Friday, January 18, 2008

Its all in the blood

My arm hurts like a bitch.

My left arm, can't even straightened it properly or carry my giant bag, the one that I carry for class. I have loads of shit in my bag ok, I like to carry my whole house in my bag. I'm like Doraemon but more fashionable. Anyways the reason why my arm hurts is coz I donated blood yesterday.

Unlike the government who is in the process of sucking this country dry of our resources and inflating the market with shitty economics and a "leader" who enjoys napping waaaay too much, I actually like to do some good for society. So instead of taking away money from unsuspecting 'rakyats' by sending a suspiciously good looking dude to space and saying that its national pride, the Constantly Dramatic One actually likes to give. I usually like to help the economy by shopping but seeing that I recently had a revelation and had been cut off so I decided to help out in another way instead. And that's by donating blood.

I have litres of it. Just like you.

Yesterday Munkao and I actually dragged our asses to a blood donation centre at University Hospital in KL. We had no trouble searching for the place but searching for a parking spot is a motherfucking bitch. People just parked their cars everywhere, maneuvering the damn parking lot is like driving the F1 circuit. I'm serious. But the retarded, highly annoying version of the F1 circuit. UH seriously have to look into their whole parking planning because it a dumb ass planning therefore I suggest they come up with a better one.

You know UH is huuuge, I never realised how huge it is until I have to walk from one end to the other because we got lost and we couldn't find the Blood Donation place. Asked a couple of very bitchy nurses but none of the was helpful. Just gave me a dirty look. I always get dirty looks when I go out with Munkao coz he's Chinese and I'm Malay. People assume we're dating- we're not, we're just friends that hangs out buuuuttt noooooo God Forbids there's a Malay girl and Chinese guy out and about together.

Racial diversity my ass.

We finally found the place and it was surreal. There were actually friendly and nice government medical personals in there. I was taken aback when one of them smiled at me and asked how I was. I'm so used to government personals telling me to fuck off at the post office, the immigration office and so on and so forth that it took me a while to adjust to the friendly ones. It was weird ok. I think they were just grateful there were people who want to donate blood for free of charge. That, or they were collectively high on something...if that's the case, that must be some gooood shit.

Anyways they made us filled up some forms even though I already have the Blood Donor book seeing that this is my third time doing this but procedure is procedure. Then this dude, poked my finger with a pin to make sure what my blood type is even though its already stated in my book that I'm a B+ . Ass. I bet he's sadistic and he get a kick out of poking peoples' fingers with pins.

This is not the Constantly Dramatic One's short and stumpy fingers you are looking at, its Munkao's during the blood type test.

A nurse then made me laid down in the chair so that she can poked me with her giant ass syringe or something. I would describe the process but I can't coz I wasn't looking. I closed my eyes and read some prayers because I'm a pussy like that. I didn't hurt that bad but still...It was a giant ass syringe ok. When the tube is already in you and you see your blood travels through the tube into the bag...its kinda cool. Eerily cool. As I was watched my blood travelling from my vein into the bag...I realised how much I miss Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

This is the only pic I managed to take with only one hand, its damn hard to manoeuvre when you have tubes sticking out of you. That's my blood in the tubes you're looking at.

I had a conversation with the nurse who poked me with her giant ass needle and apparently they have an average of about 20-30 people coming to donate blood each day. That's not really a big number and our blood bank is drying because not many people are donating. She told me that a lot of people die every year because they couldn't replace the amount of blood that they lost and the blood bank are not able to provide these unfortunate souls with the sufficient amount that they need.

Its all very sad that people have to die because healthy individuals are either too lazy to donate or have an unfounded fear in regards to donating blood. Its just one poke people, hurts a bit but not that much. But hey the Constantly Dramatic One isn't here to preach.But you know what's comforting to know? The knowledge that someone you love might need blood transfusion one day and because you had helped out in the past, they might just be saved.

I'm just sayin...

A whole bag of my blood. I wonder if the person who gets this will be as dramatic as I am? Hhhmmmm...


Deutlich said...

They won't take my blood in this country. I lived in Germany too long



munk said...

just to let you know. i got here googling my name. yea!

gypsy-on-the-move said...

you make me feel bad for being such a chicken when it comes to donating blood. dude, i'm scared. ok?

Zikri said...

i'm not afraid of needles, but i'm afraid of them poking my joints, like my wrists, and my inner elbow/arm.. place they poked you in above picture..
the thought of it make my joints queasy..

well done on the self sacrifice btw XD

elfiejane said...

im back!

ive got chocolates.

ill go donate blood soon.

MoonShadow said...


Anonymous said...

Next time, let's all go together yeah? We can make a big trip out of it and everything :)
I'd love to donate, and you make a very compelling case for donation.
How long do you have to wait till you donate next?

Michelle said...

You DO crack me up! You may be dramatic but you are funny and probably a lot nicer than you want us to think.

My husband used to donate blood all the time but then the blood bank started to call just about EVERY night and he got pissed off. They were VERY persistent and that just made him madder. Now he doesn't give at all. I suppose I should, being of the universal blood type and all....

constant_drama said...


Oh because you lived abroad for too long, they wont take your blood? Bastards.


You Googled your name? You narcisstic garisol.


What's that to be scared off? I bet its more scary...if lets say one day you need blood yourself but they dont have enough because other people were to scared to donate blood...

Thoughts to ponder on, no?


Fear is all in the mind. I'm a pussy too, for many things. I'm afraid of them poking me but I did it, I'm afraid of heights but I climbed the Great Wall of China...its all in the mind.

On that note, I am still afraid of syringes and height.

constant_drama said...


Yay!!!! Chocolates!! WE MUST MEET UP. And uh, you cant donate blood. They say that if you had any piercing or tattoo done within the last 12 months, then you can't donate blood.

You just got inked like 3 weeks ago right?


My bloooooood...


3 months, for my body to "replenish" itself. But hey you can go on your own you know, I think any major hospitals would have their own blood donation centre.

Just take your dad and bro.


Nope, I really am bitchy. Bitchy and dramatic, its quite rare. Oh, your blood type is O? Coool, you should donate blood too.

I understand that in the States you get paid for donating right? See, you can make some cash too while you're at it. Here in Malaysia its free but they feed you giant muffins afterwards.

Not as good as cupcakes, but it'll do.

Quin said...

i can't give blood...liver disease when i was a kid...but, i'm so proud of you (little tear)

with that, thanks for making my first picture of the day, as i'm drinking my coffee, your blood.

and know, whomever gets your blood will suddenly have an urge to buy shoes.. lots of shoes.

go write my son.

Fu Han said...

Hey! I may have no clue what your name is but I too enjoy your blog! Very vintage! And intriguing. And bimbotic!

Michelle said...

Hell, if I can get paid to give blood I'll go right now!!! I don't know how that works, but where my husband goes it is truly a donation, no payments. You get juice and a cookie.

zewt said...

so you're a malay huh... now i know :)... good on ya... diversity... we need more ppl like u in malaysia.

constant_drama said...


HAHAHAHAHA!! Did you threw up your coffee? I wasn't aware that it was that dark shade of red you know. Blood always seem so bright in the movies =p

Oh God, yes, shoes and shoes and be all dramatic all day long. I pity the soul who do gets my blood. Won't see it coming know, now I'm thinking of donating my organs too after I'm dead. Just dwelling on that now.

I'm not gona write your son, so desperate. I'll stalk him though but he locked his Facebook profile. Dammit.

constant_drama said...

Fu Han:

Yes!! Lets be bimbotic together!


The movie lies!! They always get paid in there...


Tell me about it.