Thursday, January 03, 2008

Of working part time...

The Parental Unit told me that thanks to my.......excessive spending while in Chicago and then China, the Constantly Dramatic One is hereby banned from shopping till the middle of the year. No shit man. They actually used the word "banned". Very amusing.

So now since my life line is being severely and unjustly cut from me, I am searching for a part time job. Fuck this man, I need to shop. How am I gonna lead a partially happy life if I don't get to shop? I cannot I tell you. Therefore a part time job is the way to go. So this is how 2008 gonna play out:

Full time studying. Part time working. Extra time bitching.

Its a plan.


Maverick SM said...

ya, part-time job is fun; treat it as fun.

constant_drama said...

I had part time jobs before. Some were fun, some were boring, one was annoying coz the manager is a horny bastard.