Monday, December 17, 2007

the Forest of Lost Luggage

There are many things that I wanna blog about regarding Chicago. I was thinking about what I was gonna blog about on my 14 hours flight from LAX to Taipei...that is until I got tipsy on white wine at 10,599 meters above sea level - after only two of those measly tiny glass that they serve you on board. Pathetica. But now what's with my luggage and all my other worldly precious belongings are missing, the Constantly Dramatic One does not have the heart to impart her misadventures and revelations while spending time in a foreign land.

I should be thankful that I reached Malaysia safe and sound and that my plane did not crashed. When one is suspended in air, one is constantly aware of one's mortality. And I should stop being upset...after all those are just things...but dammit!! I have two pairs of CK jeans in there that makes my butt look so good that people would discuss my butt in hushed tones, argue amongst themselves regarding the splendor that is my butt and finally agree that yes, Indeed my butt should be put alongside Beyonce's and J.Lo's butts in the Great Butts Hall of Fame...But now with my luggage one would discuss the awesomeness of my butt in hushed tones, no one would argue amongst themselves regarding the splendour that is my butt and there goes my shot at being featured alongside Beyonce and J.Lo in the Great Butts Hall of Fame....

Also the other stuff we bought for my sister for her wedding. Her 'hantaran'. Hantaran is a sort of dowry for Malay wedding and it comes in gifts. Of course part of those hantaran are the Nine West shoes and the Coach bags I mentioned. Also the Victoria's Secret perfumes I bought as souvenirs for my close girlfriends are in the those bags. And now, my girls have nothing from Chicago. This sucks donkey balls.

Maybe there is a lesson to be learn here.

Maybe this is God's way of telling me not to curse so much and that I must not consume any alcohol seeing that I am Muslim and we must not drink at all. Or maybe there was someone who smuggled cocaine into my bag at the airport to be transferred into Malaysia and its a good thing that I did not get my luggage coz once customs finds the cocaine in my luggage I will be sentenced to mandatory hanging....Mayyyybe...or maybe this is just my way of justifying things and trying to erase the guilt I felt and the absolute crushed look on my sister's face when I told her that both of the luggage containing her hantaran stuff are missing. Maybe.

Positive thinking wants me to believe that I will get my luggage sometime soon. Realistic thinking knows that my luggage have ended up in the Forest of Lost Luggage. *cue pic*

And there's nothing much that could be done...


Maverick SM said...


I firmly believed you will get your luggage back within one week. This is common and the airline needs to sort out the confusion. They will call you soon.

BTW, you can also sue; but not necessary as you can just file in a claim at the consumer tribunal at Legend (that hotel block cum office in KL). But the max claim, if I'm not wrong is limited to RM800, unless you can prove negligence.

vickna said...

that sucks big time!
what did the airline say abt it?
are they providing any sort compensation?

Zikri said...

I shall now plant another horrible image in your mind

Maybe a pervert has them, and doing odd stuff with the undergarments

Enjoy the disturbing imagery XD

ShinD said...

babe, you're back! OMG! i am worried sick since ur flyin alone. as long as ur okay alrite? and you will get ur lugage back.

constant_drama said...


Lets hope you are right...but RM800 only? RM800?!!!!! OMG, those SOBs.


No they are not, they are still "searching for my lugagage". I can only take anykind of legal thingie after 3 months, of which time my luggage would probably have ended up in Rome. Or stolen. Or in the Forest of Lost Luggage.


Miang yer Zikri? =p
Nah, cant be. See perverts wants USED garments not new ones. Cross dressers wants new ones so they can wear the bra and panty and dance around in front of the mirrow looking "pretty".

Cross dressers are not as bad as perverts...but equally if not more disturbing. EEEEEEEWWWW!! Some guy dancing around in my cupcakes underwear. EEEEWWWWW!!

ShinD Sunflower:

I'm glad I'm home too. Yeah I was flying alone and dude...soooooo much happened. I wanna tell you but I am lazy and there are way too much to type. We meet up and I let out all the dirty details.

I miss you too. I bought you a VS perfume...but its missing now =(

Mr Bojangles said...

...on my 14 hours flight from LAX to Taipei,that is until I got tipsy on white wine at 10,599 meters...Dec 17, 07.

I have 2 working kidneys, I do not drink or smoke. I do however consume an...Nov 29, 07.

Quite a lovely transition over 19 days...or is fraternizing with grape juice at 35000 feet not considered drinking?

Anyway, glad you got out of the Windy City before the winter storm hit the area. Had to abort a trip to the city after being spooked by the sight of a fleet of cars, and a snow plough, no less, which had iceskated off the slick roads into the wayside snow drifts.

Take care.

Elisabeth said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog, hon.

I am gutted to read your luggage is missing - a nightmare scenario.

I really hope everything gets returned to you.


constant_drama said...

Mr Bojangles:

Thanks sooo much for reading my blog and paying such avid attention. I feel important and adored.

I don't drink, I had sips of different alcohols to try but that's it. In fact when I go out with friends, most often then not I am the designated driver coz I don't drink. When I was in the 14hours flight, I was bored and well there was wine...and I wasnt driving so one thing leads to another....

Plus, I got lightheaded (that's the definition of "tipsy" in case you aren't in the know) after 2 of those tiny glasses which goes to show how ridiculously inexperianced I am. Thanks for the constructive critisim. People like you makes the world a better place.


There you go again with the British slang- LOVE IT!!

I know its a nightmare. I am however hanging on and keeping strong. Its just wordly stuff. It doesnt matter...I'm trying very hard on trying to delude myself to not care but its not working. *sigh*

Mr Bojangles said...

Dang... didn't want you to get all defensive...
Tipsy or tispy, its just a matter of degree...

After all, George Best was quite happy to say: "I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars. The rest I just squandered."

Hope you get your luggage back soon. I didn't. Same flight. Opposite direction. Three years ago.

Best wishes.

constant_drama said...

Awwww, now you're all nice. I was hoping you'll come back with more irritating stuff so I can get cattier. Now I'm back to worriying bout my luggage.

You didnt get your luggage back? Did you sue? And did you flew with MAS too?

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