Friday, January 11, 2008

Prolong the Pain

Remember how I'm shitting bricks over results? Noticed how I posted at 1 in the morning because I can't sleep? Know how I contemplated suicide by sleeping pills? Yeah....results right?

So today I woke up. I checked my college web account. Yes, this is the moment of truth. The Constantly Dramatic One is prepared. I stayed up all night for this. Bring it on bitches. One hour in front of the computer....nothing. Two hours....nothing. Three hours....dude, wtf? Usually its already out around this time.....

And then the phone rings....

CD: Hey babe. Wtf? Is results out yet?
3kc: Ohhh, I'm in college now. There's some technical problems so results will only be released on Monday.
CD:...........................................WHAAAAAT?!!!! MOTHERFUCKER!!!!!!
3kc: Yuuuuupppp.
CD: ..........................................
3kc: ................................................
CD: This sucks donkey balls.
3kc: Yuuuuupppppppp.
CD: Screw this. I'm goin back to sleep.
3kc: I'm goin home.

The conclusion of this story:
1) Private colleges sucks donkey balls.
2) Private colleges suck your money dry.
3) Private colleges are run by persons who sucks donkey balls with the only motive of sucking your money dry.
4) The private college I go to sucks donkey balls and sucking my money dry while making me stay up all night long in fear.

Ultimate conclusion:
Don't send your kids to my lame-ass-donkey-balls-sucking college.

The End.


Zikri said...

So your results are late,
its not like your campus got seized due to failure of paying rent amounting up to half a fucking mil and your leave got extended from 1 month to 4 bloody months of doing nothing while waiting for them to get a new building ready by the middle of February

Maverick SM said...


Most private colleges are inefficient and ineffective in their management. Their primary objective is money, enrichment, and more money. They pay peanuts and thus gets monkeys.

The staffs are not trained to deal with customers. The front line people and management lacks compassion and empathy.

If giving you the results will mean they get some fees to collect, then, you can be sure, even at midnight they will call you over to the college. But results are given to those who had fully paid their fees, and at such, is free service.

Anyway, public colleges and universities are far worse. Go to MU, UUM, UPM, UTM and you will know it. They act like semi-god and expects you to beg and go down on your knees.

But good colleges are different. University of London is an exceptionally responsive uni with great staffs. But I can't recall many; there's just so few!!!

Elisabeth said...


Oh, how unfair to make you wait even longer.

I feel for you, O Dramatic One, I really do!

constant_drama said...

Zikri: that what's happening to you? Whoa man, you sound pissed...perhaps a part time job? Or a new college? Do they have like a credit transfer program?

constant_drama said...


They stated "technical difficulty", they didnt even elaborated wth is the so-called difficulty. Its annoying.

The anticipation. The waiting. The curiousity. So much drama, even for ME.

constant_drama said...


I know!! But at least I went out with friends. Bitch about college. Felt better a bit.

constant_drama said...


I rejected your comment coz you mentioned the name of our makes me paranoid a bit.

That's why I have comments moderation for such instances when friends actually acknowledge me by name and give details bout me.

See, I'm dramatic AND paranoid.

Quin said...

there, there.

(that's something i'd say while patting your shoulder... then, we'd have coffe, and i'd say, "buggeryfuck")

fie said...

uhm oh hahahaa it's okay

now i know =P

nevina said...

But the fact that they ALWAYS do this is what REALLY gets my goat!

Tinesh said...

I was pissing in my pants at 12pm and i found...NOTHING..And i go to Ali's place in the evening and he tells me the results are out on Monday..Waste of pee ony la

constant_drama said...


Buggeryfuck indeed.


Too true.


Ahahahahaha!! I'm sorry but that's funny!! Nevermind. On Monday, we piss in our pants together-gether.