Thursday, January 31, 2008


So I was typing out some stuff, basically me bitching about some random stuff or another when I realise.....dude, this is my 100th post.

Holy Mother of God, this is my 100th post!! I have successfully bullshit my way through to a 100 posts. Wow, that's a whoole lot of bullshit. I am impressed with myself.

So to celebrate this significant event in blogging history I'm asking you blog reader to delurk yourself. Now I know there's an average of 40 hits each day and because I'm brilliant at maths I'm gonna conclude there is at least 3.5 people who finds the Constantly Dramatic One amusing. The .5 coz maybe one is a little messed up in the head so that's why they read the bullshit that I come up with. To make things easier for you to bask in my glory I shall ask some questions in order for you to delurk yourself...easier. The format for this I've stolen completely from
Valerie of Let Your Freak Flag Fly .

Yes, I am shameless like that.

  • If your life is a movie, what kind of genre would it be? (eg: musicals, horror, mob......)

  • Who would you turn gay for? This is of course assuming that you are straight, if you're not then who would you turn straight for?

  • How would you execute the perfect crime?

  • What do you do when you see an endangered animal eating an endangered plant? ***stolen from here

  • Is my ass that big?

Call yourself whatever you want. What's that? Sexy McHotAss? Sure, whatever rocks your boat. But whatever it is delurk yourselves bitches, its not everyday a girl blogs her 100th post ya know.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

KLpac: Kissing Lions Probably Ain't Cute

The Constantly Dramatic One went to the 1st ever KLpac open day last Sunday. Since you probably confuse now so let me straightened this out, it does not stands for Kissing Lions Probably Ain't cute- it stands for Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts centre. The only reason I wanted to go was because they have this backstage tour and I am very curious to see all the stuff that goes into the production of a play. Also, it was all free. I would like to write more but my damn keyboard is acting up, damn thing is spoilt. Have to go and get a new one tomorrow.

That's right, the Constantly Dramatic One uses a PC to blog. Why? Coz I'm Old Skool y'all, also because I don't own a laptop. I'm not very tech-y (if that even a word) so I figured I'm just gonna get one before I fly off but before then the PC would do just fine. When the goddamn keyboard is not acting up, that is. So since typing is bitch now thanks to the stupid keyboard ... therefore photos!!

The view of Sentul Park where KLpac is situated. First time I see it in daylight, I have never been to KLpac during the day because all the shows that I went to see were at night

The KLpac building is a blend of Old British colonial building and a modern architecture, what you're looking at is the new architecture. Glorious isn't it?

Hey!! 3kc blends in with the painting. Outfit coordination, the Constantly Dramatic One approves.

Seemed like a good idea to pose like this at that point. Seemed. Didn't know it gonna turn out like I was humping the wall............ seriously. Just to clarify here, walls do not turn me on. And yes, I know I have a giant ass. Thanks for pointing that out. Appreciate it.

Ahhhhh, reflection photos are my forte.

This was some performance arts *cough* retarded *cough* show that involves ballet and pole dancing at the same time. Apparently, it was supposed to signify something or other. Apparently. 3kc and I wasn't artsy fartsy enough to get it.

We went to a Flamenco Dance workshop. After we did some hip swaying, toes tapping and all the other stuff, it was a safe bet to say that neither of us will ever become a Flamenco dancer.

The view of Pentas 1 (Stage 1) from above. Not that big, only 104 seats. Nothing compared to the Ford Oriental Theatre .

The different kind of lights they use on stage. We did some dumbass camwhoring around these lights. It was one of the highlights of the day. The camwhoring I mean.

The moment I have been waiting fooooorrr: the


They only have those boring lights on top of the mirror, I was hoping for those light bulbs that goes AROUND the mirror, you know, like this but nooooo they only have these boring ones. And stupid KLpac people didn't even turn on the lights so that we can see the full effect. Backstage tour my ass. What a let down.

This microphone was in the prop and costume display. I swear it was calling out my name. It was like "Come CD, come and answer your caaaaalllling............."

Owl One to Owl Two: "There is a spy among us."

This thing was at the back of the building. I dunno whether management wanted it there or it comes together with the colonial part of the building. Au natural? It was HUGE and strangely beautiful in its own way. Actually to tell you the truth, this giant plant was the best thing in the whole KLpac, sure the place is beautiful and all that but the people working there weren't that friendly. They were kinda standoff-ish.

Here you see some uuuhhhh random person who happen to own the same bag as me, trying to climb the thing in an attempt to reenact a scene from Jack and the Beanstalk. Mission failed. Why? Her ass was too big. Hers, not mine.

Alright that's all for now. Will get a new keyboard and will bitch more.

Fo sho'

Monday, January 28, 2008

Snoop snoop

Remember my ULTIMATE frenemy from highschool?

Yeah, found her blog.

Oh yes, this is going to be fun. It will also provide abundance of information to bitch about during my get together with high school friends... next Friday.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Oh dear Lord! My EYES!!!!

The Constantly Dramatic One have to take Islamic Studies this sem.

There are two extra subjects that Malaysian students need to do if we wish to graduate or transfer to overseas. The two subjects are Malaysian Studies and Islamic Studies if you're Muslim; OR Moral Studies if you're a non-Muslim. Its a stupid rule that are enforced on all students in this country. I really don't agree with it but who am I to say anything? Its my birthright as a Malaysian to be oppressed by dumb ass rule made by the government.

