Tuesday, October 23, 2007

God's Payback

Right. So fucking pissed off. Wanna kill little puppies. Wanna kill fuckers that cross the road as I'm driving my car. Wanna kill that asshole who look at me funny. Wanna hurt, inflict physical pain on people just because they say "Good Morning" to me.

Fuck that shit!! Do I look like I'm having a super great morning with cherry on top to you? Huh? Do I appreciate you're coming over and being happy while my hormones are so messed up I just wanna say something mean so that I can make you cry? So that I can make you feel as miserable as I am? But I'm not doing that because fucked up hormones or not situation is still under control. Now excuse me while I leave your side and sit at the other corner of the room. Coz if I stay here any longer, I will ended up bitch slapping that face of yours and that would be a shame coz on good days I do like you a lot and we are friends. But you need to stop talking right at this very moment coz you're pushing me over the edge.

Fucking fucking fucking hate PMS. I hate that so many people knows my name that so many need to say hello that so many need to fucking know how I am. I am pissed. I am miserable. I am not in the mood for small talk and no, I do not want to help you get a gift for your girlfriend. She's your girlfriend, not mine. Eat shit and die. My hormones are fucking with me that I either wanna yell at you or break down in tears. That I either wanna smack you so bad but at the same time I want you to hold me tight. And no it doesn't matter who you are either.

This is insane. I'm keeping it in. There is a saying I heard before. They say that at times God punish women coz apparently Eve committed the first sin. Well payback is a bitch and I'm paying for it now. Thanks a lot Eve, thanks for the crazy-ass bipolar mood swing on a monthly basis. We owe you BIG time.

God I hate that guy who's looking at me from across the room. Don't fucking smile at me. I don't fucking know you. I am not in the mood. Stop fucking smiling or I will go there and I will poke your eyeballs out with my pen. Stupid smiling fucker. Must maintain cool. Must not yell at people. Must not poke anybody in the eye with a pen. Good God, this guy in front of the class wearing the fugly shirt is a dickhead. What a fugly, fugly shirt. I wish I could kick his ass. Jason Bourne style, straight out the motherfucking window.

Arrggghhhh!!!!!! So angry, so angry for no reason. Fuck I hate PMS. I hate PMS. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. People are so happy. Laughing all the time. Smiling and talking shit and laughing and laughing and laughing. I hope you choke and die on your own laughter. At least you'll die happy and not miserable. Be thankful for that. I hate this. I want to go home. I want a sedative. Like a calming pill. Like a...a....what's the name of that calming pill? Or something better. Like chronic.

I need to hit something. I need to hold something. I need to go home and calm down. I need to chill. I need a pill. I need chronic. I need to get laid, oh great look at that. Now I'm horny. Somebody hurry up get that tranquilizer gun and shoot me with it already.

Having PMS sucks donkey ball.


3kc said...

chill pill! i forgot what it was called too...ummm...PROZAC!!! lol! i think...

constant_drama said...

Yes!! Prozac!! I need those for the next time I get PMS.