Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Game. Set. Match.

Term finals starting on the 1st and ending for me on the 4th. Then term break until Jan 14th NEXT YEAR.

Let the good times roll.

Though I am stressing for the finals and I can't seem to go on sleeping for more then like 2 hours or so without waking up and sleepwalking to my book, my exam stress is pretty much under control. Scared shitless, getting migraines and lost of appetite but nonetheless, exam stress is pretty much under control. Hey, its not like I'm puking all over the place now am I?

Anyways it had been a....tame term. Yeah nothing exciting happened really. Made a new friend I can really click with, discovered 3 people in college I really care about, them he-bitches that made my life hell in the previous term have left, and the bitches that I hate that are still around are leaving next year. Good clean term. Nothing out of the ordinary. Tame. Normal. Mundane....Kinda boring. Kinda sucks ass but yeah, ok. Whatever.

Then the 2nd last week of the term rolled in and here comes You and your Sidekick zeroing in on the Constantly Dramatic One. The plot thickens. Bitchiness baits were lowered waiting for the Constantly Dramatic One to bite. Icy glares exchanged. Snide smiles directed. Underhanded comments abound. Ahhh....

Game. Set. Match.

Welcome to Girl World.
Only the bitchiest survive.

But thing is huney, I didn't bite did I?
Coz your timing is lousy. Loooousy.

Why woman? Why the 2nd last week of the term? Why? Why can't you be all bitchy to me in the middle of the damn term? When I was bored out of mind and all emo bout becoming an
adult and all that? Why? I would have welcome your bitchiness as an amusing distraction but now seeing that it is the last week, I am not gonna play that game with you. 3 days to go? I know you're good in this game and so am I, but seriously, even with you and me combine we can't create enough drama in 3 days time. Lousy timing.

Boo, you whore.

But maybe...maybe if we would to end up in another class next term and you still feel threatened by my presence onto your existence and if I have nothing else to do with my time, then yes, I'll bite. The game have been set anyways... and one player is already in. Up to me if I wanna play this with you but if I do then that means I actually have to pay attention to you and acknowledge your...

So the only question left...
are your worthy of my time and attention?

..........................I think you are.

Game. Set. Match. 2008.

See you there.


cheesecakeerian said...

Fine. If you wanna have a bitchfight with her next year I'll join you. I shall be less passive aggressive and all in-yo-face next term. I bitchslap her sidekick to Singapore. Ok? Happy? Lol.

3kC said...

teeheeheeee!!! i know this story!!!should be interesting if you two end up in the same class again..i'll run for cover!!! hahahah!!!

constant_drama said...


Dude you better, she has a sidekick, crazy bitchy one ok. I need a sidekick as well. Yeah you bitchslap that bitch to Singapore.


Of course you know this story, you're like one of my spies. Ahahahahahahaha!!! Dont run for cover, trip her for me.

elfiejane said...

And I'm going to miss this show down!


I will miss you and our btching sessions at the mamak.

constant_drama said...

You will be updated,trust me on this.

And yes....ahhhh mamak bitching sessions. How I'll miss thee...

Kerp (Ph.D) said...

ok i may sound like a bitch myself, or worse, a drunken sugar daddy but its time to quit bi-atching around for a while and give your utmost best for your upcoming exams. all the best. may the knowledge be with you.

constant_drama said...

AHAHAHAAHAH!! Thanks drunken sugar daddy. I will give it my best. =p