Friday, November 23, 2007

Random rantings

Cops have to stop doing roadblocks all the damn time. People have places to be at. You goddamn sons of bitches.

Having sex with your own mother isn't cool. It wasn't cool when I read it in old Roman/Greek history/mythology. And it still ain't cool when you put it in a play, no matter how much you rationalize it. Get that
Neil LaBute?

I have to hit the gym more often seeing that I have the energy of a koala.

I might have a problem. Am overspending. Is borderline shopaholic. Need help.

Final exams next week. Know nothing. So fucked.

People have to start feeding me cupcakes.


cheesecakeerian said...

Borderline? Borderline?? AHAHAHAAH! Sorry I was in such a bad mood today. No breakfast okay. Then I got a fucking headache. Sharin + no food = disaster.

constant_drama said...

Yes, borderline. I'm not that bad, I mean like...its not like I...Oh shut up.

Quin said...

perhaps you should have seen it with ed harris.

he rocked it.

but, then, prince and i agree to disagree on this playwright... i think his work is based on the ways man (the species) simply can't deal with the one emotion we can't control..


flavia said...

Yeah, Oedipus was totally off his rocker. Hence the whole 'hey, let's name a psychodynamic disorder after him!' thing.
Yeah, 2 years of A-levels psych has left a DEEP impact on me.

And you know the whole 'I Got It From My Momma' song from really makes me think that he probably has some sort of unresolved sexual tension between himself and mother figures in his life (eg. his OWN MOTHER!). Seriously, when you think about the song like that it REALLY grosses you out!

constant_drama said...

Quin: I am Prince's fangirl. Heh. Therefore I too will agree to disagree with you.

But honestly was disturbing. I all about love but I will have to say that I draw the line at doing it with your mom/dad/uncle/brother/sister/grandma etc.

constant_drama said...

Flavia: I have never taken any psych class, well I read up stuff- I mean for God's sake I read encyclopedias for fun- so I wont have the insights to the whole psychology anlysis as you do. But I know "eeewwwww" when I see it.

As for the song. Well I think the term "I got it from my mama" is a hip hop slang saying...well excatly what the song says it means. I dunno bout him having unresolved sexual issues with his mom...

I think his song is just a spin at the whole slang that is popular right now as a way of garnering attention and revenue. Perhaps.

Quin said...

*settling into the subject of 'wrecks'*

here's the thing... ed fell in love with jojo before he knew who she was.. he admits that. a man, i think, would be able to put aside the issue of that being his mother.. he didn't see her as his mother, he didn't understand the concept of mother.. she was his love, his beloved, his all. she never knew. i don't think he told her at the end, those four words he whispered were not "i am your son" or "you are my mother". a woman would never be able to sever the ties, no matter how deep the love, or how long the separation. the instant she knew, it would be over... she'd have died in fear of her mortal soul. so, there is the thrust of love in wrecks... ed blathers on and on about love.. yet, he bases his deep love, the love of a lifetime, of eternity.. on a lie.

he lied for 30 years. he let her die on a lie. he lived on a lie. he let her give birth to children that were conceived in incest, double incest.

he writes of how we destroy love live about love fuck it up work it over scramble for it throw it away.

but, in the end, it's about love.

thank you for your time, i'll be here all week.

(i'm good with the agreeing to disagree... you are both wrong. heh)

constant_drama said...

Quin, before he knew who she was?

I just watched the play last Thursday and when Ed was doing the whole revelation scene, he mentioned that he dated a church girl who knew the whereabouts of his birth cert so in order to have that, he wooed her. Whe she finally gave his birth cert to him, he left her to go on the search for his mother (Mary Jo).

He also said and I quote "I knew if she couldn't love me in one way as a mother to her child then perhaps he could have love me as a woman who loves a man."

So you see, Ed did set out to find his mother. He was a little messed up in the head because of his childhood of desolation and when he finally found her, he was all for falling in love with her. In his mind, he was never loved by anyone and surely the only person who could ever love him is his own mother even if she did abandoned him before.

Incest Quin, Ed did planned for it.

Well thats what I get from the play that I seen. That is from LaBute playwright, right? Or maybe they have changed it a bit...can you change a playwright just like that? Coz I think that is illegal. Creative ownership issues or something along those lines.

Quin said...

ah, he knew who she was, but when he saw jojo, he didn't know she was maryjo... and he fell in love first, then discovered they were one and the same.

tell you what.. i'll re-read it tomorrow (when i'm back in the same airspace) and we'll discuss.


constant_drama said...

Yeah lets do that, damn LaBute, that man is goood.

Dont tell Prince I said that =S

Quin said...

ack...i've been without interwebs for a week.


okay, i re-read the play, and, ed speaks of when he first saw mary jo, how he fell in love. that is where i take my feeling that he loved her first, not knowing who she was.

later, he does say he knew who she was from the beginning...

i'm sticking with my first feeling...he saw, then's still in my belief that labute writes about love, what we'll do for it, or how we'll fuck it up.

and, yeah, the guy can use words like magic, can't he? and always with that little thread of humour running through it. read 'in a dark, dark, house'

i won't tell prince that you've been lured to the labute side.


constant_drama said...

Hmmm, lets agree to disagree and yes, LaBute can weave magic with words. Only one play and yet I know that already.

And no, dont tell Prince....or Prok Chop =S