I don't mind really. I resent the fact that the Islamic Studies class in on Saturdays from 9am to 12pm. I mean people, seriously. Saturday is the day that I get to sleep in until 1 in the afternoon when for the rest of the weekdays I have to wake up at 7.30am for class. Tell me you wont get irritated too? But also I kinda glad to be in this class, to be enlightened again because of late I have been doing things that are securing me my one way ticket to uuuuhhhh Googling up uuuhhhh nude pics of Charlie Cox and turns out the bastard doesn't even have any so you see people? You seeeee? The Constantly Dramatic One is off the Islamic path and on that fast train to hell.

Situation must be remedied.

I went to my first Islamic Studies in total poser mode. I was garbed in
Baju Kurung - because in Islam we believe the female form must be covered, I had my hair tied back - as to not evoke lust in men (hah!) and no makeup or any other kind of self adornment because I am a good Muslim woman. I am innocent, pure and untouched. You of course know that this is bullshit, the Islamic Studies lecturer, the Ustaz - doesn't. See the beauty of it?

Class went on unhitched, I even got to answer some questions (after school Islamic tuition classes pays!!) and he seems satisfied, I was satisfied. Turns out I'm a good little poser. Then at the end of the class he announced that he have put up an extra credit assignment on his website and if anyone interested can go and check it out. I decided I want to do this extra credit assignment because you see people, Islamic Studies is the ONE subject I cannot afford to fail. Its not fine but it will still be acceptable if I fail Biology or Maths or whatever other subject. My parents will be pissed off of course, they will shout and scream and do all kinds of ungodly stuff, but I'll live. Now if I were to fail Islamic Studies, and seeing that the Constantly Dramatic One comes from a traditional Islamic family...the most valid theory is that my family WILL disown me. This is just a theory of course, but a theory I rather not test to be proven.

So here I am on a Saturday night, so damn hip that I contemplated to do my I.S extra credit assignment. Other people are out living it up and I'm home accessing the I.S website for the assignment questions because I'm super hip like that. Super. So I was scrolling down the website searching for the questions and my eyes landed on a picture of this gorgeous dude.
"Hello hello, what's this?"

Wow, cute guy. What he's doing here on this site. Scroll down...hhmmm, resume? Education? Years teaching? Wait a minute...
OHMYGAWD!!!!!! Its the Ustaz's biodata!! Its my Ustaz biodata!! Ohmygawd he's photogenic!!!!!! Ohmygawd I just checked out my Ustaz!!!!! OHMYGAWD OHMYGAWD OHMYGAWD!!!!! EWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!! WTF?!!!!!!!!!

Shit, I feel dirty. I cant believe this. I'm so disgusted with myself? Why the fuck is he so photogenic? Eh shit, I feel so dirty and disgusting now I have to shower coz eeeeeewwwww, can't fucking believe I just totally checked out my Ustaz. Who also happens to be married and have two children, according to his biodata. I'm disgusting disgusting disgusting. I wanna poke my eyes out. I wanna get a bucket full of lava and pour it into my eyes. Ewww disgusting.

Sick man. Sick.

Damn, I'm going to hell for this.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

1979 - 2008

Heath Ledger

1979 - 2008

I would write more on how I think you were one of the few Hollywood stars that actually have talent. I would write how Brokeback Mountain is a great love story and that it makes me cry every time you scream "I don't know how to quit you!". I would write how fun you were to watch in Casanova alongside Charlie Cox. I would write how much I look forward to watching you play the Joker in the new Batman installment. I would write all that but for reasons that remain unknown, words are elusive to me these days.

So I say this: RIP Heath.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Blog Hiatus

I no longer have anything to say. Some would call it Writer's Block. I call it being emo. But whatever it is called I do know that writing is a creative process that should not be forced. Dramatic Musings is hereby going on an indefinite hiatus. Until inspiration feels like coming back.

Monday, January 21, 2008

In the name of my ASS

Seeing that the Constantly Dramatic One is a self-proclaimed movie elitist, I made it a point to watch indie, foreign and artistic films as much as I can. To say that I don't watch commercial movie is of course not true. I watch them but when I do I'll pay attention to the film makers instead of the actors. I watch movies for the artistic direction, the cinematography, the camera execution, the flawless editing and most of all I prefer dramatic movies that requires thinking as opposed to stupid dumb ass action movies that glorify mindless explosions and women in skanky clothing in every possible scene.

And in case you're wondering, I had never watch any of the James Bond or Pirates of the Caribbean movies because I loathe
Jerry Bruckheimer. Asshole does not have what it takes to become a film maker. All his movies are stunt scenes after another. Big explosion, fights, tits, rinse and repeat. His script is laughable but last night...last night I've seen a movie worst than any Bruckheimer could possibly dreamt up.

I have seen
In the Name of the King.

Holy mother of all that is pure and true: this is the Mother Load. The mother load of all stupidity and cheesy special effects and ridiculously piece of shit script crammed into a two hours fiasco. This movie was sooo bad, so damn bad, I wanted to blind myself in the cinema by shoving popcorn into my eyes. It was so bad that fifteen minutes into the movie I wanted to bang my head on the seat in front of me. It was soooo bad, words and dramatics failed me. As I sat there watching this movie plays out its dumb ass plot, I could feel my braincells dying and it occurred to me that I will never graduate from college because this movie has single handedly killed all my braincells in the span of two hours.

