Monday, December 31, 2007

This looks like a good beginning...

I'm back from China. That was what the hiatus was all about. I went to China.

So now I have been to Tia Na Men Square, the Forbidden City, Summer Palace, climbed the Great Wall of China in five layers of clothing because its friggin winter in Beijing and bought a shitload of Beijing Olympics 2008 memorabilia so that I can lie to people that I have been to the Olympics later on....the Constantly Dramatic One is now home. Back in Malaysia. Where icy wind is not blowing in my face and I don't have to step out of the house concerned about the fact whether or not my five layers of clothing is enough to keep me warm.

...and now I'm sick.

I'm having a fever and throwing up and since today is New Year's Eve and I'm puking all over the place I have opted to stay home and sleep while the rest of the hip people celebrates and party the night away.

2008 is indeed starting out with a bang.


Maverick SM said...

Congrats! You had done what Columbus didn't do!!!

Hope you get well soon... we miss your posting!

Have you got back the luggages from MAS?

And you haven't tell us much about your Chicago trip!!!

constant_drama said...

Columbus didnt climbed the Great Wall of China? Fo' real? I managed to get to the second tower and it took me excatly an hour to climbed the stairs from the bottom. Pathethica. But at least I made it.

Yeah MAS returned my luggage back! Yay!! I'm gona post bout my Chicago trip but coz my luggage went missing I didnt have the heart but now that its back...onwards!!