Friday, January 11, 2008

9 obscure things bout the Constantly Dramatic One

1) I once sat a bookstore for over two hours reading Marilyn Monroe's self-penned autobiography. I would buy the book, but its RM108 and I don't have the money for that.

2) If there is such thing as a next life, then I wish I would be born black. Black people are cool y'all.

3) I have decided. If all else fail in life, I will sit for the test and becomes a stock broker. High risk, high stress, living life on the edge...seems like something that would definitely suit me just fine.

4) I dream in colour and sound, sometimes I can even smell and touch. And when I wake up I can recall every single detail of the dream.

5) I will always feel inferior when it comes to my older sister.

6) I believe in the concept of soul mates. I am convinced that I will never find mine.

7) I wish my life is a musical. I wish I could just start singing for no reason whatsoever and then random strangers would just bust out in synchronized dance moves all around me.

8) My first crush was when I was about 6 years old. It was on Prince Eric from the Little Mermaid. I didn't know it was a crush then but looking back now, it was.

9) Frumpy people irritates the fuck out of me. If you can't dress yourself neatly then get out of my sight.


Michelle said...

Number 4 applies to me as well, and it always shocks me when people tell me they don't remember their dreams.

As far as soul mates go, I believe in them but they are not always who you expect. For instance, I consider my best-friend a soul mate. I think my husband is, too, but different.

Maverick SM said...

Your nine rules are scary......LOL!!!!

I can't dress properly, but I can dress neatly. Is it ok, honey?

nevina said...

I dream in sounds too. Recently though I've started actually even composing songs in my dreams...and they kicked ass too. But when I wake up and try to remember how it sounded or what the lyrics were, I can't remember it :(

constant_drama said...


Really, I dunno anyone else other then me that could rmbr their dreams. And soulmates, I guess its how you look at it.


Neat. Have to be neat. Sloppy, frumpy people irritates me.


You composed songs in your sleep? SWEET!!

gypsy-on-the-move said...

you and i have common in number 7. only that i don't tell other people or they will think i am ridiculous!

elfiejane said...

but i lovesss being frumpy

Elisabeth said...

Thank god - upon reading Number 8 I realised I wasn't the only one!!

I am more of a Hepburn than a Monroe girl, but would love to read that book

constant_drama said...


Ahahahaha!! Dude, I start dancing and singing for no reason in the hallways at my college. Didnt I tell you that? Irritates my friends like crazy.

They're like "I'm gona whack you with my Calculus book if you dont stop that now. And bitch, this book is heavy." LMAO.

constant_drama said...


You're not frumpy. Who says you are? You're not excatly neat all the time but definitely not an eyesore to me.

Unlike that fugly bitch I showed you at mamak. Rmbr that? The one that you say looks like a cavewoman? Frumpy bitch. I wanna hurt her.

constant_drama said...


Prince Eric- for a non existing person- is a hottie. I rest my case. LOL.

Hmmm, I love Hepburn. Her legacy, her style, the woman she was. We are talking bout Audrey right, not Katherine.

But I like Marilyn's story better. Her rise to fame, her hardship, her mischief. Its fabulous. Plus, her body was smokin'.

Tine said...

Oh man, I had such a crush on Prince Eric when I was younger. And a even bigger crush on Ariel because of her red hair.

Hmmm ...

constant_drama said...


Red hair is gloooorious. I love redheads. There's just something about them.

Quin said...

7. you must see 'enchanted'