I'm not even gonna elaborate on the so-called plot because it is in my opinion the plot was non-existent in this movie. There was no such thing as a plot in this movie. The script was sooo damn cheesy, I could vomit blood and die on the spot. The director, some bugger named
Uwe Boll should be tied to a tree and stoned to death. Anyone who insulted my IQ incessantly for two hours straight deserve to be tied to a tree and then stoned to death. Seriously. You had no direction, you had no skill and bitch, more doesn't always means better. Bruckheimer seems like a directing God when compared to you.

Surprisingly this piece of shit movie actually have a very decent, nay credible group of cast. You have
Jason Statham that had done some swell work through his British gangsters movie and more prominently the Transporter franchise. There's John Rhys-Davies who is renowned for his stage work and most widely known to the new generation of movie goers as Gimli son of Gloin from LOTR. There's Matthew Lillard, always given the quirky, annoying little roles that he would make it his an even though the man would probably win no Oscars in his lifetime but each performance is worth remembering and most of all, the reason why I actually gave this movie a passing chance is because of a certain Mr. Ray Liotta .

Why Ray? Why? Why do you do this to me? I have so much respect for you as an actor ever since I watched
Goodfellas. You were so incredible in it that every time I watch that movie, I watch it in bated anticipation. I know the plot and the script by heart but each time I press play on the DVD player, I become giddy with anticipation. I have watched the Goodfellas 11 times now and each time you captivates me with your performance. You play the mob lord like no one else could. Sure there's Pacino and De Niro before you and yes they were incredible as well but you Ray, you were the new wave of the 90es mob lords along side Garcia. You made one of the greatest mob movie in the history of film what it is. So much respect for you Ray, so much. And then you went and got yourself a part in this abomination.

Disappointment Ray. It hurts.

Seriously people, if you value your braincells then I beg you please don't watch this movie. About 10 people walked out of the cinema the night I went to watch it. People threw popcorn to the screen after it ended. And I wasn't even being dramatic. Its just sooo bad, sooo very bad that it pains me to my soul. But all in all, at least this stinker have some damn laughable lines. Not as good as "the Government would never lie to us ", it does however, have "I could sense him inside of you." An unplanned double entendre, amusing when everything else makes you want to gauge your eyes out.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Its all in the blood

My arm hurts like a bitch.

My left arm, can't even straightened it properly or carry my giant bag, the one that I carry for class. I have loads of shit in my bag ok, I like to carry my whole house in my bag. I'm like Doraemon but more fashionable. Anyways the reason why my arm hurts is coz I donated blood yesterday.

Unlike the government who is in the process of sucking this country dry of our resources and inflating the market with shitty economics and a "leader" who enjoys napping waaaay too much, I actually like to do some good for society. So instead of taking away money from unsuspecting 'rakyats' by sending a suspiciously good looking dude to space and saying that its national pride, the Constantly Dramatic One actually likes to give. I usually like to help the economy by shopping but seeing that I recently had a revelation and had been cut off so I decided to help out in another way instead. And that's by donating blood.

I have litres of it. Just like you.

Yesterday Munkao and I actually dragged our asses to a blood donation centre at University Hospital in KL. We had no trouble searching for the place but searching for a parking spot is a motherfucking bitch. People just parked their cars everywhere, maneuvering the damn parking lot is like driving the F1 circuit. I'm serious. But the retarded, highly annoying version of the F1 circuit. UH seriously have to look into their whole parking planning because it a dumb ass planning therefore I suggest they come up with a better one.

You know UH is huuuge, I never realised how huge it is until I have to walk from one end to the other because we got lost and we couldn't find the Blood Donation place. Asked a couple of very bitchy nurses but none of the was helpful. Just gave me a dirty look. I always get dirty looks when I go out with Munkao coz he's Chinese and I'm Malay. People assume we're dating- we're not, we're just friends that hangs out buuuuttt noooooo God Forbids there's a Malay girl and Chinese guy out and about together.

Racial diversity my ass.

We finally found the place and it was surreal. There were actually friendly and nice government medical personals in there. I was taken aback when one of them smiled at me and asked how I was. I'm so used to government personals telling me to fuck off at the post office, the immigration office and so on and so forth that it took me a while to adjust to the friendly ones. It was weird ok. I think they were just grateful there were people who want to donate blood for free of charge. That, or they were collectively high on something...if that's the case, that must be some gooood shit.

Anyways they made us filled up some forms even though I already have the Blood Donor book seeing that this is my third time doing this but procedure is procedure. Then this dude, poked my finger with a pin to make sure what my blood type is even though its already stated in my book that I'm a B+ . Ass. I bet he's sadistic and he get a kick out of poking peoples' fingers with pins.

This is not the Constantly Dramatic One's short and stumpy fingers you are looking at, its Munkao's during the blood type test.

