Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The source of all Eeeeevillll

As a part of the degree twinning program, I have to choose a foreign uni in which I will continue my studies and complete my degree. So for a while, I kinda have my heart set on this one particular uni...

The reason why I am choosing this particular uni is not because it has an extremely low credit transfer - CGPA 2.0, its not because it is in a country where the weather would be most suitable for the Constantly Dramatic One - nope, its not because it can offer the best course in the field of communication- it doesn't, its not because the currency exchange still make it somewhat affordable - nada. The one and only reason why I wanna transfer to this particular uni, in this particular country is the fact that this particular uni is exactly half an hour away from the city's party central.

Yes. Party Central. Where's rows and rows of clubs line the street. Where people dance the night away. Where good times is never ending. Think of it like Malaysia's
Heritage Row . Only better.

But there's a catch. Obviously. The uni's administration have upgraded their requirement for international students. Damn bitches,
from just five required subjects that was compulsory to be taken to be qualified to enter the uni, they have now make it ELEVEN subjects and out of these eleven subjects, they are including two maths subjects and two natural science subjects.

What. The. Fuck.

The Constantly Dramatic One don't do maths ok? Maths is the source of all evil in this world. So evil that whenever someone mentions the word "maths", babies all over the world would start crying, flowers wilt and I bet you my ass there's gonna be a storm on the way. Maths is the source of all wars, plagues and poverty in this world. I'm serious. As a Muslim, I do not condone evil therefore I don't do Maths. Period.

And these bitches from this particular uni want me to do two fucking maths subjects just so that I could be qualified to enter? Finite Maths AND Statistics? Are you fucking with me? And to top that two natural science subjects? Bitch, if I wanna know all about science, I'll YouTube
Bill Nye the Science Guy ok?

Now tell me the rationale of this? What is the logic in someone who is pursuing a Major in TV & Film Productions with a Minor in Scriptwriting to fucking study her ass off for maths and science subjects? It does not make sense! Its not like in the middle of a film production I'm gonna go
"Alright y'all hold up. I just wanna check out the physical properties of this camera right here then after finding that I would just calculate the velocity of which the the overhead light travel from one end of the set to another, and while I am at that let me just do some statistics. Why? Coz this is how we roll when we make films. We randomly stop productions and do maths."

And don't give me that bull crap on how one day I will write an award winning script about a bunch of forensic scientist working in KL al'a CSI. That whole forensic science thing has been milked to death and FYI, the Constantly Dramatic One does not recycle other people's idea.

This is pissing me off. I hate maths with a vengeance I cannot even begin to describe. If maths is a person, I would inflict all kinds of pain on him. I swear to gawd.

So now I have to rethink. Is being half hour away from the ultimate party central worth killing all my brain cells? Is being half hour away from the ultimate party scene worth the self inflicted torture that is Physics class? Is being half hour away from the ultimate party scene worth me frolicking around with the ultimate evil that is Maths? Is it?

But damn...I do want to party.
This sucks donkey balls.

*** Upon rereading this post, I realise how much I miss Bill Nye the Science guy. Ahhhh...memories.


MoonShadow said...

trust me..it's worth it!

you study hard...

who says you can't party hard at the same time!

nevina said...

And I thought I was the only person that was going to spontaneoulsy combust in that maths class yesterday. I haven't done anything maths-related in a good 4 years...and I'm not about to make a habit of it either!

Dude I've got to study like a BEAST for this class. And maybe even ask for help from my brother...the maths/science nerd he is.

And I miss Bill Nye! I wish he did univerisity science tv programs :(

The Lady Who Doesn't Lunch: said...

Maybe you can hook up with a nerdy math partner with a bright future ;)

Party on Drama.

PS - I'm scared of math too, but I always liked nerdy boys.

constant_drama said...


Dude, it is not possible to do the same thing at the same time. Not for me anyways, for you definitely you can do it. You're like a genius.


Please, Maths is pure evil. I'll die in that class...I go to great lengths to party.


Unfortunately there is no cute nerdy guy in that class...maybe I should get a personal tutor and hopes that he is total cutie.


3kC said...

HAHAHAH!!! the nerd in me(it's not hidden very well, might i add...) just had to check that the maths they did on that paper thingie is right...and im glad to report that it is! yay! lol. *awkward cough*

anyway, like what i told you today, you need the maths to count up your money when you're on your way to become a hotshot producer...so you become so rich than you can hire someone to do it for you!

Zikri said...

i suck at math, but i wouldnt say i hate it. i mean i really suck at it enough to not like it at all, but i do use math alot to do calculations and stuff, so that would make me a hypocrite. XD

well, i personally would just choose to go somewhere else, parties happen everywhere in foreign countries :)

Tinesh said...

Yo! Party central is very the worth it k?? Just grit ur teeth and get thru the math..I do it too..And then WE PARTAY!!!!

constant_drama said...


AHAHAHHAHAA!! Sooo nerdy... I know, I know but Maths is still evil.


No, contrary to pular beliefs, PARTIES DO NOT HAPPEN ALL THE TIME OVERSEAS. Most international students choose to go the the "kampung" universities becauses it cheaper.

Trust me, they dont party in places like this. I have loads of friends contemplating suicide because their social life is no longer existant.


Yeah!! We study then we partay!!!

Quin said...

i loved bill nye. i hated math of all kinds.

where are you going to uni?

constant_drama said...

Now rethinking my decision, 2 maths and science subjects? Urrrrgghhhhhh...