Tuesday, December 04, 2007


Lately Dramatic Musings have been getting more traffic than usual, like seriously MORE than usual. We are talking by three digits grouping here instead of the usual one. So that made me wonder: like what is going on? I mean yes, blogging is all bout fulfilling one's narcissistic need but when the traffic flow come from nowhere and in abundance; some questions have to be asked... and answered.

Now apparently the Constantly Dramatic One's bitchy outburst regarding some politicians bashing her precious alma mater have been posted and linked and circulated on the net. Which is pretty amusing really. Apparently a lot of people are thinking that that is one hell of a piece and that I have written and that I am now the mouthpiece for this issue.


Saying that however and putting aside that I am a Drama Queen, I think that this is getting out of hand. People, people... the Constantly Dramatic One appreciates the attention and the comments and most especially the traffic but seriously, I have to stress that this is getting out of hand. Understand that the post that was written was just me bitching about things I have found to be annoying and insulting to me. Now if you just would just skulk around my blog you would find similar posts, in the same tone about something or another that irritates me.

I bitch a lot. That's how I roll.

Now, I want to take this moment to point out that, that particular blog post, you know...the one that bring all ya'll here... That is just me, expressing my views and disdain towards something that I found repulsive. Its just that. Opinions. And its great that people are agreeing (some are criticizing, but hey its not like I am holding out for universal popularity) with me on this matter but the linking and the posting and the whole circulating-round-the-web thing has got to stop because its getting creepy. Seriously.

Thank you to everyone who have came my way and found pleasure in what I have written hence simultaneously stroking my ego. Thank you to them who have found what I have written amusing enough to be linked and posted elsewhere - a little bit more traffic is always good. But now I have to ask ya'll to stop coz seriously, this is getting out of hand. And creepy.

I cannot stress how creepy it is.

Now I shall bid you adieu, but before that let the Constantly Dramatic One points out that one scathingly bitchy blog post is not going to change the world. It does however, makes a good read.

Anything bitchy always is.