A nurse then made me laid down in the chair so that she can poked me with her giant ass syringe or something. I would describe the process but I can't coz I wasn't looking. I closed my eyes and read some prayers because I'm a pussy like that. I didn't hurt that bad but still...It was a giant ass syringe ok. When the tube is already in you and you see your blood travels through the tube into the bag...its kinda cool. Eerily cool. As I was watched my blood travelling from my vein into the bag...I realised how much I miss Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

This is the only pic I managed to take with only one hand, its damn hard to manoeuvre when you have tubes sticking out of you. That's my blood in the tubes you're looking at.

I had a conversation with the nurse who poked me with her giant ass needle and apparently they have an average of about 20-30 people coming to donate blood each day. That's not really a big number and our blood bank is drying because not many people are donating. She told me that a lot of people die every year because they couldn't replace the amount of blood that they lost and the blood bank are not able to provide these unfortunate souls with the sufficient amount that they need.

Its all very sad that people have to die because healthy individuals are either too lazy to donate or have an unfounded fear in regards to donating blood. Its just one poke people, hurts a bit but not that much. But hey the Constantly Dramatic One isn't here to preach.But you know what's comforting to know? The knowledge that someone you love might need blood transfusion one day and because you had helped out in the past, they might just be saved.

I'm just sayin...

A whole bag of my blood. I wonder if the person who gets this will be as dramatic as I am? Hhhmmmm...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

A note to Drama Lovers...

Dramatic Musings will no longer be updated on a daily basis.

I have 5 classes to attend, universities to decide on, a part time job to find, clubs to get involved with, assignments to plagiarize, presentations to well...present, a social life to maintain, college bitches to hate, gossips to discuss, a wedding to help out with, a scrapbook to make, a resume to invent, a cute guy to crush on, and a blog to update.

I have so much to juggle, I should be a headliner at some circus somewhere. I would give the Royal London circus a run for their money. There's no point in blogging everyday if I half-assed everything that I write. This would not do, you Drama Lover deserves nothing but the best, unadulterated dramatic musings. One inspired in moments when the Constantly Dramatic One is not dead tired and should be doing research instead of procrastinating.

Never fear, I will be around though just not as much. Too brain dead to blog everyday. On that note, results out and I got straight Bs for all my four subjects last sem. Thought you should know coz I made such a huge deal about it.

As I do with everything else...

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The source of all Eeeeevillll

As a part of the degree twinning program, I have to choose a foreign uni in which I will continue my studies and complete my degree. So for a while, I kinda have my heart set on this one particular uni...

The reason why I am choosing this particular uni is not because it has an extremely low credit transfer - CGPA 2.0, its not because it is in a country where the weather would be most suitable for the Constantly Dramatic One - nope, its not because it can offer the best course in the field of communication- it doesn't, its not because the currency exchange still make it somewhat affordable - nada. The one and only reason why I wanna transfer to this particular uni, in this particular country is the fact that this particular uni is exactly half an hour away from the city's party central.

Yes. Party Central. Where's rows and rows of clubs line the street. Where people dance the night away. Where good times is never ending. Think of it like Malaysia's
Heritage Row . Only better.

But there's a catch. Obviously. The uni's administration have upgraded their requirement for international students. Damn bitches,
from just five required subjects that was compulsory to be taken to be qualified to enter the uni, they have now make it ELEVEN subjects and out of these eleven subjects, they are including two maths subjects and two natural science subjects.

What. The. Fuck.

The Constantly Dramatic One don't do maths ok? Maths is the source of all evil in this world. So evil that whenever someone mentions the word "maths", babies all over the world would start crying, flowers wilt and I bet you my ass there's gonna be a storm on the way. Maths is the source of all wars, plagues and poverty in this world. I'm serious. As a Muslim, I do not condone evil therefore I don't do Maths. Period.

And these bitches from this particular uni want me to do two fucking maths subjects just so that I could be qualified to enter? Finite Maths AND Statistics? Are you fucking with me? And to top that two natural science subjects? Bitch, if I wanna know all about science, I'll YouTube
Bill Nye the Science Guy ok?

Now tell me the rationale of this? What is the logic in someone who is pursuing a Major in TV & Film Productions with a Minor in Scriptwriting to fucking study her ass off for maths and science subjects? It does not make sense! Its not like in the middle of a film production I'm gonna go
"Alright y'all hold up. I just wanna check out the physical properties of this camera right here then after finding that I would just calculate the velocity of which the the overhead light travel from one end of the set to another, and while I am at that let me just do some statistics. Why? Coz this is how we roll when we make films. We randomly stop productions and do maths."

And don't give me that bull crap on how one day I will write an award winning script about a bunch of forensic scientist working in KL al'a CSI. That whole forensic science thing has been milked to death and FYI, the Constantly Dramatic One does not recycle other people's idea.

This is pissing me off. I hate maths with a vengeance I cannot even begin to describe. If maths is a person, I would inflict all kinds of pain on him. I swear to gawd.

So now I have to rethink. Is being half hour away from the ultimate party central worth killing all my brain cells? Is being half hour away from the ultimate party scene worth the self inflicted torture that is Physics class? Is being half hour away from the ultimate party scene worth me frolicking around with the ultimate evil that is Maths? Is it?

But damn...I do want to party.
This sucks donkey balls.

*** Upon rereading this post, I realise how much I miss Bill Nye the Science guy. Ahhhh...memories.

Monday, January 14, 2008

This look like it'll be fun.......

