Friday, October 05, 2007

Fries at 2 in the morning.

Last night, around 1 ish in the morning, almost 2 o'clock in the morning actually, I had a craving for McD's fries. It has been years since I ate anything McD. Its not like I'm against them, I just had so much of McD as a child that when I'm grown I just don't want to eat anything related to McD anymore.

The clock on the wall says its about 11 minutes to 2 in the morning and its not safe to leave the house at such time. I say this coz I'm paranoid and convinced that one day I will be attacked by someone so like Professor Mad-Eye Moody says in HP- CONSTANT VIGILANCE! Plus, I also don't stay out late often. More of homebody really...but anyways it almost 2 o'clock in the morning and I really want those McD fries. Those heavenly McD fries....

So I put on more appropriate clothing, ran to my garage and get my car started. There is a 24 hours drive thru McD in my area. Its like 15 minutes away from home. At this time of day, I got there in 5 minutes time. I fucking love the traffic - there is NONE!

But seeing that this is me, obviously I have to run away with my imagination. I smiled as I make believe that the yellow street light reflected on the hood of my car as I drive by was an alien space ship making rounds above my neighbourhood, to see that the humans are under controlled. No need for a world invasion- yet. The little glare from the side mirror was someone following me from behind, believing I was someone else. And the coldness I feel on my neck, that comes from the AC, is actually air being blown on my neck by an unknown and unwanted passenger from a different realm sitting behind all honesty that creeps me out.

When I arrived at the McD drive through there wasn't much activity goin on. There was couple sitting inside, sharing fries and one of the employees was moping the floor. I ordered my fries and nuggets and when I drove on the other window to pick up the food, the girl that was working that window looks awfully exhausted but she stared at me like I'm crazy. I figured that maybe she doesn't see much action at this time of the day...which is strange. The world is full of crazy people and well I supposed I'm not the craziest. Surely they have had customers at this time of day before?

I got stuck at a traffic light on my way home and since I'm a greedy pig, I just stopped so that I could eat the fries in my car and another car stopped next to me. I made no eye contact, coz well its already 2 in the morning, making no eye contact is the rule. But the driver was staring at me and I could feel his gaze on me and when I look at him, he was still staring. He looks harmless enough so I ignored him.

When I arrived home, my sister was waiting for me. She wanted fries too. The first thing she said when she let me into the house was

"Where's my fries?"

the second thing was

"So hungry you couldn't have wash your face mask off?" that's why they were staring. Oh well.

Side note:

I'm back.


elfiejane said...
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constant_drama said...

hell yeah it is!

3kc said... i said while we were talking, this is as funny as the otter picture..hahahah!

ShinD said...

hoy. u seriously didn't wash the mask of?? wtf?

constant_drama said...

3kc: You know when I posted it up...I honestly think that its just another post but I guess not. Apprently people are greatly entertained by this. Heh.

ShinD: Seriously, now wonder the McD chick was looking at me all weird...and I thought she was the weird one!