lot of bad rap these days. No worries la, some non-Malays know better.

And like a soiled diaper, our bunch of politicians need changing.


Yangchenma said...

What a fabulous post... May Malaysia realize that the way to a successful (social, spiritual and economic) future is not tolerance of racial and religious differences but acceptance of racial and religious differences.

Tolerance implies that we can't stand the difference but do so grudgingly. Acceptance means respect and welcoming of these differences.

Instead of wanting to demolish, let's celebrate.. what are the hardliners so scared of? That people will convert to Christianity because there's a cross there? If only that were true, the Christians would be ecstatic!

Anyway, i enjoyed your blog post.. you rock, girl...

With Metta,

constant_drama said...


Ahahaha, yeah...that's funny. And thanks for the advice, appreciate it.

MBS Old Boy:

I am sooo glad that there are still people like you out there. I am mean I am Malay but just coz I am the same race doesn't mean I share the same kind of mentality. People need to be educated better coz their stupidity is giving me a migrane.


Thanks for dropping by my blog. It is ridiculously and beyond silly for them to condemn the crosses. I mean that way non-Muslims/Malays can say that women who wears tudung are pointing them towards converting into Islam, dont you think?

I bet if anyone comes up with that, these stoooopid MPs would totally flip....I kinda wish someone would now just to see their reactions =p

LaSallian said...

There is only one word to describe the joker Assemblyman who brought the issue up.. B O D O H....

The bloody KATAK must have just woken up from his tempurung...

Doesnt he realise that those so called mission schools have done a much better job at national integration and helped more malays than any sekolah kebangsaan or sekolah agama.....

Proud to be a La Sallian

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

wow CD...

not sure if you're aware of it or not but zorro-unmasked actually borrowed this post of yours and used it for his own take on this issue there. i am so proud of you, girl!

constant_drama said...


Hey completely off topic but I always think LaSallian boys are pretty hot. It must be the whole bad boys vibe. Hot.

I'm just sayin...

constant_drama said...


Yeah you just pointed it out to me. I just checked it out. It explains the sudden traffic to my blog.

Dude, I was so bitchy. I'm kinda embarassed that he put it up coz I was ssssoooo bitchy.

Pat Lu said...

Erm, you're also at Malaysia Today. Visit

Limited to 5,000 characters, and as as "bitch" was automatically changed to "*****" in your URL at the end of the article, i linked to


Anonymous said...

For what it's worth, I think you have every right to be bitchy. For one thing, you've put into words all those lovely descriptions about the kebijaksanaan of our esteemed MPs I've been itching to spout except that I could never be even one tenth as sensible, let alone scathing. Talk about going for the jugular =) Thanks so much. As someone who studied 12 years in a convent school, I felt so much better after reading your post. Those two MPs have probably never stepped into a convent school, much less engaged in a meaning discussion with ex-convent students, which in their eyes, qualifies them perfectly to demonize and call for the obliteration of something they have absolutely no idea about. Typical reaction. What you don't understand, you must bulldoze over and cover with six feet of concocted garbage and bullshit, nevermind truth. Sigh.

Btw, I came to your site through Zorro's post. Wish you all the best for your exams =)

Anonymous said...

Having been educated from a convent school myself (muslim n taught by two nuns in late 80s)I feel compelled to reply.
If it is true what is said by these Johorian politicians (Parit Sulong,Sri Gading are constituencies around Batu Pahat,Johore)then indeed they have been either severely misinformed or had peer-reviewed references from the dark ages.As late as the late 80s, I never recalled a time when I was forced to sing Christian songs,in fact we had the daily doas ( muslim prayers)prior to going into classes during school assembly.It was good times as my school always did better than the ones around us academically.The nuns did a terffic job educating us Muslims coz here I am at the age of 35, possess an Msc with a PhD holder hubby (they teach us to be very ambitious to live well, that's for sure) worked as a biomedical scientist in the UK for over seven years with a tudung to boot!!!!( ooh yes..all that time from pre 9/11 right up till post 7/7 until end of 2006 when I returned to Malaysia to take up a post as a lecturer at a local Malaysian University)If u call that bad influence by the crosses of Jesus Christ (pbuh)then Allah please have mercy on these politicians' souls and show them light that is so terribly hidden from their eyes..
Having said that I am afraid I cannot agree with you when you say politics in Malaysia is bad. I would like to invite you to come and stay in the UK for a minimum of six months and then tell me after if you feel the same. Please do not think I am trying to brag, my salary over there is approximately 3500 pounds/month as an NHS scientist , bought a house, had friends that I miss sorely until now and a life with my family.I still returned home because at the end of the day it is not your place and they make u feel it. Think politics in Malaysia sucks??When the British National Party starts knocking down your door, asking you to get out and go home to your country because you taint the white race ( this party is LEGAL political party in UK btw) I believe you will have a very different perspective of what sucks and what does not.
Malaysia is a lovely country,unfortunately that image is sadly tainted because of the wrongdoings of a few nincompoops like the abovementioned politicians. I love her as many of you do.Having come back to Malaysia after a long period of absence, I know for a fact that what you said as supposedly there but actually BS is actually not.No matter what this is OUR country..let's all make this a good place for all of us to live and where else are you a citizen of, no matter where you go..
By the way,you naughty convent girl you..didn't the nuns teach you not to swear??haha..

Ex-Lasallian said...

go gurl ,fight for it ... this is what the damn govt needs right now !! i think it is time we teach them how 2 run the country.....
ex-la sallian

Dan-yel said...

Haha... I enjoyed reading this entry.

These politicians' head are just hollow, with no regards to history, integrity and accountability.

I just hope their mommies would give them a spank on the buttocks, for being stupid and naughty

miss-mardigras said...

Hey, I just dropped here cause I read your post about this demolishing Christian schools thing?
I'd post in your cbox if you had one, but you don't so I'm posting here.
I'm from Wesley Methodist.
And I think you're the bomb for posting something like this and I love you for it. xD
Power to you!!!

You rock =]