Ahhh the dreaded first day of sem. Full of bittersweet ironies.

Sweet because you get to hang out with your posse again but extremely bitter because the price of having fun with friends have to be paid by countless sleepless nights thanks to research, useless group members who do not pull their weight when it comes to group projects and that damn nerve wrecking class presentations that lectures are soooo fond of.

Everything comes with a price.

The first day was full of "How are you?!", "How was your holiday?", "Oh my you lost weight!", "Did you see that chick? Her boobs grew bigger. How is that possible?" and so on, and so forth. You know that this will be yet another chapter in our lives where we make sweet memories together. Laughter in the halls, people hugging everywhere, girls in brand new outfits, boys with new hairdos, ahhhh...good times.

Then you stepped into your first class ever for this sem. You realise that no one else in your gang is taking this class. You're a lone ranger. Hhhmmm that's cool. I'll be the cool, mysterious (and on good days, which is rare truth be told) kinda hot-ish chick sitting at the back of the class by herself.......................................................................................................................................Oh crap. This class will suck. I'll die of boredom. Ohmygawd. Get me the hell out of here!

Then in step
her. Over sized sunglasses still shading her eyes even though we're in doors, miniskirt with kitten heels on, one ear as seemed glued to the phone. Who's that following behind?...Ahhh........ the sidekick. Curly haired cascading down her shoulders with an expression on her face that could only be described as if she's having some kind of perpetual shit shoved right under her nose. They sat down, then she turned around to look at the Constantly Dramatic One.

She smiled. I smiled.
We both know we can't stand each other.

Looks like this class is not gona suck after all.

Game. Set. Match.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

"The government would never lie to us."

The Constantly Dramatic One just came back from watching the midnight show of Alien VS Predator Requiem. And the verdict?


Of course, don't take my word for it. Bear in mind musicals is more my cup of tea and given between an insanely boring/horrendous/stupid movie and an action movie, you can bet your ass that I would pick anything but the action movie. But as it is, Saturday nights are usually family movie night. That's right. We still go out to watch movies as a family.

We been doing it since about 12 years ago and we still doing it now. It used to be fun but now more like a chore but it keeps Mom and Dad happy so there you go. Over the years we are missing one son in our Saturday movie nights and now with my sister impending wedding....well let's just say that Mom and Dad is trying to cram in as many Saturdays as they can before there's only three of us left to 'enjoy' our Saturday ritual. Its kinda sad. But life goes on.

So anyways, Dad watch nothing else but action movies. Give him something with a little thinking to do, a little intellectual conversations or even a plot line and he will bitch about it. All the way. All through the movie. His type of movies is where there guns and explosions and tanks and people killing each other and the most crucial of all: the movie MUST NOT have any plots whatsoever and yes he would dig it.
He calls it action movies. I call it mind numbing boredom.

So there I was in the movie. And I was vaguely aware there's some slimy Aliens going at it with some thing called the Predator. They fight. Predator bleeds neon green blood. Aliens still slimy. Some chick gets half naked by the pool for the obligatory body shot of any given Hollywood movie that targets male aged 12-36.

Note to directors and producers:

To actually have a tits and ass scene, the female in question must actually HAVE tits and ass.

Anyways, guns shooting. People running. Some kid got killed. Battle scene in the rain. Some chick in the audience screamed. Some teenage boys shouted approval. Dad watches in awe. The Constantly Dramatic One yawns. When the fuck is this movie gonna end?

Then came the obligatory argument scene between the survivors. The Sheriff wants to go to the centre of the town where some Sargent promised him that there will a chopper coming to evict the survivors. Conman-childhood-best-friend says its a ruse, and we must all brave through the Alien infested town's hospital to the emergency helicopter and "get the hell out of here!!". Then one lady who's on the Sheriff's side said what possibly be the best line uttered in the whole history of film making:

"The government would never lie to us."



Oh my gawd!!! That shit is awesome!!! It beats everything. No famous quote from any other movie would get to top this. Not "One Ring to Rule them all". Not "Buckle up. Its going to be a bumpy ride." Not "I make him an offer he can't refuse". Not "Look Ma. I'm on top of the world!" Nope. None of that. "The government would never lie to us" is OFFICIALLY the best movie quote that would ever grace the history of film making. Its so awesome that I think I would have it on my tombstone.

Here lies the Constantly Dramatic One

Sept 21st 198* -

"The government would never lie to her."

Shit, that was brilliant. I had never had a better laugh in my entire life. I just checked out IMDB and the script for the movie was written by one Shane Salerno.

Shane Salerno , the Constantly Dramatic One bows down and stare in wonder at your sense of irony.


A cookie to anyone that could named the title of the movies with the famous quotes in them. And be specific.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Shopaholism is NOT fabulous

The Constantly Dramatic One might be having a bit of a problem.

I think I'm shopaholic. Its no laughing matter. Compulsive shopping is like gambling addiction.

I went to the mall the other day with my mother coz she wanted to get the groceries. I came back with two pairs of brand new shoes. I don't need them, its just that they were 40% off and I figure "Why not?". 40% off after all. Seems like a good idea at that point.

When I got home, I realise I don't even like them that much. They're not that pretty. What was I thinking? I wasn't. All I know is that its such a rush to buy new things.

Its not the first time this happened.

