Thursday, December 06, 2007


Blog Hiatus

The Constantly Dramatic One is off on vacation in Chicago.

Blogging will resume in two weeks time as I return back to Malaysia on the 16th. Then flying off again to Beijing this time on the 24th. So there shall be blogging in between.

But just in case I got too tired (read: lazy) I would like to wish everyone an advanced

Happy Christmas!

But before that, this is a little parting gift for ya'll.

His name is Michael Fassbender. I will touch him...intimately. All over. And willingly let him do the same to me...and now with that image in your head, the Constantly Dramatic One would like to wish you an advanced

Happy New Year!!

See you in 2008.


Nerd-tastic said...

HEY! Are you going to be around at all from the 22nd to the 15th? Im coming to visit lah.
ANYHOW. I have another blog! Link me pwease!!

btw, where are you travelling to?
I might be going to thailand for a bit :)

Valley Girl said...

No!!!!!!!! Come back!

constant_drama said...


I'm off to Chicago, my brother's graduating.

22nd to the 15th? Umm, after this I'm off to Beijing and possibly Jakarta. My sister is getting married so we are going to Indon to get her wedding stuff. Its cheaper over there.

Aside from the travelling, I am busy now coz of the wedding. The whole family is. I dunno how it works, she's the one that is getting married but I am also given stuff to do and all.

VG: I will!!!

Quin said...

oh, noes! (i've been wanting to say that, that way)

i'll miss you!

enjoy, and, i'm in london from the dec 13-jan 5... email me.

Quin said...

oh, and we're linked.

ShinD said...

i miss you

constant_drama said...


I hijacked my bro's laptop. Cant blog. So used to using PC and I feel awkward typing using the laptop...yeah I'm old skool.

And we're linked? YAY!!


Awww babe, I miss you too.

Nerd-tastic said...

haiyo!! are you not going to be around at all then?? When Im over there? LAME!!!

sonstar said...

congrats for your sis! that's cool :)