Thursday, November 29, 2007

Kidney for sale

You know how people have something in their lives, some memories that they have that defined a moment in time of their lives? Yeah...I have that.

Mine is the Spice Girls. Scoff all you want at that but the Spice Girls was defining factor in the Constantly Dramatic One's childhood. Ahhh...any of you who was around back when they were huge could remember how Spice Mania took over the world. The girls was all over, you can't turn on the radio, TV, newspaper and even billboards without seeing or hearing them. They were huge and I think that not a single band has come close doing what the girls did back in the 90es. This is a fact. If you disagree than I am sorry for you.

Because you are wrong.

Back in the day all the girls had a character of their own. Posh, Ginger, Baby, Sporty and Scary. Who did you think connected the most with the soul of this 12 year old?.....No....Any takers?

Before the Constantly Dramatic One becomes all dramatic, before she found a footing in the world...the Constantly Dramatic One was Scary Spice. Fuck yeah. Scary was all about the attitude, the big hair, the tongue piercing. Damn, she was my Idol. Saying and doing everything that I want but can't. I had a whole wall devoted to her, well the rest of the walls of course had all the other girls but one wall, the one with the Best lighting, that was only for Scary. She was special. My other half.

Back in the day.

I bet you have heard of the Spice Girls reunion tour kicking off on Dec 2nd, this coming Sunday in Canada. The 12 year old in me is crying out in utter sadness of not being able to see them. I would do anything to get a front row ticket to any of their gigs. Seriously.

I have 2 working kidneys, I do not drink or smoke. I do however consume an ungodly amount of coffee. What I'm trying to say here is that I would trade my left kidney for a Spice Girls reunion tour front row ticket. People, I am not kidding here. I am dead serious. Any takers? Know anyone that would be interested? Let them know and contact me.

Anyways, Spice previewed their revamp single at Victoria Secret's fashion show the other day. Check it out. It has everything that the Constantly Dramatic One loves: Vintage glamour, great music and damn man, memories. I remember the days I used to go to friends house after school to practice the routine to this song. Ahhh...good times.

And yes, I have watched the video above 12 times and realise that I still know EVERY word to the song and I can still be a backup dancer to this song...Wow, all those years dancing around in front of the TV to their video clips finally paid off coz I got to type that line up there.

Now if you have forgotten, or maybe have never know how Spice Girls were back in the day, the following commercial would refresh your memory of their cosmic fame in the 90es.

And now another commercial for Tesco with the Spice of today.

Cool right? Different too. From girls to hot smokin
MILFs. I especially love Victoria's part and Geri definitely the best actor. And for some reason or another Mel C is all ladylike now. This is the chick that used to do high kicks and cartwheels in every show people. I wonder if she will do it still....Emma, looking lovely and not annoying at all. She used to irritate the hell out of me coz of her "Oooooouuu look at me! Look at me! I'm sooo cute" attitude. Blow me. Guess she grown up. And Mel B? Nothing scary bout her, just classy now.

They're all women now.

Spice, now and then.

They have made the transition from girls to women.

Just as the Constantly Dramatic One have done.


The kidney offer still stands.


trixiefirecracker said...

You're going to kill me but I'm going to see the Spice Girls on February 10th, 2008. It also cost me both my kidneys but I think it'll be worth it

Son said...

isn't the no. 4 pin-up girl Betty? I forgot her surname O_O The one on the DVD u lent me right :) And the Tesco commercial is so cute!

constant_drama said...


Wow, you are?

Wow........ Wow.

Yes experiencing envy. Yes, turning green now. Yes, dying slowly now. Yes.......*sadness*

*sigh* You win some, you lose some. Dude,it is definitely worth BOTH kidneys and then some more. Hey let me know if Sporty still do her high kicks and cartwheels.

Who's your fav Spice btw?

constant_drama said...


Page, that's her last name. Betty Page. But no it is not her. Modelled after her I'm sure coz she is one of the pioneering pin up models. People are still copying her still.

Now if you wanna see the original 'original' pin up work, its by Alberto Varga. You might be fimiliar with the term 'Varga Girl' seeing that you are an ANTM hound and they featured the pin up pose in one of the episodes.

Scroll down my page to check out and 'original' Varga girl. The other pin up girls are all sampling or a variation of the original Varga artwork.

And yes, the Tesco ad is soooo cute! Love it!

constant_drama said...

And oh....I am sooo insulted that no one is interested in my kidney. Seriously, wth?

Valentino said...

Yeah, they're women now after finally losing their virginity!

Valentino said...

Offer me something hotter than your kidney & I'll grab it with my rock-hard mouth, babe!!!

constant_drama said...


The offer stops at kidney...unless of course if you look like Clive Owen AND have front row Spice Girls tixs...then we can...negotiate.