It happened lots of time before. Me buying things I don't need or even particularly like "Just because". Its such a rush and when I get home, I kick myself for making unnecessary purchases. There are clothes in my closet that still have tags on. I bought them because they look great on me but frankly I don't have anywhere to go with such fancy clothes. There are boxes of shoes under my bed, unopened and unworn. I bought them because in the store they do look good but its such a bitch to walk in them and yet I still buy them.

Its not just clothes. Its other things too.

Books, I buy books. Sooooo many books. If its a series then I make it a point to but the whole damn series in one go. Then I put in my closet thinking to myself that I'll read them but I won't. "I don't have time." But yet when some new hot title comes out I still get them. And after purchased there they lie, on the floor of my closet. Unread, gathering dust. Some of them still have the plastic wrapping on. To date I think I have 30 something books unread, unopened and gathering dust in my closet. And oh did I mentioned I bought yet another book along with the shoes? Most probably not gonna read that either.

"No time".

Fuck. If this goes on...the Constantly Dramatic One is definitely destined for bankruptcy.

Check out what I found
Take this Quiz: Are you a compulsive shopper?
True or False? Evaluate the following statements:

1. When I am feeling depressed, I usually go shopping.

No. I go the the movies alone.

2. I spend a lot of money that I do not have on things that I do not need.
We covered this.

3. I get a rush when I make a purchase, but I “crash” soon afterward.

4. I have closets full of clothes that I have never worn, and countless gadgets that I have never used.

Not gadgets, but books.

5. I often feel reckless and out of control when I shop.

6. I lie to my friends and family about how much money I spend.
Just family, not friends.

7. Even though I feel very distraught about my debt, I still shop.

8. I feel emotionally upset and disturbed by my own shopping habits.
Like hello?

9. After a big shopping trip, I sometimes feel disoriented and depressed.

10. My shopping has caused problems in my personal relationships in one way or another.
No. Not yet anyways but its going there.

Did you answer “True” for four or more of the above statements? If so, it is possible that you have a real problem with compulsive shopping.

....................its time to get some help.

A little self control would be helpful too.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Prolong the Pain

Remember how I'm shitting bricks over results? Noticed how I posted at 1 in the morning because I can't sleep? Know how I contemplated suicide by sleeping pills? Yeah....results right?

So today I woke up. I checked my college web account. Yes, this is the moment of truth. The Constantly Dramatic One is prepared. I stayed up all night for this. Bring it on bitches. One hour in front of the computer....nothing. Two hours....nothing. Three hours....dude, wtf? Usually its already out around this time.....

And then the phone rings....

CD: Hey babe. Wtf? Is results out yet?
3kc: Ohhh, I'm in college now. There's some technical problems so results will only be released on Monday.
CD:...........................................WHAAAAAT?!!!! MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!
3kc: Yuuuuupppp.
CD: ..........................................
3kc: ................................................
CD: This sucks donkey balls.
3kc: Yuuuuupppppppp.
CD: Screw this. I'm goin back to sleep.
3kc: I'm goin home.

The conclusion of this story:
1) Private colleges sucks donkey balls.
2) Private colleges suck your money dry.
3) Private colleges are run by persons who sucks donkey balls with the only motive of sucking your money dry.
4) The private college I go to sucks donkey balls and sucking my money dry while making me stay up all night long in fear.

Ultimate conclusion:
Don't send your kids to my lame-ass-donkey-balls-sucking college.

The End.

9 obscure things bout the Constantly Dramatic One

1) I once sat a bookstore for over two hours reading Marilyn Monroe's self-penned autobiography. I would buy the book, but its RM108 and I don't have the money for that.

2) If there is such thing as a next life, then I wish I would be born black. Black people are cool y'all.

3) I have decided. If all else fail in life, I will sit for the test and becomes a stock broker. High risk, high stress, living life on the edge...seems like something that would definitely suit me just fine.

4) I dream in colour and sound, sometimes I can even smell and touch. And when I wake up I can recall every single detail of the dream.

5) I will always feel inferior when it comes to my older sister.

6) I believe in the concept of soul mates. I am convinced that I will never find mine.

7) I wish my life is a musical. I wish I could just start singing for no reason whatsoever and then random strangers would just bust out in synchronized dance moves all around me.

8) My first crush was when I was about 6 years old. It was on Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid. I didn't know it was a crush then but looking back now, it was.

9) Frumpy people irritates the fuck out of me. If you can't dress yourself neatly then get out of my sight.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Random Rantings


The Constantly Dramatic One has done it!

See, I had a little thing I been wanting to do. If you hadn't notice, I have been blogging everyday since the turn of the new year just so I can see all the ten entries on my page is in chronological order . By date I mean.

Ten bitches! Ten! I has done it.






This really goes to show how lifeless I really am.

Now you know.


Results for last sem finals is coming out tomorrow. I am soooo excited. And since sarcasm is not as easily recognisable when read as opposed to when said, so let me just point out the fact that, that was in fact sarcasm.

Fuckity fuck fuck.

Most definitely be needing sleeping pills tonight.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

You say I'm nosy, I say spot on

Dear childhood acquaintance whom I bumped into today at our neighbourhood mall,

First of all I'm glad that you remember me, I mean after all why not?

