Sunday, December 23, 2007

Chicago in pictures: Part 1

I finally dragged my ass to upload the photos. So here you go, the first batch of my Chicago trip. I took bout 700 photos all together (2GB memory card people, 2GB) so count yourselves lucky I am only putting up 54 of them. Feel free to comment on my non-talent when it comes to photo taking.

The Constantly Dramatic One sucks donkey balls when it comes to taking pictures...and uploading them.

Mom and dad, Gate 43, LAX to Chicago.

My brother, you know..the one behind the white dude.

Speeches after speeches, felt like I was going to die out of boredom.

Ahhh, family portrait (minus 2 daughters).

We rented this apartment in Chicago coz its cheaper as compared to staying in a hotel. My parents stayed here the whole time we were there while I crashed at my brother's place coz he got wireless.

The Chicago Tribune headquaters near Michigan Avenue.

Michigan Avenue at night. This place is awesome. Basically Chicago's answer to LA's Rodeo Drive.

John Hancock building (on the right) day view. Also on Michigan Avenue.

The John Hancock building night view. You can't see the top of it coz it was all foggy. Pretty creepy, made me think of The Twilight Zone.

Still Michigan Avenue. I think this is a really cool picture. Notice that everything else was out of focus but "The Westin"? Talent bitches, I has them.

The drive towards Chicago downtown (or was it uptown...I dunno). Foggy and cold and so different from home.

The Drake Hotel. Build in the 1920s. Two of my idols have both had suites in them. And when I say idols, I mean Al Capone and Marilyn Monroe. I did not get to check out the world famous lobby but to be near it is better than nothing.

View of the Drake Hotel from the outside.

Victoria's Secret on Michigan Avenue.

VS's revolving door. WHEN THE HELL IS VS GONNA BRANCH TO MALAYSIA? Malaysian women are deprived of your awesomeness. Please come soon, please. And don't forget to bring lots of pretty, silky bras in my size.

Even the fitting room was awesome. A small screen embedded into the mirror featuring the VS angels cat walking down the runway. Shortly after this, a salesgirl came in and started groping me to make sure what my cup size is. Usually I would have huge afflictions against getting groped but seeing that I was in a VS fitting room...I didn't really mind.

Again: VS come to Malaysia already. We Malaysian women and I'm sure the men too are deprived of you.

My brother's place. I wasn't kidding when I say its messy.

The building are pretty much art deco. Made me really happy.

Dude, the parking fare in Chicago is insane. I bitch about having to pay a RM3 per hour parking but goddamn, look at these rates. Made me thankful that I only have to pay RM3 instead of 22.....

My second batch of photos would be of the Chicago Art Institute, Navy Pier, WICKED on Broadway in Chicago and other stuff we did there. I hope I have already bored you to death now.

Please do come again.


The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Lovely photos! Your brother looks so happy! We're lucky to live so close to such a terrific city - so we don't have to pay to park!

The Drake is fantastic, but we stay at the Allegro because it's close to Union Station.

Michelle said...

I live about about an hour or less west of Chicago, and I never go there because of the Parking fares! Very annoying., though I guess I could take the train....

Anonymous said...

waaaahhh chicago......vs kat mlsia?

constant_drama said...


Yeah he was very happy and mom and dad was so proud. My bro used to be a slacker when he was living in M'sia so it took him ages to graduate.

Then he went to live alone in the US and he did a complete 360 and graduated top 5 of his class so yes, we all are very proud of him.

constant_drama said...


The parking fair is INSANE!! I was like WTF when I saw the fair. I wanted to go to the Art Institute of Chicago so we have to parked the car somewhere and eneded up paying USD22 for it.

When you changed to Malaysian currency that's like RM80 something. So we paid RM80 for parking. From now on I will never bitch about having to pay a RM3 hourly parking.

....parking rate, so INSANE. Still can't get over it.

constant_drama said...


No there's no VS kat Malaysia. Macam sial.

I think maybe coz they think thay we are an Islamic country we dont want with kinky lingerie. What a load of bullshit.

But if you asked me I rather have Agent Provacateur but sadly they havent even branched out to the US side, ni kan pulak Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Your dad looked really comfy lying on the floor the airport. :) I remember my LAX-O'Hare ordeal like it was yesterday.

Flight from LA was delayed, and my connecting flight had already left Chicago. So I spent the night in the airport on the floor (cuz all the seats had handles). Best thing was, I was sleeping in between 2 rows of seats that were facing each other. When I woke up at 6, the seats were full, and everyone was just looking at me. Hahhaa, scooted my way to restroom to fix my sleepy look.