Friday, December 21, 2007

Under my non-existing Christmas tree

Christmas is around the corner and every time I think Christmas, I think that Hugh Grant movie Love Actually. Now that's one of the ultimate feel-good-movie there ever was. I never receive a Christmas gift which is no surprise coz I don't celebrate Christmas. That doesn't stop the Constantly Dramatic One from loving the holiday seasons though. There's just something in the air. So with that thought in mind I present to you the Constantly Dramatic One's wish list. Notice I did not specify which gift list...could easily double up as...*cough* birthday list *cough*. Ahem.

Things I would like to find under my non-existing Christmas tree:

Miss Dior Platform Pump
Doesn't' this just remind you of those heels Barbie used to wear from back in the day when we still play with dolls?

"Rock the Boat" dress that I have been wanting for over a year now. A WHOLE YEAR. From

The 10th Kingdom miniseries

Boston Legal (Season 1-3)

The Great American Pin-Up

So...hint hint....


Kerp (Ph.D) said...

yay, merry christmas!

CD, i have a christmas present for you. you've been tagged...hehe...

come on be a sport and have your say.

constant_drama said...

Chech, I'll do it 2mr.

Michelle said...

I like that you like the holiday season even though you don't celebrate kind of girl! I love it too. (though I do celebrate Christmas...LOL)

constant_drama said...


Then at least you do GET presents instead if just wishing for it. Hehehe.