We were both there on the first day of primary school, sharing the same class for all those years. Did we not shared our food during recess back in Standard One to Three and then promised each other to be BFF till the end of time by the library staircase? Then of course that was that fight that we had in Standard Three. I can't remember why now but I did remember making you cry. What I still do remember that in your tears you told me that you will tell your father, who happens to be a policeman and he will come to arrest me for making you cry. I remember being scared shitless and begging my mom to not let your dad jailed me.

Then of course high school came in and we both went to the same school but we didn't get to be in the same class. Your father didn't came to arrest me in all those years accumulating to high school apparently. We don't see much of each other, ran in a totally different crowd. I harnessed my bitchiness while you, I heard was on the top 5 teacher's pet list.

I'm happy to hear that you have chosen banking and finance as a career. I'm also happy that you finally straightened your hair and now it no longer looks like a beehive. Also you upgraded your glasses and you look...corporate. A far cry from the nerdy curly haired girl with over sized glasses that I used to know.

I appreciate you're saying that I'm still as funny as I was and still just as loud. I also appreciate you hugging me tight and telling me that you want to see me again to "catch up". I appreciate you're saying that you like what I did with my hair. Thanks, I was channelling Victoria Beckham. Fringed bob cuts was all the rage back in late 2007 you know.

What I don't appreciate is that you exclaiming loudly on how my breast size has differ since high school. I'm quite sure that the security guard standing by really do not need to know bout the evolution of my cup size. But the question begging to be answered here, why the hell were you paying attention to my, ahem, chest back in high school when we barely talked?

Come to think of were hanging with her back in day. She of course being one the notorious dyke-y girls from our school. She who did sent my best friend -one of the prettiest girls in school- a bouquet of candy canes during Valentine's Day. Come to think of it now, you two were awfully close.....

Am I missing something here?

Perhaps I will call you up to "catch up" one of these days. See what's up with you. I'll buy you a cup of coffee. Think of it as a token of appreciation for not having your dad arrest my ass all those years ago. You on the other hand will let me know everything that has happened in your life. Every single thing.

Starting with her.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Day in Stupidity

The Constantly Dramatic One was stalked today.

By a bunch of stupid fucks.

It started out like this. I went out to buy material for my sister's upcoming wedding. The theme is blue therefore the whole family is wearing blue. I only have one outfit in blue and like hell I am gonna repeat outfits for my sister's wedding.

So today I went to Gulati's Silk House, a famous cloth retail over here to find material to be turn into a kebaya. Its in the Malay culture, and every other culture I think, to wear our traditional clothes during big occasions such as weddings. When I was entering the store, there was a group of four guys, in their twenties hanging about near the store but I couldn't really give a damn.

I am after all a woman on a mission.

I think I spent over an hour in the store looking over the most beautiful material that would look good on

a) moi,
b) would still look good when turned into a kebaya,
c) within the budget or my dad will turn homicidal.

Finally the Constantly Dramatic One settled on this gorgeous blue material, its glorious. It turned greenish when the light hits it and shiny and soooo pretty. 100% Korean silk so you know its comfy as hell. And best part is, its only within the budget because there is a 40% discount. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I'm gonna wear that and feel...luxurious.

So after keeping the shop assistants busy for over an hour and damn happy with my selection I decided to do some window shopping. The four guys that was hanging about was still there when I left Gulati's. Its when I was browsing books at
MPH that I noticed that there were two of the guys in the bookstore with me. There was nothing peculiar over two guys browsing for books. What's peculiar was that they were in front of the section where they were selling historical romance novels. And when I was looking, they both were sooooo into searching for a book.

Okay, two gay dudes who probably enjoy reading historical romance to each other and anal sex.

Yeah, okay. I'm down with that.

Then I left and check out jewelery boxes In Living Quarters and the two guys are still there. This time looking at vases. Glass vases with intricate flowery designs.

Okay, so on top of reading historical romance to each other and anal sex, they probably also playing house together.

Yeah, okay. I'm down with that.

Then it all finally clicks when the Constantly Dramatic One's was in
Watson's looking at sanitary pads and guess who were looking at pads too? Uh huh....yeah. Doesn't seem so gay now and I feel stupid as fuck. Then one of the guys smiled at me and asked what my name is. That's right huney, make your move by the sanitary pads. In a drugstore.


I smiled to be polite and then walked away. They followed me around and then tried to made contact by sanitary pads. Like hello? I don't come near at all to being as hot as Scarlett Johansson or ever been the pretties girl in the room but I do need someone with a minute level of brain functionality. Clearly they don't have this. Plus, they were
rempits. I won't go near a rempit even with a 40 feet pole.

So that concludes the Constantly Dramatic One's day in stupidity. Wasn't the first time I was stalked by rempits though. Rempits like to stalk women apparently. God...when is there going to be a law that legalize people to shoot rempits on sight? Oh wait was that too harsh?

Its supposed to be.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Chicago in pictures: Part 2

As promised this is the second batch of Chicago pics. Yes, I know I took my own sweet damn time but then as a reader of this blog, you should know by now that the Constantly Dramatic One does not blog in real time (read: HUGE procrastinator). Now, onwards!!

The Art Institute of Chicago is apparently one of the most credible museums in the world. What you can't find in the Lourve in France, you probably would find it here. Tragically when I was there most sections in the museum was closed because it was under construction. I was so excited to see some Rococo pieces but only a selected few of Renaissance pieces on display and none of Rococo at all. Goddamn sons of bitches.

