Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2007 in review.

The Constantly Dramatic One's year 2007 in review.
Lets make this short and sweet.

  1. This blog started as a class assignment for "responsible journalism" for one of my media classes. It has then evolved to become my personal dramatic musings.

  2. Originally called Days of Turmoil as a tribute to the Sweet Valley series that the Constantly Dramatic One used to love as a child. Days of Turmoil was the title of one of the main character's Jessica Wakefield favourite soap opera...but since no one made the connection, I grew tired of it. Then this blog became Pseudo Intellectualism for a while where I tried to repress my dramatic urges and try to be all intellectual...didn't last long. Finally it became Dramatic Musings which I think is the best title for this blog for it flows with the content. Dramatic Musings by the Constantly Dramatic One.

  3. Fucked up so many chances at romance because of being too damn choosy. "Oh no I can't date you, you're too tall." "Oh no I can't date you, you're too young." "Oh no I can't date you, you're too stupid." Bla bla bla excuses excuses, like I am so great. Have to stop being so damn picky.

  4. Visited Sabah, Chicago and yes, China.

  5. Made a worthy... nemesis.

  6. Realise that I don't have a...totally straight sexual orientation. The Constantly Dramatic One swings it both ways...Is that going to be a problem?

  7. Mourn the ending of my childhood passion, the Harry Potter series.

  8. Officially turned into adult by the age stated on my ID ...though most of the times I still feel like a little girl lost in the big, scary world faking her way through.

  9. Started out blogging in October with a bang with better blog post. Readable, non-embarrassing shit.

  10. Realised who my friends are...and discovered many frenemies.

  11. Went to watch two Broadway shows. One in Malaysia, another is the real thing in Chicago. (Will blog about it soon).

  12. Climbed the Great Wall of China. Fuck yeah!

  13. Made waves with an unadulterated blog post.

  14. Registered for voting. Felt so grown up.

  15. Made nice with my brother...after years of bitter sibling rivalry.

  16. Flew home across continents alone. I flew to Chicago with my parents but flew home 4 days earlier then them so that was my first time flying solo. I felt so...grown up.

  17. Fell down six steps of stairs and twisted my ankle. Had to take painkillers for a while. That was indeed, a bitch.

  18. Deeply infatuated and was halfway in love with a man I never met. And no I didn't blogged about it though my friends know about it. The Constantly Dramatic One was borderline stalker-ish....oh wait. I totally crossed that border already. Thank God I'm over that now. It was just a phase. Move along people, nothing to see here.

  19. Touched snow for the first time in my life. It wasn't magical like I thought its going to be. What do I know? I'm just a kid living in a tropical country. All I know about snow comes from the Christmas specials on TV...and they always look magical there. Turns out snow is bitch that makes the road slippery. I now hate snow and am thankful that I am in fact living in a tropical country.

  20. Cope with the tragedy that is losing my luggage. MAS are run by a bunch of incompetent baboons.

  21. Matured in some ways. Looking forward to the future but yet still clinging to the past.

So those are the top 21 things that happened in 2007. Why 21? You figure it out yourself.

But really, how can one measure a year? In daylights? In sunsets? In cup of coffees?...No you measure it in love. And with that I let the cast of RENT take it away. They can say...sing it better than I can.

Now bring on 2008. Bitches.


Tine said...

Hi there, oh dramatic one :p

Thanks for dropping by my beauty blog, and I have to say, creepily enough, I spent the past half hour reading your posts, a bit of your archives (a bit tired today to read all), and I have to say, I LOVE your writing!

You're definitely going into my RSS reader :p

Hope to see you again soon!


constant_drama said...

Thanks so much, I love your stuff too.

2008 is lookin better now that you put me on your RSS reader =p

Maverick SM said...


Wish you all the best for the 21st Birthday! I'm more than double your score.

You did achieve a lot; been to Chicago and China somehow partially solo at your youthful age.

...and your bitching is getting better, hahahaha!!!

Back to normality now???

constant_drama said...


There's no such thing as "normality" in Dramaland...dude results out on the 11th. You know, for the finals of last term? Yeah....shitting bricks right now.

Maverick SM said...


Though I can't claim to know you so much, but I am damn confident you'll do well...bcoz you are so intelligent!!! I am sure! Sorry, CERTAIN!

Michelle said...

You're 21? Hey, I'm only 20 years older than you! Happy Birthday! When is your birthday exactly? :)

constant_drama said...

Heh, I turned 21 on Sept 21st actually. That was in 2007 so in all technicallity I'm one year older this year.

Dont tell anyone ;-p