Sunday, December 02, 2007

Of joy and sadness

My Dad likes to say that the first time he met Mom, it was love at first sight. She was waiting at the bus stop and he was on his motorcycle waiting for the light to turn green when he saw her. "And that's when I saw your Mom, in her tight kebaya, looking pissed off and bothered under the sun. She looked beautiful."

My Dad then proceed to wait across the street everyday from the bus stop so that he can have a look at Mom. I pointed out that this was in fact an act of stalking and he was in fact, stalking her. He said he wasn't stalking but being romantic. I say stalking. He maintains on romantic. We got into an argument. He threatened not to give me any more money for shoes.

The Constantly Dramatic One agrees that it is indeed romantic.

It was a week before he had the guts to ask her out. It was a whole month before she finally agree on going out with him. It was a year later that they were married. And this month, on Dec 6th 2007 its going to be 27 years since all that.

My parents received a whole lot of opposition when they were starting out. Mainly because Dad was engaged to another girl when he met Mom. To be fair it was family arranged, and to be fair the girl he was engaged to also had a beau of her own. In any event my Mom was seen as a troublemaker by Dad's family and his whole family hated...actually they still do hate her but that's another story for another day.

They almost didn't make it my Mom and Dad...Dad was so desperate he suggested that they should elope but that didn't happened because before they could do anything about it, the girl my Dad was engaged to eloped with HER beau. Kinda solve the problem for my parents. Lots of drama right? Now you people know why I'm so dramatic. Totally runs in the family people.

Anyways what I'm trying to say is that after all these years my parents are still together and going strong. I like the way how Dad calls Mom from the office just to hear her voice everyday for the last 27 years. I admire the fact that Mom won't eat alone no matter how hungry she is, she will wait for him to come home from work to have dinner with him. I love how they still go to the same A&W they used to have dates on some Sundays. It makes me smile how they still hold each other's hands when they're out together.

So why am I talking about this? It could possibly be because their anniversary is coming up also could possibly be the fact that my older sister just told me that she is getting married next year.

On one hand I am happy for her but on another I am sad because my older sister is leaving me. I'm all very mixed up now. Instead of joy, I am overwhelmed with sadness. Weddings are not supposed to be sad especially when your sister comes home all glowing with happiness and telling you that you are the first person in the whole world to know that she's engaged. She wants you to be the first person to know coz that's how important you are to her. No, this is supposed to be the occasion to be remembered and celebrated and shared. Look at Mom and Dad, 27 years now so yeah, this could work....but yet...

I am worried. What if the guy she is marrying turns out to be a huge jerk? What happens if he starts hitting her and my sister ends up becoming a statistic? There are sooo many possibilities here, both good and bad. I prefer to pay attention to the bad so that I can go ahead resenting the guy for taking my sister away from me....childish? I know....... But on the other hand she could end up with a guy who loves her the way Dad loves Mom. She could end up with the type of marriage our parents have. Or she could not. But what she will definitely be is some one's wife and someone else's sister in law.

No longer exclusively my sister anymore.

In any event, putting aside whatever it is my emotional conflict over this... I hope she finds the kind of joy my parents found in their marriage in her own. I really do.


Anonymous said...

nice i like of like your design...
simple and chic



constant_drama said...

Ouuu, I like me some compliments.

Thanks for dropping by J.Tan.

Maverick SM said...


I love the "love Story' was romantic!!! Your dad's really romantic.

BTW, your's sister getting married is a great event. You shouldn't be so negative and worried; whatever that's to happen, or may not happen, it's beyond human comprehension and will much depend on their ability to sustain the same romance as was your dad and mum.

You are mot losing your sister; you're gaining a bro-in-law.

Valley Girl said...

Awwwwwwww! I love your parents' story!

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

I think the story is romantic too, extra sweet because it's your parents.

My parents have been married for a long time too and have provided along the way a great example for how people married/in-love should treat one another.

I'm sure you and your sister have learned some wonderful lessons from the example set by your parents.

elfiejane said...



constant_drama said...


Great advice, but tough to follow...I am sooo juvenile sometimes, I am ashamed of myself.

Valley Girl:

I KNOW! Its romantic, I wish I could have their kind of romance one day.

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch:

Yeah, actually I have and I know that my sister have learned something regarding romance from them too...

constant_drama said...

Fie....I will see you next year (literally) ok. Chill, we go hang out.

Its a long time till April. And yes, I will miss you too. =( . You're the best bitching buddy I ever had.

That is compliment I never gave anyone else.

ShinD said...

hmm...chill babe...*hugz* dun get too sad. =)

constant_drama said...

How could I not be sad? She's leaving.

Zikri said...

The overly dramatic one is truly overly dramatic hahahaha
I like the story about your parents, so sweet, even if the beginning was.. weird XD
Dont think of your sister getting married, think of it as one step closer to having little babies walking around that are your nieces or nephews who will think you're the best aunt ever XD

constant_drama said...


Excuze moi, its Constantly Dramatic One, NOT Overly Dramatic One. Chech. How could you get my name wrong? How? How?!!

The beginning was weird? You wait, I tell my dad that and then you kena nanti. And dude...I'm not good with kids. I just dunno how to deal with them. My future nieces and nephews will hate me. Plus, the Constantly Dramatic One is THREATENED by kids.


Coz they are more dramatic than I am and I don't like it. Stealing my thunder. Chech.

Son-Son said...

ooh tight kebaya! cute!
i see the drama line.

my mom and dad just met at a hotel. LOL.

although he DID quit smoking for her.

constant_drama said...

Hey my Dad quit smoking for my mom too! Aint love grand?

And yes, my whole family is dramatic. Im the most obvious one but yeah dude, it totally runs in the family.

zikri said...

Constantly Dramatic one,

Ooops my bad. I operate at night and no matter how fresh I am my mind never seems to be settled on one place XD

Aww you dont like kids? too bad XD

constant_drama said...

"Operate at night"?

What are you? Batman? =p

revboy said...


ur parents are the bomb ; if anything i can tell you that whatever challenges u or ur sis might face with relationships, u got ur parents are as an ideal and approachable example and counsel ; cuz they are ur parents, and they've achieve what not many families out there have ... and it's not because people don't want to but because it's not easy really.

i just got married myself, and it's not always sunshine, but working through the sunshine and knowing what matters most ... each other ... and not the iPhone you've been dying for or the LV bag someone else had and u wanted. it's not easy ... but it's worth it.

constant_drama said...

I know my parents are the bomb. Fo sho'. They have set a good example for us kids and I can only hope that my sister will have the same kind of marriage they have. And I hope that for you too... o newly wedded one.

And oh btw, I dont do LV. I carry Jordi Labanda bags. =p