For those not in the know, Rococo is the art movement where painters started to show more sensuality in their work. Half naked women, rounded buttocks, pink flesh, thin layers of cloth protecting the nude form. Its all very sensual. To put it simply Rococo is erotica in art. My cup of tea.

A sculpture from the Greek empire. I have no idea who he is or what idea he represents but duuuuude, check out that ass. I took a pic from the front too but maybe that's too vulgar to be posted up. I mail you the pic if you want to see it. Heh.

Time Transfixed by René Magritte (1935).

In this particular piece Magritte depicts a train protruding from a fireplace surrounded by a mantelpiece supporting a clock. The painting contains the images that Einstein himself relied on to illustrate his theories of relativity, namely, the clock and the locomotive. Since this is one of the famous pieces of Dadaism then it really up to you how to interpret it.

It was never my favourite piece of the DADA movement (that would be The Scream by Edvard Munch which sadly wasn't on display) but to be in the same room with such a prominent piece of art is truly a gift.

A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by Georges Seurat

I had no knowledge of this particular piece before I visited the Art Institute but the moment I laid my eyes on spoke to me. I know, cliche' but truly one of the most magnificent pieces in the whole museum. It was huge, its 81.7 × 121.25 inches - HUGE!! And its quite odd, the composition was all off. The figures in the painting seems one dimensional but when you go nearer it comes to life. Its one of those magical paintings that when you view from up close is different and from far away it tells a completely different story.

Another fascinating feature is that the painting wasn't painted. It was dotted. The whole painting was dotted. It was simply magnificent. I spend an hour sitting on the floor just staring up at it. My brother managed to finish like 5 sticks of cigarettes waiting for me.

I bought an imitation of this piece and now I'm searching all over for a book regarding the deeper study of this particular piece. Yes, that's right. The Constantly Dramatic One is a nerd. Now you know.

American Gothic by Grant Wood (1930)

Looks familiar? Bet it looks familiar if you watch Desperate Housewives. I did not know this but apparently American Gothic is one of the most important American art, ever. It also one of those pieces, along with a Sunday on La Grande Jatte and Nighthawks that have been parodied over and over again. I can't really appreciate this particular piece because the pop culture connotation that comes with it kinda lowered its artsy value to me.

A mirror dated all the way from the Regency Era. In case you dunno when Regency Era was, that was Jane Austen's Mr.Darcy and Emma and the whole lot's era. Back in the 18 hundreds. Long time ago.

The mirror has actual rust on it. I have never seen mirror that rust as much except in movies. The Ring anyone? After taking this pic, the Constantly Dramatic One spooked herself by thinking of countless scary movies that have scary mirrors in it. Stupid shit.

My brother took me for a walk in the neighbourhood he lives in. I wanted to get my astrology and crystal read coz I'm ridiculous like that but he gave me a look so I didn't.

You don't get buildings like this in Malaysia.

Over the bridge we go.

Annnddddd aahhh.....Chicago at 4 in the evening. Already darkening. 4 pm back home is when the sun starts burning our collective skins. As you can see the traffic is a bitch. Traffic are being bitches in every part of the world apparently.

The view of Chicago at night from the Navy Pier. You know how people always say that Chicago has a fantastic skyline? No true words have been spoken. The Chicago skyline , especially at night is simply amazing. I have no pictures that could justify how amazing it was. In fact no picture can justify it at all.

You have to be there to appreciate the beauty that is the Chicago skyline. I don't think I would see anything like it again. KL's skyline has got nuthin on Chicago's.

The entrance to Navy Pier, one of Chicago's most prominent landmark.

The famous Ferris wheel. I didn't get to go on a ride on it because the time we went (believe it or not, this pic was actually taken round 5 in the evening), the wind was blowing too hard so for safety measures no ride on the Ferris wheel that day.

Yet another famous Chicago landmark. Google Image Chicago and I bet you that you'll find this pic.

I went to watch WICKED# on Broadway. So many good things have happened to me throughout my life but so far fulfilling one of my dreams that is to watch a real Broadway show on Broadway have been the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Ever had a dream come true? I did.

The Ford Oriental Theatre where I watched Wicked.

The entrance to WICKED. I went to watch alone because sadly no one else in the family give a damn bout the arts. I basically had to drag my brother to take me to the Art Institute. People just have appreciate the arts better....

The inside of the Ford Oriental theatre was beautiful. The walls are all carved into these intricate organic designs. It was breath taking and if you stare enough none of the design repeat themselves. Truly an amazing piece of work.

The ceiling and the chandelier. Beautiful.

The balcony, look at the design on that. I didn't get to go to the second floor because my seats are on the first floor. Front and centre, 5 rows from the stage. Again: best thing that have ever happened to me.

Those are apples, dip in chocolate and toffee and I went insane. Malaysia don't have these!!

Okay, I'm hungry now.

Another thing that Malaysia doesn't have:

Half naked women on billboards.

What? I'm just sayin.....

So that's all the pictures from Chicago. Well not all, dude I have 700 photos. But those are the highlights. One of these days, the Constantly Dramatic One shall blog about WICKED and my first time flying home across continents alone.