Sunday, December 16, 2007 summation...

Trip was fun.

Chicago have a thriving arts and culture scene, it was awesome. Seen 3 actual,
DADA movement pieces. Stood in the same room with Monet's Water Lilies. Went to watch WICKED# on Broadway in Chicago - dreams do come true. Buried the hatchet with my brother. Touched snow for the first time in my life. Got mistaken for a Mexican 'chica' twice. Now owns my very own Varga Girls imitation pin ups. Took flight home alone but all 3 of my connecting flight was delayed so a 21 hour journey home became 28. Insane experience. Got back to Malaysia, fucking airport lost both of my luggage that contains 6 pairs of Nine West shoes, Coach handbags, Victoria's Secret lingerie and my cupcakes underwear. Threw a bitch fit in KLIA lost and found office thus intimidated airport people.

Tired and jet lag. Will go to sleep now.

The Constantly Dramatic One is back. Bitches.


Called the airport, still no sign. Though I do not know whether its a good thing or not that the rest of the NINE people who were on the same flight with me who also lost their luggage have not gotten their luggage as is that a bad thing? Or a good thing? I'm not sure. What I am sure of is that I wanna go to KLIA and burn down every MAS airplane there is.

Yes. I have anger issue. You do too if the damn airline lose your luggage.

Also, I dunno how this is possible but apparently I have put on weight within the span of 10 days I was there. Duuuude...I put on weight. Fuck. I'm fatter now than I already was. This is bullshit. I am hitting the gym tomorrow.

Now if you are my friend and you know me outside of the blog sphere and if we do meet up later on, please do not point out that I have gain weight because such comments are unappreciated and unwanted. And yes, I'm talking to you Trix.


Maverick SM said...


Welcome Home! Sorry to hear you lost your luggage. Hope MAS will find them.

Anyway, have a good rest; and tell us more about your romance in Chicago.

nevina said...

Come and stand with me on the bridge with me Ms. Dramatic One!

Zikri said...

Welcome back.. and bloody hell, O_o did you settle with hte KLIA people about your luggage?

constant_drama said...

Mave: They better do or I swear to God I will be dragging their ass to court. They think my things are cheap? Better thing again. So pissed off.

Nevina: Dude, I was thinking of you and giggling the whole time I was staring at the painting. Other people gave me evil death glares for that.

Zikri: They say that there was some confusion in LAX. See my flight was from O'Hare Airport Chicago -> LAX, Los Angeles -> Taipeh -> KLIA. Since its Xmas season, LAX is crazy busy and many people get their stuff on the wrong flight especially those that send their luggage for direct flight.

I requested that my luggage to be send staright from Chicago to KLIA so I only checked in once and I wasnt the only one throwing bitch fits at the Lost&Found office, there were other ppl from my flight and I noticed that they all did the whole direct-to-KLIA luggage thing.

They say that MAYBE my luggage will be arriving today in a different flight, one day back. MAYBE, they said. What kind of BS is taht?

They is going to be many angry phone calls to KLIA for this and at least one angry blog post. Assholes. To incompetent to do their own jobs. Never gona fly with MAS again.

sonstar said...

why is it so hard to get lugguage transferred properly anyways? i mean, you get on a plane, they put the lugguage on. you get off the plane, the lugguage should go off with you. pathetic. i'm going to taiwan tomorrow :(

i want a Coach handbag! no Agent Provacateur in Chicago? :P

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

O'Hare is the absolute worst. Every time I go there is wait for it....
A Constant Drama!
I love Chicago though. We live close enough to take a train or drive 2.5 hours. That DADA exhibit is terrific. We saw it in Washington DC.

constant_drama said...

Coz they are blithering idiots that are too idiotic and incompetent to do their own jobs. Thats why. Angry!! SOOOO ANGRY.

They dont have AP in Chicago, AP is a British brand and well they havent extended it yet to Stateside. The Coach bags isnt for me. They're for my sister. I got me some Guess bags, which were also in one of the luggage. Also my CK jeans, also my favourite bra. Yes I have a favourite bra that is very comfortable and feels like second skin, and now its gone.

.....Saying that I have gone from pissed off to utterly sad now. This is soo sad. I want my stuff back. I want my favourite bra back. So sad now.

constant_drama said...


O'Hare was a nightmare. I will bitch about it later. And yes, Chicago was lovely.

Shopaholic D said...

awww...that stinks! sorry!

and "bitch fit"? i love it! i think im going to have to borrow your phrase sometime soon!

:) D

constant_drama said...

Oh as much as I want to take credit, I cant. I totally stole that phrase from "White Chicks". You know the movies with the Wayan Brothers where black guys turns into white chicks.

That movie is funny, you should check it out.

Klaw said...

well, as long as you had fun there, all will be good? :)

How was Michigan Avenue?

constant_drama said...

Michigan Avenue was awesome. Its Chicago's answer to LA's Rodeo Drive. I felt like Julia Roberts walking down that avenue.

Do you know its called the Magnificent Mile? You gotta gree with them on that term. It is magnificient.