Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Frenemy {define}

1. A friend who is also an enemy.2. Someone who will be in your company and share the same set of friends yet plot for your downfall. 3. A complex and tiring games of mind fuck beneath smiles and 'friendliness'.

By the laws of nature, every girl will have a frenemy. Notice how I say law? Because it is. Long, loooong ago, in ancient times when the world was created and the galaxy as we know it came together, there was a rule that says every girl will have a frenemy. Any girl that says she doesn't have one is a lying bitch. And I implore you to track her down and kick her ass.

I have a frenemy. It comes with the territory. I was educated from the age of 7 to 17 in an all-girls institution. This institution of mine, though I remember it fondly now, thrives on bitchiness... and mind games were the all-time favourite sport. Girls were thought to be civilized, respectful and to avoid conflict at all times. We were thought to never doubt ourselves and to have no fear in voicing our opinions but ironically, when it comes to confrontations, it is strongly advisable that we do not engage in any. Females are after all a genteel breed and hence begins the mind fucking games we play in the hallways and inside the classrooms because of some misunderstanding or another.

There was a... creature back then, we called her 'D', now she...she mastered the game. She fucking pwned the game. D wanted to be popular. Fortunately for the rest of us, she has 2 strikes against her:

1) she wasn't pretty
2) she wasn't skinny

D really, really wanted to be popular; it was her sole purpose in life. She decided that she will attached herself to people that can bring her up; people higher than her in the social ladder. D, though not attractive, is charming. She can weave sweet lies out of nothing, candy coated everything to get people onto her side. Bitch is as cunning as she is manipulative and bitch was damn good at it too. Once she's done with you, she will cast you aside just like that. But that is after she spread malicious rumours about you, see D was so good at pretending like she cares so that people trust her and tell her things. Once she decided that you no longer have any use to her, she will destroy you and move on to the next person.

I know this because I was one of those she cast aside.

I went against the code of conduct and confronted her about it. She didn't blinked, she didn't lie. She told it to my face what she did, why she did it and told me that I am no longer of use to her. Then she gave me a pitying smile and walked away. I can still remember that smile now even though it happened long ago. I hated D, I hate her still but I am not ashamed to admit that I respect her as well. Cunning, manipulative, a fucking bitch but she does know what she wants and she goes for it. And bitch certainly have some balls.

High school is long gone now yet D and I are in contact with each other. Why? Ever heard of the saying, 'Keep your friends close and your enemies closer'?. Yeah, that's why. We are aware that we do not like each other, we are aware that we do not enjoy each other's company and we are aware that neither will spit on the other if one of us caught fire ...but yet we keep in contact still.

D moved to Europe after school so our communication is strictly through the net. D constantly checks my Friendster profile though I never updates it. Recently she joined Facebook and she added every friend that we have in common, yet she didn't add me. Its back to that petty-high-school-bullshit again. I am curious of what she has been up too but I will not add her. Its like a fucked up mind game, whoever that does the friend request is- in an unspoken but acknowledged term- inferior to the other one. Snicker and laugh all you want, I admit, VERY petty shit but yes, I won't cave. I am fucking petty. And I wanna see how long bitch can hold out coz as far as I'm concerned she practically lives on my Friendster profile anyways.

Recently during Eid, she sent me a text message. "Eid Mubarak. How are you? Long time no chat. Miss the good old days, bla bla bla." Interesting, bitch bothered to spent money and sent an international text message to me when she could easily ask me the same thing on a network we both are on for free...if she added me. Don't you think?

Frenemies....I don't know why I bother.


3kc said...

two words. eye roller. HAHAHAHAHHAAH!

ah frenemies..i've got one every school i went to..HAHAHA!

constant_drama said...

Oh yeah...O forgot. That woman is your frenemy. Seriously though, why do we bother?

Why do you bother? I can't seem to be able to figure it out.

Maverick SM said...

It's the first time I came across this definition. I learnt.

For me, I always believed I had 3-types of friends : Family friend, Good Friend & Casual Friend. Now I can have the 4th type of friend, a frenemy.

This is a great piece.

Son-Son said...

i love this post!

constant_drama said...

Hey Maverick, thanks so much for dropping by and I glad that you like my piece.

First time hearing this term? Hhmmm... this clearly states to me that:

1) you clearly have never watch the movie 'Mean Girls' and
2) you are definitely NOT a girl coz these things are inherent to all of use females. True story.

constant_drama said...

Hey Sony! Yeah I know, you can relate right?

arathi said...

Babe...havent been able to read ur blog in a long time, but damn it..didnt i miss out!! its awesome babe, i know ur frenemy and what a coincidence we share the same frenemy! I came from that same school as you, that same "geli"..haha..high school as you did. I can tell you one thing for sure, due to my popularity for standing against bimbos, ive met enough frenemy's to last me a lifetime. All the bitches hate me with a passion, a passion so strong that if I see them, I swear ill set that passion of their on flames.hahahhaa.....

constant_drama said...

Oh yeah, that Bitch? She is everyone's frenemy. Seriously.

Have you seen her pics lately? She got uglier. I am happy to say that I can snuggle in bed and doze the night away happily knowing full well that I am Waaay hotter then she is.